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Top 5 Stories of the Week: Joe Jonas, Hottest Male Models, Worst Halloween Costumes & More

Every week we crunch the numbers to see which articles and videos captivated readers most. This week's results: see more

Watch: Following the World's Most Elusive Artist, Banksy

Last year, Banksy, the influential and mysterious English artist, held a month-long residency (of sorts) in New York City which at sometimes appeared more like a treasure hunt or a wild goose chase. Social media and a clues on his website allowed the artist to turn all of New York into his roving, constantly evolving exhibition complete with graffiti, performance, and sculpture. Anything and everything could become the next ephemeral work. see more

Shinola's Latest Timekeeper Doesn't Belong On Your Wrist

Hearing the term pocket watch can conjure visions of someone performing hypnosis at a county fair, or even bring to mind images of that bygone era between the World Wars where vests were still an important feature of a man's wardrobe. But Shinola's new Henry Ford Pocket Watch, its first attempt at making this variety of timekeeper and the second installment in its Great Americans series, is an updated and solidly modern take on the metaphor. see more

Dear God, Please Don't Dress Up For Halloween

As a child, I occasionally peed in my pool. see more

Luke Evans Executes the Perfect Fall Outfit

We live in confusing times. And we're not talking about political unrest, the global spread of life-threatening disease, or any of that stuff. We're talking about the sartorial conundrum that autumn presents, naturally. see more
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6 Times Keanu Reeves Totally Nailed the One-Liner

Keanu Reeves' new movie John Wick opens this Friday, with the deep-monotone-voiced actor starring as a retired assassin who goes on a rampage. But as his devotees know all too well, what's most exciting about the arrival of any new Reeves film is the possibility that it'll contain a classic Reeves one-liner. He brings the same lovably blank gruffness to nearly every character he plays—from The Matrix's Internet-age messiah, Neo, to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure's mega-mellow Ted—but it's that simplicity that allows Reeves to sell some of his punchiest dialogue. He's like a walking, talking embodiment of the Kuleshov see more

Don't Expect Activewear From J.Crew Any Time Soon

J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler is sticking with what he knows. In a recent interview, the Man Who Dresses America said his brand won't be joining the fray of companies that make athletic clothing. "Where we thought about being in was the active, professional kind of business, but we're not getting in because we don't have the expertise to do that," he said. "We're pretty satisfied with the breadth of our product, and now it's about correct expansion, correct design, and quality." (Business of Fashion) see more
Movies + TV

Why Are There So Many Cops on TV Right Now?

It's been a long time since Hill Street Blues, but it seems like network dramas are still obsessed with cops. Despite representing just a tiny slice of the American population, police officers are the biggest profession on prime-time television. And if you look at law enforcement in general, the total only goes higher. Meanwhile, the most common job in America, retail worker, has only two representations (and one is the owner of a mystical pawn shop on Once Upon a Time). see more

Baseball's Most Gruesome Facial Hair, Ranked

You could call this World Series the Battle of the Beards. On both the San Francisco and the Kansas City squads, facial hair—sometimes wild and unruly, sometimes creatively pruned—is everywhere you look. see more

Watch Brad Pitt Endure the Grueling Awkwardness of "Between Two Ferns"

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Brad Pitt from Zach Galifianakis There's no way for us to be sure of where you are, dear readers, but we can tell you that our morning in New York City has been dark, damp, cold, and mostly pretty gross. So it was a delight when we got to our desks to find that our November cover star Brad Pitt had endured the awkward questions comedian Zack Galifianakis doles out on his talk show, Between Two Ferns. see more
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