Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates the Holidays by Laughing at Crying Children

Jimmy Kimmel sure does love screaming kids. In the grand tradition of such pranks as parents telling offspring they ate all their Halloween candy (and filming the resulting devastation), last night's "Santa's Lap or Flu Shot?" segment turned photos of terrified tykes into a jolly old holiday-themed guessing game. Oh, what fun it is to laugh at other people's unhappy children! (Hey, it's better than laughing at your own.) see more

If You Have a Beard, You Need to Be Using Beard Oil

Just because you're growing a beard doesn't mean your look is no-maintenance. Besides a good trimmer—or regular trips to the barber—you should invest in a nourishing beard oil to soften the hair, add shine, and hydrate the skin beneath to avoid itchiness and flakes. In a flooded market, the oft-bearded Tom Ford now has his own collection of oils in three signature scents (piney Neroli Portofino, sweet Tobacco Vanille, and musky Oud Wood), further proof that facial hair has gone from hipster to high-end. $50; tomford.com see more

Embrace Your Inner Slob and Still Look Respectable

Yesterday, the Internet imploded when it saw that Duchess Kate Middleton of Cambridge wore a—wait for it—hoodie outside her grand palatial estate. How gauche, no? You, however, are not royalty, which means you can wear a hoodie—sweats, even!—but that doesn't mean you're allowed to look like some damn slob. Luckily for you (and the princess, if she plans on continuing her laid-back fashion streak), California-based brand John Elliott + Co has released a limited-edition capsule called the Loopwheel Collection, a six-piece assemblage of the brand's signature styles made from an exclusive type of Japanese loopwheel fleece. Elliott sourced the material see more
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Nike's Latest Rerelease Is Made for the Urban Outdoorsman

It seemed like a part of Nike's grand plan to unveil its new ACG collection on a day that started out dry, ended very, very wet, and in the process demonstrated the unique need for sportswear that responds to the challenges that can arise during one's daily journey through a chaotic metropolis. see more

A Gift a Day: Speed Away From Your Troubles on a Matte-Black Vespa

Common sense tells us that in winter, we should be inside, protected from the chill by layers of brick—or, at the very least, a metal car door. But there's still something unmistakably romantic about being on the open road and a little exposed to the elements, which is why we're so taken with the matte-black 2014 Vespa S 50 Sport SE 4v. Design-wise, the $2,500 scooter makes nods to the Vespa 50 Special from the seventies, but in most regards (including the paint job), it's a modern way to get around town. It's hard not to love an updated classic, see more

How to Turn Your Next Ski Trip Into a Workout

There's no trip like a ski trip for packing in equal parts exercise, relaxation time, and sightseeing. The way we see it, athletes require two things of their ideal ski destinations: muscle-challenging ski runs and access to top-notch fitness facilities. Meg Austin, a ski expert who lives and works in Vail, Colorado, shares her favorite resorts for those who won't take double-black diamonds without NFL-level hotel gyms. see more

Instagram Releases 5 New Ways to Make Your Camera-Phone Pictures Moody Works of Art

The latest update to everyone's favorite photo-sharing app includes five new carefully curated filters meant to effortlessly convey the full range of subtle sentiments you'd like to add to your painstakingly crafted feed. For example, you can now add a retro flair to your gloomy rainy-day shot with "Slumber" or amplify your minimalist mise-en-scène with "Ludwig." Per Instagram: Inspired by the photography, art, fashion and design of the global Instagram community, we're releasing five new filters that we believe are our best yet. You'll see the filters at the front of your filter tray: Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. see more

On Earlobe Reductions and Other Really Odd Plastic-Surgery Trends

When it comes to the old nip and tuck, we've come a long way from the basic face-lift or even plumping the face with fillers. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, plastic surgery is moving in some surprising—and downright odd—directions. Take, for example, the trend of earlobe reduction, which is exactly what it sounds like. This is part of a bigger trend the AAFPRS foresees, wherein smaller surgeries—which, in addition to earlobe reductions, include mole removal, upper-lip lifts, and filling in hollowed spaces of the face—create a subtle yet sizable difference in one's appearance. Makes see more

Calvin Harris Is the New Face of Emporio Armani

This morning, we thank both Scotland and Italy for joining some of their finest exports in one fashion campaign. Emporio Armani announced on Wednesday that Grammy-winning singer and DJ Calvin Harris would be the face of the house's spring 2015 campaign. Which is great news for everyone who has a mutual love of European dance music and good clothing. see more

South Dakota's Latest Driving PSA Was All One Big Masturbation Joke

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Um, what exactly is going on in South Dakota? That's what Jon Stewart pondered in last night's Daily Show segment "Chitty Chitty Wank Wank", which brilliantly broke down the state's racy (and now defunct) public-safety campaign, "Don't Jerk and Drive" (hint: The slogan has nothing to do with what you think it has to do with). Don't miss the bit toward the end of this clip when righteously randy correspondent Aasif Mandvi takes matters into his own hands (practically). see more
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