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Sex + Relationships

9 Surprising Places to Find a Date

In searching for love, I'd recommend the Genius Bar over any cocktail bar. see more

Aimé Leon Dore's Designer Teddy Santis on the "Shocking" Response to His Most Recent Collection

It's only been two weeks since menswear blogs like Four-Pins, Hypebeast, and Airows lost their collective minds over Aimé Leon Dore's Pre-Fall 2014 offering, but its New York-based designer Teddy Santis is already busy planning his next move. see more

#PharrellWatch: "Happy" Goes Triple Platinum in the UK

The British Recorded Music Industry officially recognized Pharrell Williams' infectious single Happy as a triple platinum record this week after calculating that 1.8 million copies of the song have been sold. see more

A New Expanding Pill Could Shrink Your Waistline

The quest for a magic diet pill isn't new, of course. Scientists have been searching for a miracle drug that can carve out six-pack abs for decades. Some modern concoctions claim to speed up your metabolism. Others suppress appetite. One less-than-ideal option works as a diuretic. The new Gelesis100—which sounds more like a video game console than a drug—takes a different approach: The capsule is consumed before meals with a glass of water, and then temporarily swells up in the stomach, causing you to feel full and eat less. see more

This Week in Fashion: Christian Lacroix Gets New Shoes, and the New Kids at the CFDA

The week's top stories in fashion. Christian Lacroix is set to debut a shoe and trainer line next spring. While the price point hasn't hit the interwebs yet, we've been told to expect colorful and graphic printed slider styles as well as some lace-ups fit for more formal occasions. (FashionBeans) see more

Flashback: See Justin Theroux in 1997's Below Utopia (with Ice-T and Alyssa Milano!)

Details cover guy Justin Theroux is leaving plenty of people sighing jogging commando in HBO's The Leftovers these days. But back in 1997, he starred in a twist-filled thriller about a home invasion (by Ice-T!) of his treasure-filled family estate during a Thanksgiving reunion. (It was only his third movie.) see more

We Want It: GoFit's Agonizing Massage Roller

Although the GoFit Extreme Massage Roller ($40; looks—and feels—like a medieval torture tool, a few sessions with it will turn even the most pain-averse into a masochist. Its rubber spikes break up the knots in your muscles and fascia like the dexterous fingers of a hulking Swedish masseuse. Just 10 minutes (of yes, agony) on the stretch mat can banish soreness and tightness after a tough workout. see more

The Shins' James Mercer on His Childhood Shyness and Why He Never Went Solo

Mr. Mercer, how do you write a song? It depends on what the song needs or wants. I try to interpret what the music is already saying. I listen to the music and try to figure out what emotions are being expressed by that music. Often times it'll remind me of something I've been thinking about and I'll go down that route. If that doesn't work, I think it's cool to just try to come up with some sort of hypothetical scenario that gives that emotional feeling that's being expressed by the music. There are different ways of doing see more
Food + Drinks

8 Lessons from the World's Largest Booze Convention

More than 15,000 of the world's most hardcore mixology fans—and professionals—flew into New Orleans to experience this year's "Tales of the Cocktail". The five-day-long marathon is filled with pool parties, pairing dinners, special theme nights, and many nerdy seminars (I spoke at one called "A Better Understanding of Bitter Flavors"). I learned a ton of useless facts throughout the event. This one, which ended dramatically on Sunday with a sudden monsoon, proved full of unanticipated insights into our drinking habits. The oddest factoids are below. see more

Fred Armisen on Social Experiments, the Upcoming Johnny Ramone Tribute, and Sexy Elbows

Fred Armisen recently did the unthinkable: He got random New Yorkers to pick up a ringing, public payphone and come and meet the caller across the street. Little did they know that the voice on the other end of the phone was Armisen's—or that they'd be walking into his comedy show. see more
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