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We Want It: Ernest Alexander's Limited Edition Leather Jacket

Forget sweater weather, fall is about leather. While a plethora of new fall styles roll out this month, among them is Ernest Alexander's first leather jacket style that debuted back in February during his fall 2014 presentation—a collection that was loosely based on the early days of motor track racing of the 1930s and '40s, designer Ernest Sabine tells us. see more

RJ Mitte Is Living in a Post-Breaking Bad World. Just Like the Rest of Us

This week's Emmy Awards were a bittersweet moment in the lives of Breaking Bad fans. While the fanatically loved series cleaned up at its final awards show, winning five of its eight nominations, it also served as a reminder that Sunday nights with Walter White are no more. It's officially time to move on. Few people are more keenly aware of this than RJ Mitte, the actor, producer, activist, and occasional model who, for the largely foreseeable future, will be best known as Walter White, Jr. (a.k.a. Flynn), the only son of the world's most famous fictional chemistry teacher-turned-drug kingpin. see more
Movies + TV

What to Watch on Television This Fall

Every year after Labor Day TV viewers are faced with the same daunting task: Sifting through the overwhelming array of new and returning series on the tube, deciding which are worth getting to know (and/or revisiting), and which are jokes or bores. After all, there's no point in dedicating your valuable time to a show that's doomed to be cancelled before Thanksgiving. But while there are plenty of these turkeys slated to hit the airwaves this year, many promising submissions on the horizon, too—particularly if you happen to be a fan of one of the four following categories of television: see more

Everyone Can Go Home Because Donatella Versace Just Won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Are you ready for the best 24 seconds of your day? Because Donatella Versace's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, complete with shirtless models decked out in products she designed, is about to change your life. see more

6 Training Tips From Tennis Pros

Every August, as summer slowly slips away, tennis, too, closes its season. And this historic sport's going-out party is packed with prestige. The fourth and final Grand Slam—the U.S. Open—marks, for some, a chance of a lifetime; for others, an opportunity to show the world you're still the best; and for many, a soiree of sport and leisure: Arthur Ashe lit up in the New York skyline. see more

Hot New Homes: How High Can You Fly?

Looking for a home where you can get away from it all? We recommend taking your search up—40+ floors up, that is. Just one word of caution: a constant sense of being on top of the world may result. You wish you lived here. see more

The Hottest Coach in College Football Still Has a Lot to Prove

LUBBOCK, Texas — Lightning streaks across the West Texas sky, briefly illuminating Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium. Another bolt lights up the parking lot—it's almost empty, with just a few pickup trucks dotting the black pavement. What they're doing here now, so early in the morning that it still feels more like late last night, is an open question. The sun won't be up for hours. Neither will the birds. A pair of lights approach, two eyes glowing in the dark. A white Lexus stops next to a sign that bears coach Kliff Kingsbury's name, and he steps out of see more

Everyone Should Just Grow Out Their Hair Like This Guy

His name is Cary Joji Fukunaga and he is your new long hair inspiration. see more
Food + Drinks

It Might be Time to Red Flag Your Favorite French Wines

A study published this month in the scientific journal Food Additives and Contaminants, will undoubtedly rattle wine drinkers—and makers. It claims that 57% of the French wines that researchers analyzed contained significant amounts of dibutyl phthalate—an endocrine disruptor linked to premenopausal breast cancer, birth defects, fertility issues, asthma, and obesity. The lab behind the study, Laboratoire Excell, and the lead author, Pascal Chatonnet, are both located in the middle of France's wine country: Bordeaux. Yes, the region where some of the world's most revered, and expensive, wines are made. see more

U.S. Open-Inspired Products You'll Actually Want to Own

Sporting events just wouldn't be the same without the tacky T-shirts, memorial cups, and foam fingers they generate. But do you ever actually buy any of that stuff? No. No, you don't. This year's U.S. Open might change that. The tennis tournament, which started on Monday, has inspired some of our favorite brands to create products that blend style and function. Below, a few pieces of gear (and one really great app) that might make tennis more fun to play than it is to watch. see more
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