Dirty Shoes or Art? You Decide.

Converse has had a long history of collaborating with famous artists, but the shoe brand's latest campaign includes both well-known names and a handful of people you might not have heard of. see more

This Week on Instagram, No One Could Resist an Oscars Selfie

Every week we dive into the pool of celebrity Instagram posts to see what our favorite actors, artists, writers, musicians, DJs, designers, and notorious selfie-takers are posting. Below are recent shots that captured our attention—because they're funny, telling, timely, or all of the above. see more
Style News

Best-Dressed Men at the Oscars, Ben McKenzie's Bachelor Pad and More Top Stories of the Week

Every week we crunch the numbers to see which articles and videos captivated readers most. This week's results: see more

10 Office Design Moves That Will Upgrade Your Workspace

1. Start Off Strong The most important design move for any good office is an amazing foundation. Try to avoid any place with florescent lights and pre-installed cubicles and opt for things with a little more texture and individuality for an extra dose of cool. This particular office is inside an old lima bean factory. see more

Jon Stewart and Wrestler Seth Collins Are Ready to Rumble

Self-proclaimed wrestling superfan Jon Stewart's "Moment of Zen" took a decidedly non-zen turn last night when "WWE superstar and poster boy for The Authority Seth Rollins" crashed The Daily Show to issue a challenge: Show up at WWE Raw on Monday night and settle their ongoing feud, man to man. The two have been trading televised barbs since the wrestler said Stewart would be easy to replace—them's fightin' words, after all—but seeing Rollins in person clearly put the situation in perspective for the significantly smaller host, who immediately dropped his bravado in favor of a little verbal backpedaling: "And see more

John Varvatos Is Now Making Speakers For All the Rock Stars He Dresses

The week's top stories in fashion news. John Varvatos made his name dressing rock stars (and the guys who want to be just like them), so his latest collaboration makes total sense. The designer teamed up with the speaker and headphones brand Marshall on a leather-wrapped version of its Woburn stereo speaker. The speaker, limited to 300 units, will go on sale March 10. (DJ Vibe) see more

Wolfpack: Like Tinder, But For Straight Dudes Looking for Friends

If you're just a normal alpha, looking for others to bro down with, you might want to take a look at Wolfpack, a social networking app to help guys make male friends "while removing any and all social awkwardness." A sort of platonic Grouper, the app helps you rediscover old buds, or make new ones based on shared interests (from the company websites, interests include 'poker,' 'burgers,' and 'basketball'). From there, you can start hanging together like any other, normal friends that weren't spliced together in an iPhone test tube. Check out the YouTube commercial below. We get it. see more
Food + Drinks

Now Trending: The Rise of Modern Israeli Cuisine

Pictured: The $40 tasting menu at Mile End Deli in New York City includes spicy lamb merguez sausage (top left corner), Moroccan matbucha salad (above the soda can), and a deconstructed baba ghanouj (bottom left corner) whose elements aren't blended together—"a baba that's not a baba," says chef Eli Sussman. see more

Here's What It Would Sound Like if Ice-T Voiced Dora the Explorer

Everybody knows Ice-T is a man of many talents, but did you know the rapper-actor even boasts a background in cartoon voiceovers? No? Well, that's because he doesn't, really—but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we now know what Saturday mornings would have sounded like if Ice-T really did lend his vocal prowess to eighties animated hits like G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Scooby Doo (not to mention modern-day fave Dora the Explorer). Oddly enough, Ice-T's signature sound seemed almost appropriate for G.I. Joe and even sort of worked for Shaggy (who always seemed seconds away from cracking a see more

Matthew Gray Gubler: All-American Weirdo

Matthew Gubler is experiencing the fame and fortune that only comes to a lottery-odds percentile of ugly ducklings who just barely survive an adolescence plagued with self-doubt, misfit-ness, and hurt, then, through the terrible grace of puberty, freakishly swan out, are embraced by the world, and manage to keep a perspective of gratitude toward life and a constantly self-renewing empathy with other misfits. see more
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