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The Secret Bar Science Behind Your Cocktails

At molecular mixology bars the science is a big part of the show: Mists of vaporized cocktails, spherified Negronis, and tanks of liquid nitrogen used to freeze glassware and "nitro-muddle" basil. Increasingly though, other bars are working with the same high-tech equipment but being more subtle about it. see more

Where to Start With David Foster Wallace: a Primer

In 2010, two years after the death of David Foster Wallace, Rolling Stone editor David Lipsky published Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, a chronicle of the revered novelist's cross-country press tour for Infinite Jest in 1996. This July brings The End of the Tour, James Ponsoldt's hotly anticipated adaptation of the book, starring Jesse Eisenberg as Lipsky and Jason Segel as Wallace. Hardcore DFW fans—and they are a proud and vocal contingent—are approaching the film with equal parts enthusiasm and apprehension. On the one hand, a literary idol is being revived for a few precious hours; on see more

Meet Earl the Grumpy Puppy, Your Latest Internet Obsession

While the Internet has a certain fondness for cats—so much so that they're the subject of a museum exhibition later this year—canines can sometimes get a raw deal. However dog lovers will be happy to know that the newest web-appointed animal celebrity is a puppy with an adorably unpleasant face. Meet Earl the Grumpy Puppy, which is basically a dog version of Grumpy Cat and is probably already represented by Hollywood's top agents and is likely going to be on a TV show come fall. The 5-month-old Puggle isn't actually angry, of course, but just has an underbite (probably see more

A Very Angry Man Reading a Teen Magazine Is the Funniest Thing You'll See Today

Most days, the Internet is a sad, dark place filled with trolls and snarky commenters. Wednesday, however, gave us one bright spot of goodness and hilarity. Because on Wednesday, YouTube user McGoiter gave us the second installment of the "Angry Man Reads a Teen Magazine videos. In it, a narrator tears through a copy of J-14, screaming through the cover lines, advertisements, and responding to the content with a veracity that can only be described as rabid. Just ... just watch it. And if you can make it through the first minute without laughing so hard it hurts your see more

Please Stop Wearing Golf Shirts if You're Not Actually Golfing

It's been hard not to notice that a lot of guys are wearing golf shirts in locations that are far, far removed from golf courses this summer. And that needs to end. Golf shirts, for the uninitiated, are nearly identical to polo shirts. In a lot of cases they even bear a logo where a crest would be, and some have pockets designed to carry a scorecard and pencil. They're usually made from a cotton-poly blend or some other material that wicks moisture, which means they often have a slight sheen. This allows their wearers to stay relatively cool and see more

Why You Should Buy In-Flight Wi-Fi Before Your Flight

In-flight Wi-Fi is one of our favorite modern technological advancements. Now you no longer lose a day of work when flying to a business meeting, you can keep friends, family, and followers informed of the flight's progress, and you can even communicate with whoever is on the ground about when to pick you up from the airport. see more

How to Maintain Your Beard No Matter the Shape or Size

The clean-shaven men out there might think a beard is simply an excuse to avoid not only the razor, but the effort of tending to your facial hair with any regularity. They're only half right. While the hirsute do indeed get to sidestep the blade—or at least they should; more on that later—they definitely aren't skimping on the work of keeping up with a grooming regimen, at least not if they actually want to look good. "The most important thing about any facial hair is the maintenance," explains Brent Pankhurst, who, aside from cutting hair for films and magazines, is see more

Trump's Biggest Fashion Fail Has Nothing to Do With His Hair

If you want to run for president—and you definitely should if you're a Republican, because there's not enough of those in the race right now—your sartorial responsibilities are few, but they're important. With the exception of a few casual and/or athletic looks—see: Bill Clinton jogging—the men in the race usually wear a dark suit, a white or blue shirt, and a subdued tie. It's within the confines of that uniform that a candidate (or president) has the opportunity to make a statement of taste. That statement should almost always be: "I am a sane person who understands the fundamentals of see more

Watch an Electric Car Hit 60 MPH in Less Than 1.8 Seconds

Stuttgart, Germany, knows its cars—both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are headquartered there. But a bunch of upstart Stuttgart University students recently put the town on the automotive map for a different sort of achievement, setting the 0-to-62-mph acceleration record for an electric vehicle at a scorching 1.779 seconds—0.006 seconds faster than the previous record, set last year by a group of Swiss students. see more
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The Truth About Coffee Is Good News for Caffeine Junkies

For those of us who are deliriously, deliciously dependent on coffee, the question of whether or not our daily caffeine fix is actually good for us is moot: We're still gonna keep drinking it. But let's face it, it would be nice to know if the stuff is helping or hurting us—at least then we'd know if we should feel more or less guilty about that third (or fourth) cup. So what's the story? In recent years, every new study on the benefits or detriments of coffee consumption seems to have canceled out the last (It's good for your heart! see more
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