You Cannot Unsee Conan O'Brien Doing the Rumba

It's a comedic premise that just can't fail: Send a fair-skinned, rhythmically-challenged, seven-foot-tall (approximately) late night talk show host to Cuba for a little fun in the sun—under the guise of "improving diplomatic relations," of course. What could go wrong? Between a particularly thirsty tour of a rum factory, an earnest (if disastrous) attempt at rolling cigars, and getting kicked out of a grocery store stocked with a suspiciously slim variety of items, pretty much the whole trip was one big punch line—but O'Brien's rumba lesson was definitely one of the more ... unforgettable segments. "I hear it's a see more

The 7 Healthiest Foods You Aren't Eating (Yet)

Let's rethink your grocery list. Sure, you gulp bone broth by the gallon and eat kale like there's no tomorrow—but the real nutritional powerhouses might just be the ones you haven't tried yet. Below, seven new superfoods to know, love, and juice. see more

A Spring Coat For Everyone, No Matter Who You Are

I hadn't even heard of a Modular Storm Coat until about 3:45pm today, and, dammit, now it's the only thing I can think of. It's consuming my thoughts, really. Ditto to a Welded Breaker. And don't even get me started on the Scarpa Weatherproof Commuter. Confused? Don't be. These are all good things and they can all be found in one place and from one brand, The Arrivals. You may remember that only a few months ago we were championing their debut collection for fall/winter 2014. The season passed, as it tends to do, and now we're looking spring dead see more

Look! A Booby Purse!

[giggles uncontrollably] [blushes] [runs away and hides] see more
Weird News

You Privileged Wimps Need to Stop Complaining About How Cold It Is

We want you think think long and hard about all the bitching, whining, and moaning you did about the cold this winter. And then we want you to look at these pictures of Chinese soldiers working out shirtless in minus-four-degree weather and hang your head in shame. see more

Come for Big Sean's Music Video, Stay for the Fashion History Lesson

At this point, rappers and fashion go together like sturgeon eggs and really, really cold vodka, so it's no surprise to learn that Big Sean wore a vintage piece of Raf Simons in his new music video for "Blessings." see more
Movies + TV

Sad Stock Images: Now Featuring Famous People

The stars of Unfinished Business are now also the stars of some pretty awesome corporate stock images, courtesy of Getty and Twentieth Century Fox. Submitted for your approval and/or your next PowerPoint presentation on best workplace practices, Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson remind us that "teamwork makes the dream work" (and also that they have a movie in theaters this weekend). Our only gripe: No Sienna Miller laughing alone with salad. see more

Is Instagram's Kevin Systrom the Most Stylish Tech CEO?

Ok one last one... Life achievement unlocked. @karllagerfeld #parisfashionweek 🇫🇷 A photo posted by Kevin Systrom (@kevin) on Mar 3, 2015 at 3:13pm PST Kevin Systrom might just be the most fashionable geek around. After all, Systrom is a cofounder and CEO of the fashion industry's favorite social-media medium Instagram. And while the Silicon Valley heavyweight never really conformed to the slacker look of other tech entrepreneurs (ahem, Mark), imagine our surprise at seeing Systrom cozying up to fashion's most elite habitués—all unveiled via his Instagram feed, of course. Why, there he is with Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton's see more
Movies + TV

Norman Reedus Has No Problem Eating Worms

It's the question Walking Dead fans have been obsessed with for weeks: Did Daryl (Norman Reedus) really eat a worm in that one episode? The answer is no—but not because the actor wasn't willing. To hear the crossbow-proficient star tell it to Conan O'Brien last night, it was a group of meddling animal activists who got between Daryl Dixon and his slippery supper. "Nicolas Cage did that movie where he ate a cockroach, and I was like, 'I love Nicolas Cage, let's do this,'" Reedus said (a Method actor at heart, apparently). "But there was some animal-activists group, animal-rights see more

This Instagram Account Shows What NYC Subway Riders Are Reading

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Rachael: "My boyfriend recommended this book to me and even though it was published in 1857, it's definitely relatable to a modern person. The language is still understandable and beautiful and eloquent. It's a really nice read. But I hope I'm not like Madame Bovary. She's never happy with the best things around her." @rachaelleenelson #thankful #thanksgiving #newyork #nyc #bookreview #subwaybookreview #book #gustaveflaubert #madamebovary #realist #novel #love #reading #subway #bookloversunite #author #fall #readinglist #list #bookclub #readingisawesome #bookworm #instagood #igers #style #follow #instabook #iphoneonly #vsco A photo posted by Subway Book Review (@subwaybookreview) on Nov see more
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