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The MSG Debate is Back

Gwyneth Paltrow famously quipped that she'd "rather die than let her kids eat Cup-a-Soup." We're guessing the MSG content was high on her list of offending ingredients. The food additive has sparked controversy among scientists, nutritionists and the general public for years, causing many health-conscious eaters to navigate their way around MSG, while chefs like Momofuku's David Chang favor it—both as modern-day invention and flavor enhancer. As MSG re-enters the cultural conversation, the question remains: To eat it or not? see more

Good-Looking People Get Sick Less, Study Says

This isn't just another report from the School of Obviousness—it's the result of a decades-long study (published in the Journal of Evolution & Human Behavior that claims that the more attractive a person is, the healthier he or she usually is. see more

Hot New Homes: The Biggest, Most Beautiful Pools On The Planet

That cute pool you've been sipping beer by this summer has nothing on these splashy million-dollar affairs. You wish you lived here. Location: Infinity pool with waterfall in Bel-Air, California Price: $45,000,000 Size: 16,000 square feet Key selling points: This three-level, glass mansion's custom-tiled, tiered, infinity pool looks over a private park, cascading down a stone wall to create a minimalist waterfall. Sleek in looks and function, a tap-and-swipe of your iPad controls the integrated audio system throughout the home's three living rooms, fitness center, home theater, two studies, six suites, and double-height gallery. Listing: The Agency • • • see more

Men Are Buying More Loungewear But They're Not Wearing the Stuff Publicly—Yet

By the time all the relaxed, fluid clothing we saw during the Spring 2015 Fashion Week shows makes its way to stores next year (the robe above was designed by Dries Van Noten), guys may be ready to make silk robes and "easy" trousers part of their regular wardrobes. But for now, men who are buying luxury loungewear are getting it specifically to lounge around in. see more

Iconic Swiss Brand Mondaine Launches New Watches at Mr Porter

Apple reportedly paid $21 million to license the design of Mondaine's iconic Swiss-made timepieces in 2012, but Mr Porter will sell you one of the brand's watches for a whole lot less. see more

How Accurate Are Cardio Machines' Calorie Counters?

The question: "The treadmill's calorie-burn display says I plowed through 500 calories. Is that right?" The expert: Jonathan Keltai, NASM-CPT, a Plus Trainer at DavidBartonGym in New York. The verdict: Chances are that number is right for someone—just not necessarily for you. see more

We Want It: Coach's Sleek Leather Gym Bag

If you're as serious about your exercise routine as you are about your job, shouldn't the bag you take to the gym be just as stylish and well made as the one you carry to the office? see more

7 New and Unusual Hotel Spas (and Treatments) Around the World

Whether you're in Austin or Africa, travel takes its toll on you when you're living out of a suitcase. But long gone are the days when a hotel massage meant asking for change at the front desk to start up your room's vibrating bed. These seven spas, which opened (or were renovated) in hotels around the world within the last year, will relax muscles cramped from hours in coach, relieve bones burdened by overpacked bags, and clear schedule-laden minds. Most notably, these spots offer truly exotic escapes. Ready for your heated-club massage? see more

A Winning Look: Novak Djokovic's Black Burberry Tux at Wimbledon

After Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in men's singles at Wimbledon on Sunday, he took off his Uniqlo tennis whites and changed into a sleek tuxedo designed by Burberry. see more

Study Says Men Are More Likely Than Women to Lie About Shopping Sprees

You know that super sexist sitcom trope that posits women will hide extravagant purchases from their significant others? The fact is, guys actually fib about their shopping sprees much more often than gals do. see more
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