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An Interview With Will Forte, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, Creators of This Season's Weirdest Show, The Last Man on Earth

What would you do if you were the last man on Earth? see more

Dear Rich People: Give All Your Money to Charity Like Tim Cook

Hey you rich sons of bitches! Good morning. Happy Friday. Be honest, every day is like Friday if you're rich—tons of exciting things ahead and bottomless reserves of cash to help facilitate your lavish and fabulous lifestyle. Yay for you. So when it was announced that current Apple CEO Tim Cook will be donating the entirety of his wealth (an estimated $785 million) to charity when he shuffles off this mortal coil, we couldn't help but think Well that's a bright idea. Think of the other popular option, leaving it to your next of kin. We've all witnessed what that see more

Kanye West Now Basically Owns a Streetwear Site

It turns out Kanye West loves democratically priced streetwear as much as he does high-end French fashion. The musician and designer has partnered with producer Damon Dash to buy Karmaloop, an e-commerce site whose founders were recently scrambling to avoid bankruptcy. see more

Last Night Will Ferrell Talked About Bird Genitalia On TV

Having apparently run out of disturbingly bizarre costumes (Little Debbie, a leprechaun suit), Will Ferrell continued his impressively rigorous tour of the late night talk show circuit by showing up on Conan O'Brien's stage with ... a bird on his shoulder. Not all that strange of a move for Ferrell (considering the aforementioned Little Debbie thing), except that he was completely unwilling to acknowledge the presence of said avian companion. "Um, you . . . you have a bird on your shoulder," said O'Brien, stating the obvious. "You know Conan, I'm happy to come on your show, I'm happy see more
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The 13 Best Prison Scenes of All Time

Get Hard, which stars Will Ferrell as a hedge fund manager who seeks the advice of Kevin Hart before heading off for a stay in prison, hits theaters today. And along with the guaranteed laughs, the film will be a nice reminder of an oft forgotten genre of film: the prison flick. Whether it be through comedy, drama, or late night Cinemax, how else would we know not to drop the soap if we ever got sent to the pokey? see more
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We Went to a "Death-Positive" Singles Night and This Is What We Learned

A while back, Daisy Tainton was on her way to a date when a friend called to say he'd found a dead cat out on the street. So naturally Tainton, who by day works as a mild-mannered entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History but by night puts together elaborate anthropomorphic taxidermy displays, immediately called up her perspective partner and told him that she had to cancel—she had to go scoop up a kitty corpse ASAP. To hear her tell it, the man involved was neither understanding or pleased. Later, while sharing her woe with fellow death enthusiast Joanna see more

Kendall Jenner Stars in Calvin Klein's Newest Campaign

Ah to be young, beautiful, and the face of a major advertising campaign. Kendall Jenner revealed today that she's currently checking off all three of those boxes as the face of Calvin Klein Jeans's new #mycalvins denim series. see more

Vote Now: The Details Grooming Survey, 2015 Edition

Above: A still from American Psycho Each summer, Details delivers the only handbook you need to look as handsome as possible—our annual Grooming Guide, which covers the haircuts you'll want, the scents you should be wearing, and how to really take care of your skin. We also pick the very best products out there—but as the English metaphysical poet John Donne once said, "No man is an island." Which is to say we can't do it alone and we need your help. Readers (that's you!) also have their say when it comes to those awards, so peruse the survey below see more

Tom Ford's Second Film Scores Some Stylish Leading Men (Naturally)

Details (heh) are breaking on fashion designer and director Tom Ford's second film, titled Nocturnal Animals. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ford has landed George Clooney for the film. Clooney, of course, is stylish in his own right, but we all saw how damn good Colin Firth looked after working with the designer in A Single Man. In other casting news, Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams are reportedly in talks to star in the film, which is based on Austin Wright's book Tony and Susan. see more
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14 Films That Prove 1985 Was the Best Year for Movies

Attention Generation X'ers: Are you ready to feel, like, totally ancient? The Breakfast Club just turned 30 years old! That's right, the seminal teen-angst film that made you feel like you fit in somewhere just finished its quarter-life crisis and is now nearing middle age. To commemorate the occasion, the flick's being rereleased in theaters on March 26 and March 31, preceded by a featurette with original cast members, including a now 47-year-old Molly Ringwald. see more
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