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Interior Designer Ryan Korban is Making Over Manhattan—One Ultra Luxurious Home and Store at a Time

It comes as no surprise that self-taught 28-year-old interior designer Ryan Korban would also try his hand at a few clothing stores. read more
Thu, 04/24/14 AT 4:00PM
The Daily Details

Hot New Homes: Luxe Estates Gone (Very) Wrong

It's what's on the inside that counts, right? Well, these homes may look normal from afar, but behind closed doors, all you'll find is proof that trying way too hard isn't a good look—at any tax bracket. read more
Wed, 04/23/14 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Hot New Homes: What the Estates of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Other Men Who Run the World Say About Them

The founding fathers of tech institutions like Google, PayPal, and Microsoft are also some of the real estate world's best customers, pouring their millions into homes from coast to coast. And believe us, you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his estate. See where how the men who run the world live. read more
Wed, 04/16/14 AT 12:00PM
The Daily Details

Hot New Homes: The Best, Worst, and Most "Meh" Celeb Pads in Hollywood

They may all be young, rich, and famous, but these L.A. stars prove that it takes much more than that to create a fabulous home. Some make the grade, and some fall flat. And yet, they're all probably nicer than that box you're living in now, dammit. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 04/09/14 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Hot New Homes: Ultra-Luxe Ranches

Not your average homestead: These ultra-luxe ranches are amped-up outdoor playplaces where you'll find extras like glass elevators, wine cellars, and exotic game. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 04/02/14 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Real Estate Porn: Lairs for Real-Life James Bond Villains

Consider these homes the rebellious response to cookie cutter McMansions in Anytown, USA. Their daring, even deviant takes on home design break the mold and toe the line of taste for a look that's equal parts luxury and villain's lair. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 03/26/14 AT 10:00AM
Style & Advice

Amazing New Architecture in Surprising Locations

For every brand-name skyscraper, there's an equally interesting building off the beaten path. In fact, some of last year's most highly praised openings require a pilgrimage to a far-flung location—proof that, for these seven projects, the trip is part of the design. read more
The Daily Details

Real Estate Porn: Homes With Sleek Libraries

Showcasing your carefully curated book collection in a personal library sounds impressive, but in reality, most options on the market are wood-paneled relics as old as the manuscripts they house. Fortunately, these homes offer a sleek solution for the well-read, well-bred modern man, minus the mustiness. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 03/19/14 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Real Estate Porn: Luxe Pads With Killer Closets

Mark Twain said it best: Clothes make the man. But no proper wardrobe would be complete without an equally well-appointed closet to house it. We hunted down the poshest mega-closets in the country, and trust us—the guy who lands these investment pieces has it made, indeed. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 03/12/14 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Real Estate Porn: Homes with Original Art—Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Banksy, and more

When even Jay-Z has to compete for a chance to buy high-priced art (he did a fist pump after snagging a Basquiat for $4.5 million at auction, he was so excited about the win), you know it's tough to get your hands on original art. Luckily, these hot properties throw in works by buzzy artists like Banksy and Jeff Koons like they're party favors. You wish you lived here. read more
Wed, 03/05/14 AT 10:00AM
Results: 1 - 10 of 77
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