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8 Terrible Topics to Discuss at Thanksgiving, and How to Handle Them

Thanksgiving is a time of family togetherness, which can be wonderful if you have a nice family that shares your political views, artistic sensibilities, and general joie de vivre. Otherwise it can be a holiday that leads to fights, intractable debates, and scenes that look more like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? than they do a Norman Rockwell painting. Here are some talking points for 10 current events that may come up around the dinner table. Stick to these plans and you'll be able to hold firm to your beliefs without upsetting anyone too much. Your mother just thanked me see more
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The 6 Worst Bosses in Film History

The superiors in the 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses are awful, and the ones in the sequel may be even worse. But are they the most horrible bosses in movie history? Perhaps. With Horrible Bosses 2 opening this holiday weekend, we decided to take a look at all those big-screen employers who've asked their staffs to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to earn their paychecks. Who are these miserable cranks? What's it like to work for them? And in the real world, could the work they demand from their employees pass muster with our National Labor Relations Board? see more
Food + Drinks

How NOT to Get Fat This Holiday Season: Advice from Health & Fitness Professionals

Mara Feil, certified nutritional consultant, board certified holistic health practitioner, "Never, ever, go to a party, cocktail event, business dinner, charity event, etc. hungry. No one's willpower is strong enough to resist trays filled with temptation, and just a few mini bites adds up to the calories and sugar. Eat a substantial snack filled with protein and fiber before arriving at your event and you'll be able to stick to your diet much more easily." "Also, with so many open bars and passed cocktails during the holidays, it's hard to keep track of how many drinks you've had. Every see more

Designer Neil Barrett's Banner Year Just Got Better

Even if you eat, drink, and breathe menswear, it's not the easiest task to identify a clothier who made headlines -- real, memorable pop culture headlines, not ones that involve an SNL parody -- over the course of a year. But Neil Barrett, who today introduced an exclusive capsule for Mr Porter, fits squarely into that category. see more
Movies + TV

Everybody Freak Out, the New Jurassic World Trailer Just Landed

Even a hard-hearted cynic who will happily reminisce over the life-altering brilliance of the original movie can't help but be wooed a bit by Bryce Dallas Howard's ginger bob and Chris Pratt's folksy charm in the Jurassic World trailer. And once the simple piano rendition of the original theme song starts playing ... well, they had me. Damn you, trailers! see more
Weird News

Lessons in Confidence From Mexico's Underwear-Clad Protesting Farmers

A group of farmers in Mexico City have made headlines for marching around wearing nothing but their briefs. see more
Weird News

New Study Finds You're All Eating Disgusting Food for Thanksgiving

The venerable Gray Lady has done a fun little study, mining Google searches for the oddball dishes that are popular in each state. The results, shown above, are, quite frankly, horrifying. Um, dear South Carolina, what the fuck is pineapple casserole? Turns out, it's cheese and pineapple chunks baked and scattered with buttered bread crumbs. I'm sorry, excuse me while I go violently upchuck for a few moments. And for those of you (myself included) tsk tsk-ing the South, take a quick gander at Oregon. Vegan mushroom gravy? Shame on you. Taking our turkey day and handing it over to see more

What You're Really Getting from the "New" Albums by Beyoncé, Eminem, and Iggy Azalea

It's present-shopping season, which means new albums are dropping thicker and faster than thundersnow. Artists that don't have an album's worth of new material aren't about to miss out on the pre-holiday marketing push, so their record companies are repackaging their existing discographies with bonus features to make us want to buy the same songs all over again. Are they worth it? Some more than others. Here's a closer look at three "new" releases coming out November 24. see more

What's Better For You, Free Weights or Strength Machines?

Let's get one thing out of the way right now: There's not going to be any "one method is better 100 percent of the time" here. Both free weights and resistance machines can help you build strength, size, and generally get fit. They do, however, each have unique sets of strengths and weaknesses. That's because free weights move freely forward and backward, side to side, and up and down, explains exercise scientist, Ed Hulit, CSCS, project manager at Technogym, which designs and produces top-of-the-line free-weights and machines. That's all three dimensions, my friends. Weight machines, however, are fixed to see more

What to Get Women: The Instantly Shoppable Gift Guide

What do women really want? Of course we shouldn't generalize about buying presents for half the population, but clearly men need help getting gifts for the women in their lives. This year we asked resident Details female experts—editors Danielle McNally and Antonina Jedrzejczak—to steer us in the right direction. Together they came up with 31 ideas, from the traditional (earrings, perfume) to the unexpected (Nike Dunks, Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Hoodie). If you want more information about each product, just click below on any tile or check out our "What to Get Her" slideshow. If you'd rather save see more
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