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Here's What You Have to Wear to Be in the Presence of Royalty

Prince George, with parents, likely giving side-eye to a journalist in dad jeans. It's not exactly news that Prince William and his fetching wife Duchess Catherine are slated to visit the United States next year. What's not as well known is that when you're in front of them, you sort of have to dress up. see more

New Website Will Help You Name Your Hipster-y Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Are you a Brooklyn resident but you feel that your relationship with your neighborhood is so much more? Does your gluten-free heart only truly feel at home on the slightly shabby yet ever-so-charming streets of your truly hip borough? Do you wear skinny jeans and scoop-neck tees and fedoras? Do you have an un-ironic mustache (and you wax it)? Do you eat kale more than three times a week? Do you ask where your beef was raised? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this website is for you (and your future business). At its see more

How Artists Are Reinventing the Pay Phone, Now That It's Obsolete

This week, New York City announced its plan to replace public pay phones with digital hubs called Links. Starting in 2015, the kiosks will offer free Wi-Fi, phone-charging stations, touchscreens for accessing directions and other services, advertising displays, and yes, free phone calls within the U.S. The disappearance of the pay phone, while inevitable, is also a little sad; it's been part of our streetscape for longer than most of us can remember. And even though smartphones have rendered them almost functionally defunct, over the past few years some New Yorkers have found cool, alternative uses for these outdated public see more

This Jacket Is Also a Phone Charger

Oh, your jacket is just an extra layer to protect you from the cold? You mean it doesn't also ensure that your phone battery doesn't die as you're about to post that really clever tweet? How sad for you. see more

Stop Being So Mean to Celebrities on Twitter Already

Jimmy Kimmel's series "Mean Tweets"—wherein famous people read vicious social-media swipes at themselves on camera—has been going on for quite some time now. But his most recent edition, above, is particularly heavy with A-listers, including the ever-hated lifestyle guru (and sometimes actress-singer) Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, and current Vegas showgirl Britney Spears. And somehow, someone out there found something mean to say to the incredibly likable Chris Pratt. Heartless. see more

The Webster Men's Store Opens its Doors, Just in Time For Basel

The week's top stories in fashion news. Just in time for Art Basel to draw dudes with lots of discretionary income to Miami, The Webster Men's store in the Shops at Bal Harbour has finally opened its doors. The boutique, a spin off from the popular women's shop that shares the same name, will offer customers a highly curated mix of items from brands like Dior Homme, Saint Laurent, and The Elder Statesman, among others. (The Webster) see more
Food + Drinks

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Order Seafood

Right about now, there's not much for chefs in most parts of the country to get excited about (how thrilling are turnips, really?). But lower temperatures do get cooks geeking out on seafood—shellfish, in particular, some varieties of which are at their prime in colder waters because of where they are in their life cycle. Take oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. They spawn in summer, which makes them milky and flabby before they turn clear and firm as winter approaches, says Ryan Prewitt, chef at Peche Seafood Grill in New Orleans. "In October, they get a lot better, in see more

Is "Uptown Funk" the Most Stylish Music Video of the Year?

Music producer Mark Ronson may be best known for creating impossibly catchy aural landscapes, but it's hard to ignore the fact that he's a damn snazzy dresser too. Now he's teamed up with Bruno Mars on a funk-heavy new single aptly called "Uptown Funk." Because Mars is also known for his sense of sartorial flair, the video for the song is expectedly stylish, as you can see above. see more

A New Photo Series Captures Barbers in Their Shops

Too often, guys spend their time at the barbershop with their noses buried in a magazine, or squinting at themselves in the mirror. What you miss, then, is the people and places that make the space unique. In French photographer Franck Bohbot's new photo series Cuts, critic Elizabeth Breiner writes that he captures "barbers in their barbershops, mythical subjects of photographic lore that have presided on the list of essential Americana since Walker Evans roamed the small-town streets of Depression-Era USA." Barbershops have come a long way since then—here you'll see Details-approved favorites like Fellow Barber, The Blind Barber, Persons see more
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