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Tony Hawk Takes on Yuppies

Tony Hawk is widely acclaimed as the greatest skateboarder ever, and he was a leading figure in the “action sports” boom of the eighties and nineties. Now Hawk, 39, is a bona fide corporate entity, with a line of clothing, a skateboard brand, and some of the best-selling video games of all time. Here are the extreme-athlete-cum-entrepreneur's thoughts about yuppies read more
Culture & Trends

Mo Rocca Takes on Yuppies

Mo Rocca, writer, comedian, and pop-culture commentator, grew up in the Gen X era and has noticed that a lot of his friends have recently turned into yuppies. He spoke to Details about why you should put away the KILL YOUR TV shirt and admit you like the Today show. read more
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Steve Martin Takes on Yuppies

Steve Martin has impeccable indie credentials, having played guitar for the punk band Agnostic Front in the late eighties. Now 41, Martin runs his own successful PR firm, Nasty Little Man, which represents artists like the Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, and Radiohead. Here he discusses his transformation from punk rocker to yuppie flack (albeit an alt-flavored one). read more
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The Return of the Yuppie

If the thought of being a yuppie once made you shudder, you’re not alone. But if you’re a thirtysomething professional, it’s quite possible you’ve become a yuppie without even realizing it. read more
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"The Card" Game

Excuses like "I’m gay" or "I'm addicted" are the adult versions of "The dog ate my homework." It's time to grow up and own up. Plus, from "Bitch set me up" to the Twinkie Defense—a look at the worst blame deflections in history. read more
Culture & Trends

The 2006 Power List

Find out how hooking up with Jennifer Aniston turned two guys into international superpowers, how Dan Bartlett manages to make Bush look (slightly) less dumb; and how a few little bloggers have all of Hollywood reaching for the Xanax. read more
Culture & Trends

It's Time to Dump Your Friends

Why get drinks with the guy you didn't like in college? Break out the Rolodex and start ditching the deadbeats. read more
August 2006
Results: 341 - 350 of 357
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