The Elder Statesman's First Store is as Beautiful As You'd Imagine

"If you look here, this is what's so beautiful about it," Greg Chait says, standing in front of the almost-finished brick and mortar home to his seven year old cashmere label, The Elder Statesman. "The Blue Whale (a jazz and art space) behind it, the copper roof, the glowing bulb, the stucco and the desert, plants. It's kind of this really warm inviting place." Just off Melrose, on a quiet, street in West Hollywood, the first Elder Statesman store is a nod to both Chait's love of the west, and the luxe, unassuming DNA of the much lauded brand. Stucco, see more

So This Happened ...

Last night, Frankie Grande (aka pop starlet Ariana's brother and Big Brother alum) wore the no-shirt AMA red carpet. Yes, look closely—his shirt is painted on. This is something we do not advise. Ever. Under no circumstances. Even if you do have a great body. In other odd sartorial news from the evening, some people noticed that Harry Styles copped his headgear from an enduring fashion icon, the Quaker guy: Twins? @Harry_Styles @Quaker #AMAs #AMAs2014— Alisha Desai (@Alisha_Desai) November 24, 2014 see more

3 Tips for a Perfect Fitting Winter Coat

Brunello Cucinelli Fashion Designer "The easiest fix a tailor can make to a coat is to take in the waist—it will instantly give it more shape. The length is also very important. A coat should hit right above the knee." see more
Movies + TV

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Rick, A Man of Action

There's been quite a lot of speculation over the past several weeks about The Walking Dead's seasonal improvements—this quantum leap in class from flawed to great. Writing for Vox earlier this month, Todd VanDerWerff offered a number of compelling theories: That the show's ensemble has at last become convincingly realized, that its themes have appreciably deepened, that its narrative rhythms have become harder to predict. Andy Greenwald, at Grantland, proposes several of his own: That its action is swifter, that its brutality is more judiciously exercised, that it now boasts three full-time cast members from The Wire. All of see more

Buff Thighs, Pimped-Out Golf Carts, Naked James Franco, and More of Our Favorite Celebrity Instagrams of the Week

Every week we dive into the pool of celebrity Instagram posts to see what our favorite actors, artists, writers, musicians, DJs, designers, and notorious selfie-takers are posting. Below are recent shots that captured our attention—because they're funny, telling, timely, or all of the above. see more
Style News

Top 5 Stories of the Week: Sexy Supermodels, Gifts for Men, Grandmas Getting High, and More.

Every week we crunch the numbers to see which articles and videos captivated readers most. This week's results: see more

Here's What You Have to Wear to Be in the Presence of Royalty

Prince George, with parents, likely giving side-eye to a journalist in dad jeans. It's not exactly news that Prince William and his fetching wife Duchess Catherine are slated to visit the United States next year. What's not as well known is that when you're in front of them, you sort of have to dress up. see more

New Website Will Help You Name Your Hipster-y Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Are you a Brooklyn resident but you feel that your relationship with your neighborhood is so much more? Does your gluten-free heart only truly feel at home on the slightly shabby yet ever-so-charming streets of your truly hip borough? Do you wear skinny jeans and scoop-neck tees and fedoras? Do you have an un-ironic mustache (and you wax it)? Do you eat kale more than three times a week? Do you ask where your beef was raised? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this website is for you (and your future business). At its see more

How Artists Are Reinventing the Pay Phone, Now That It's Obsolete

This week, New York City announced its plan to replace public pay phones with digital hubs called Links. Starting in 2015, the kiosks will offer free Wi-Fi, phone-charging stations, touchscreens for accessing directions and other services, advertising displays, and yes, free phone calls within the U.S. The disappearance of the pay phone, while inevitable, is also a little sad; it's been part of our streetscape for longer than most of us can remember. And even though smartphones have rendered them almost functionally defunct, over the past few years some New Yorkers have found cool, alternative uses for these outdated public see more

This Jacket Is Also a Phone Charger

Oh, your jacket is just an extra layer to protect you from the cold? You mean it doesn't also ensure that your phone battery doesn't die as you're about to post that really clever tweet? How sad for you. see more
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