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How to Shop like an Interior Designer: Endstar's Bionic Yarn Duffels

A-list clients and cable shows are big commitments, but interior designers spend most of their time hunting for Art Deco tables and peculiar lamps so you don't have to. Here's where they get their best stuff. read more
Mon, 02/09/09 AT 9:12AM
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Top Design

The new breed of auction houses serve novices hunting for a mid-century lamp or a minimalist couch—not ascot-wearing collectors looking for a fusty heirloom. read more
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Your Home is Not a Catalog

Re-creating pages from mail-order furniture glossies doesn’t qualify as interior decorating. read more
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On the West Coast, young aesthetes are co-opting a retro slice of suburbia, buying and restoring cookie-cutter houses built in the fifties and sixties by a populist developer read more
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Your TV Is Not a Matisse

Awesome as your plasma may be, it shouldn’t be the focal point of the living room. Camouflage it—don’t showcase it. read more
Results: 31 - 35 of 35