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5 Side Effects of Working Out—and How to Avoid Them

They aren't nearly as attractive as six-packs. read more
Wed, 08/26/15 AT 5:00AM
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6 Rules for Finding the Best Personal Trainer

Your fitness results depend on them. read more
Mon, 08/17/15 AT 5:30PM
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Here's How to Make Your Run Fun

Everybody enjoys running after they've finished running. The endorphins, the runner's high, the feeling of accomplishment, they're great, right? Plus, you can grab a slice of pizza afterward and not feel so guilty about... read more
Sun, 08/09/15 AT 10:00AM
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Here's Why You Need to Start Foam-Rolling

A few days ago, my achilles tendon was tighter than a water drum. Maybe it was from the plyometric workout I did the day before, perhaps it was from walking around in sandals the... read more
Fri, 08/07/15 AT 5:00AM
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4 Stylish Standing Desks to Keep You Moving

These four desks promise to take your body and career to the next level. read more
Thu, 08/06/15 AT 5:12PM
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How to Fuel Up for Your Workout

Fuel your workout right with these expert-approved tips. read more
Fri, 07/31/15 AT 12:30PM
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Here's a 20-Minute Full-Body Workout to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

People waste a lot of time at the gym. They talk. They tinker with their playlist. They stare at themselves in the mirror. They stare at the cute girl on the elliptical. They stare... read more
Sun, 07/26/15 AT 10:00AM
Results: 1 - 10 of 81

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