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Trading Music for Meds

Last spring, Jason Sebastian Russo (pictured above), of the bands Common Prayer and Hopewell, was stricken by a stabbing pain on the left side of his mouth every time he tried to eat. It was a cavity. But the 40-year-old musician—who hadn't been to a dentist since he was a kid, and last saw a regular doctor when he was in his early 20s—couldn't afford proper healthcare. Free clinics in Brooklyn could help with urgent medical needs, but not a bad tooth. see more

The Splurge: Steven Alan on the Difficulty of Finding a Really Good Couch

In The Splurge, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases. see more

Anna Kendrick Has an Oscar Nomination, 10 Movies in the Pipeline, and One Hell of a Pick-Up Line

If it seems you're seeing Anna Kendrick everywhere these days, that's because you are. Which is a good thing. Since making her big-screen debut in 2003's Camp, the 28-year-old Portland, Maine, native has taken Hollywood by storm, amassing nearly 30 film credits—a third of them in the past year alone. This would explain why she currently has two films to promote: Joe Swanberg's improv-heavy indie Happy Christmas, which came out in early July, and Jeff Baena's zombie comedy Life After Beth, in theaters Aug. 15th. see more

Dior Homme Creative Director Kris Van Assche's Parents Have Never Missed a Single One of His Shows

Mr. Van Assche, as the creative director for Dior Homme you deal with beauty all the time. Do you remember the first time you recognized beauty? No, but I do know that as a child beauty was a big part of my upbringing because my grandmother was a real aesthete and I used to be really close to her. When I was a kid she was making her own clothes and at one point started making clothes for me, so it was already a big part of it when I was like 10 or 12 years old. see more

Why Long Hair Is Perfect for Summer

Last August Rakesh Baruah had turned 30, finished grad school for the year, and broke up with his girlfriend—as good a time as any to have an epiphany about his hair. "With my Mad Men high-and-tight, I'd been spending so much energy trying to be this person I saw walking through the streets," the New York filmmaker says. "It came from wanting to be a good kid that looked the part of an Ivy-educated, white-collar one-percenter." With every inch of curls he adds (eight and growing), his Don Draper phase is more distant, and he looks forward to this summer's see more

Which Rest is Best: Active or Static?

If you've wondered what circumstances call for "active rest" (taking it easy while still moving) versus "static rest" (stopping completely) between sets, let us clear something up right now; static rest is never the ideal choice. see more

Hot New Homes: Minimalist Masterpieces

The elemental appeal of minimalism is far from cookie cutter, finding expression in spaces as different as a pied-à-terre in Paris' fifth arrondissement to a sprawling rancher's estate in the hinterlands of Australia. You wish you lived here. see more
Food + Drinks

Ask the Wine Wise Guy: How Do I Get a Sommelier to Offer Me Off-the-Menu Wines?

I'm going to assume that you're comfortable talking to a sommelier, which is both admirable and a tad abnormal. Most people who ask me questions about wine are terrified of talking to the somm for fear of broaching the "wrong" questions, revealing their inferior tastes, or, in general, sounding like a buffoon. In the other extreme, of course, are the buffoons who love to talk to somms just to hear themselves pontificate about things that make them feel important (i.e. "I see you have the '82 Blahdeeblah; I have six cases of that in my cellar, but they're coming along see more

We Want It: Tai Ping Carpets' Chroma Collection

If you're tired of the Moroccan-rug craze that took root right around the time we all started bragging about our furniture being made from reclaimed wood, look to Hong Kong–based Tai Ping Carpets and its Chroma Collection. These room-sweeping pieces (like the one pictured) double as artwork and are a welcome relief from the devotion to red. "They're not trying to be too perfect and pretty," says Yasmina Benazzou, Tai Ping's global design director. Achieving these imperfections is deceptively involved, however. The bleeding effect looks like a freehand watercolor painting, but it's actually created by weavers following a computer-traced pattern, see more

How Do You Stack Up Against U.S. Averages in These 6 Key Health Tests?

You know your height, weight, and maybe even length (you know what we're talking about), but chances are you don't know the numbers that really matter. See how you measure up against national averages (and actual ideals) in these six health tests: see more
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