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American Idol's Adam Lambert

Why does every woman in the country want to sleep with the American Idolread more
November 2009
Celebrities & Entertainment

Bullshitter's Guide To The Lost Symbol

Don't want to bother actually reading The Lost Symbol? Use the Bullshitter's Guide to skate by. read more
October 12, 2009
The Daily Details

Let My People Go, or Else: Hollywood Makes Moses Its Newest Action Hero

Cecil B. DeMille may have directed a near-perfect biblical opus in 1956's The Ten Commandments, but cinephiles and religious scholars alike have been asking the same nagging question for more than 50 years: Wouldn't Moses have had more defined lats and abs? Luckily, Hollywood is giving God's messenger a much-needed steroid injection. read more
Mon, 10/12/09 AT 11:04AM
The Daily Details

Jon Gosselin Takes the Cake—and Misses an Opportunity

Back when the readers of InTouch started caring about Jon Gosselin, it was easy to feel bad for the dude. Sure, he probably shouldn't have cheated, but if his wife's Midwestern-beautician haircut wasn't enough to drive a man away, her bitchiness surely was. read more
Fri, 10/09/09 AT 11:03AM
The Daily Details

10 Celebrity Guys Who Need Makeovers Even More than Pete Wentz Did

The raven-haired Fall Out Boy finally ditched his vampire-esque cut for a buzz—on stage at Madison Square Garden, no less—but his fashion failures (including the eyeliner and women's denim) pale in comparison to those of some other well-known men. Here are the worst offenders and the most imperative adjustments. read more
Wed, 10/07/09 AT 2:11PM
The Daily Details

Top Five Reasons Why Rush and the Rams Are a Perfect Fit

Given his brief and disastrous fling with ESPN's pro-football preview show Sunday NFL Countdown, you might think Rush Limbaugh would be well-advised to put those NFL days far behind him. But like Brett Favre, Rush just can't seem to stay away. read more
Tue, 10/06/09 AT 11:38AM
The Daily Details

From the Slaughterhouse

It's Kurt Vonnegut meets The Hangover; John Steinbeck meets Milk. Check out our weekly posts from Slaughterhouse 90210 for highbrow insights that may just make some sense of some of our guiltiest pleasures. read more
Tue, 10/06/09 AT 9:05AM
The Daily Details

Dead and Loving It: Zombieland and Paranormal Activity Scare Up Audiences

It's October, which means moviegoers are in the mood for a good shock. While watching Woody Harrelson smash banjoes over the heads of the recently undead isn't likely to scare the bejesus out of anyone, Zombieland's huge $25 million weekend opening for Sony (the second best since 1980 for a zombie flick) proves that we'll still shell out for the promise of blood, guts, and potential loss of (our own) bladder control. read more
Mon, 10/05/09 AT 10:13AM
The Daily Details

The Slits, Trapped Animal

The Slits' first album in 25-plus years evokes their 1979 dub-punk classic, Cut. Despite some ill-advised updates (Auto-Tune, really?), songs like "Pay Rent" crackle with singer Ari Up's fierceness, underscoring why acts like Sonic Youth and Lily Allen cite the band as influences. read more
Fri, 10/02/09 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

60 Seconds with Nick Hornby

Got a minute? Nick Hornby, the voice of sensitive males and author of a new novel, Juliet, Naked, explains why he no longer writes about sports and how he was artistically inspired by Levi Johnston. read more
Thu, 10/01/09 AT 11:00AM
Results: 671 - 680 of 869
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