Alabama Shakes Powerhouse Brittany Howard On Her Inspirations: Kubrick, Björk, Caravaggio, and More

In 2012, Alabama Shakes released their first album, Boys & Girls, a rollicking southern-rock workout that earned two Grammy nominations and introduced the world to frontwoman Brittany Howard, whose soulful, guttural wails on the breakout hit "Hold On" managed to channel both Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin. The Shakes' long-awaited follow-up, Sound & Color, out today, features a revamped sound: more psychedelic, a touch funkier than the bluesy songs of the past. The evolution was evident during a February Saturday Night Live performance, when Howard stepped to the mic to sing the falsetto chorus of "Don't Wanna Fight" wearing Prince see more

Mike Tyson Looks to "Push It" Hard in Lip Sync Battle

Oh, baby baby. How could you not be slightly charmed by the eccentric and face tattooed Mike Tyson as he performs his own, uh, unique rendition of the classic 1987 Salt-n-Pepa song "Push It"? He even wore his best throwback leather tights, chunky necklace, and oversize coat to conjure those early days of the hip-hop era. In the preview above, we can tell that Tyson is as energetic as ever, just the way we like him. But don't get too close and, if you do, watch your ear. You can check out the complete performance on Thursday night on Lip Sync Battle ">see more
Food + Drinks

The 3 Knives Your Kitchen Needs Right Now

The right knives are the secret to the efficient kitchen. They can help you chop onions so fast your eyes don't have a chance to water, cut meat and poultry with ease, and make halving a pineapple somehow look easy. But you don't need a 18-piece set to get the basics done. We don't care how many slots your knife block has—if you've got these three knives, you're good to go. see more

10 Awesome Grooming Finds for Under $10

You can call them a bargain. Or a value. Even a damn good deal. Whatever you do, though, don't call these products cheap. Because long gone are the days when drugstore finds couldn't come close to stacking up to their niche, department-store counterparts. Now (and more than ever), big brands like AXE, Nivea, and Neutrogena are capitalizing on cutting-edge ingredients and technology, and producing at such large volumes they can slash their retail prices (without skimping on quality). So here, we show you how to score an entire spring grooming regimen for the price of a fun night out. That's see more

Teens Give Themselves a Fat Lip Taking the #KylieJennerChallenge

This is a case of lip service gone terribly awry. In an attempt to imitate 17-year-old Kylie Jenner's recently engorged lips (which she denies is due to any surgical procedure), young folks are posting before-and-after images of themselves trying "naturally" acquire her plump mouth under the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge reports Complex. The most common trick to getting this look involves placing a jar or cup over your lips and allowing the airtight suction to create a vacuum that temporarily amplifies one's lips. The results, however, haven't always been pretty—in fact some are downright scary and include bruising and abnormally augmented see more

HBO Picks Up Web Series About Weed Dealer—on 4/20

Stoned or not, we see what you did there HBO. The powerful cable network chose today of all days to reveal that it is ordering six episodes of the previously web-only series (and critical darling) High Maintenance, says Deadline. Additionally, it will be hosting the series' previous 19 episodes on its cadre of boundary-blurring streaming services HBO GO and HBO NOW. This makes High Maintenance part of a selective group of programs that started life online and made the jump across the digital divide to the world of the establishment. The only other that comes to mind is Comedy Central's see more
Movies + TV

The 10 Best Stoner Movies to Binge-Watch This 4/20

One of the great pleasures of moviegoing, in the immortal words of Half Baked, is the difference between seeing a movie and seeing the same movie high. Some movies, of course, lend themselves quite a bit better to the experience than others—we don't recommend lighting up before Schindler's List, for example. And some movies seem ideally enjoyed on the couch with a nice joint. Should you want to dive in today, to celebrate the 4/20 holiday, we've put together a list of the ten best stoner movies of all time. see more

100 Days of Summer: Perfectly Laid-Back Beachwear by J. Crew and Birdwell

There are 100 days between March 12 and June 21, the official beginning of our favorite season. So every day between now and then, we'll be highlighting the products, places, and experiences we can't wait to use, visit, and have once summer rolls around. Days left: 62 After spending months fetishizing the end of winter and beginning of spring, we are now looking past our current rainy (if temperate) conditions toward the sweltering, carefree days of summer. And just in time for our warm-weather longing, J. Crew has revealed a beach-worthy capsule collection with Birdwell, a California-based surfwear brand that see more
Movies + TV

7 Important Questions About the New Jurassic World Trailer

The official, nearly three-minute long global trailer for Jurassic World debuted on Monday. And you should go ahead and watch it now, because it's really, deeply epic, and also because we've got a lot to unpack. For while we acknowledge that it is incumbent upon the audience watching a movie about dinosaurs and human beings coexisting at the same time to suspend at least some of their disbelief, there are still some things that don't exactly line up. We have questions, and we're not entirely certain that seeing the movie in full will to answer them. Our queries, below. see more
Movies + TV

Watch: Martin Sheen Stars in the Doomsday Video Humanity Deserves

If you knew the world was about to end, would you rather watch a marching band play a farewell dirge or Martin Sheen play a video of cats dressed up like cowboys? Apparently CNN thinks you'd choose the former: Turns out the network has had a video clip lined up for years to be played only in the event of the impending annihilation of the human race (seriously, it's marked "hold for release until end of the world confirmed"), and all it shows is a military band playing "Nearer My God to Thee" (yup, the song the band played see more
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