Surprise! Your Leftover Pasta is Actually Good For You.

Your parents knew that leftovers were economical. Your foodie friends know that leftovers sometimes taste better than they did the day before. But now there's yet another reason to love that day-old pasta living in your Tupperware: It may be less fattening than freshly made. see more

Watch: Rick Rubin's Latest Dream Team Sing Their Latest Single

After sweeping the ARIA Music Awards (Australia's Grammys) with their 2010 album Down the Way, Sydney-bred brother-and-sister act Angus and Julia Stone split up to pursue solo careers. Then came an act of divine intervention in the form of Rick Rubin, who judged their precise mix of sixties pop and seventies folk-rock "unbelievable" and began courting them. "It seems so obvious to just say yes, but it had taken us so long to decide to go our separate ways," explains Julia, 30, who's recorded with Angus, 28, since 2006. "After hanging out with Rick, we were both like, 'Alright, see more

Friendly Reminder: Sitting All Damn Day is Bad for Your Health

Hey there! Do you sit all damn day on your ass? Me too, me too! Well, it turns out that's bad. Like, really bad. Like detrimental-to-your-health bad. Oops. see more

Meet Håndværk, a Brand of Elevated Basics For the Urban Minimalist

When Esteban Saba left this job on Wall Street to launch Håndværk, a label that specializes in what he dubs "elevated classics," it wasn't so much a dramatic change of pace as it was a return to his roots. Saba's family has nearly 100 years of experience in the Peruvian textile industry, where their reach extends to everything from yarn and fabric to zippers and elastic. see more
Food + Drinks

How Long Does an Open Bottle of Cognac Last?

The quick, hyperbolic answer is: about a million times longer than an open bottle of wine. Why mention wine? Well, Cognac and wine are made from the same stuff: grapes. Quick lesson: Cognac is, in fact, a fancy name for brandy, and brandy is made by distilling wine grapes, rather than fermenting them. Brandy made in the Cognac region of France must be distilled twice in copper pot stills and aged at least two years in French oak barrels. It then matures in the same way as whiskies and wine when aged in barrels. So now you know. see more

Pharrell to Star in Chanel's Next Film, Because of Course He Is

The latest line on Pharrell Williams' ever-lengthening curriculum vitae is a role in a short movie that Chanel is set to debut toward the end of the year. see more
Movies + TV

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln on Morality, Mythology, and Rick's Epic Beard

Andrew Lincoln has to be the hardest-working actor in show business. He's just wrapped his fifth consecutive season living a second life as Rick Grimes, the increasingly bedraggled antihero of AMC's brutal and bloody zombie drama The Walking Dead—a series so stratospherically popular that it's unlikely to end anytime soon. The show's blistering fifth season kicked off a little over a week ago with "No Sanctuary"—in which Rick finds himself duly bound and beaten, his throat nearly sliced—and, if the grisly final moments of this week's follow-up are any indication, there's a lot more brutality where that came from. We see more

5 Health Tips Even Fitness Experts Can't Follow

Trainers coach us through those painful last few reps, remind us to choose whole over processed, champion our recovery and regeneration efforts. But do they take their own recommendations to heart? After all, as anyone who's ever suggested suffering through a post-workout ice bath or turning off the TV in favor of shut-eye—or, well, anything—can attest: It's easier to give advice than to follow it. Here, five fitness professionals reveal to Q the most difficult part of the prescription for even the most passionate, dedicated people—themselves. see more

Hot New Homes: Southern Estates With Eight-Figure Price Tags

The difference between putting down eight figures on a pad in Manhattan and on one in Mississippi is that in the south, you'll get the square footage to match. Seersucker suit, glass of bourbon (from hand-selected barrels), and loyal hound not included. You wish you lived here. Location: Multi-home estate in Palm Beach, Florida Price: $59,000,000 Size: 12,700 square feet Key selling points: This estate may be in one of the southernmost spots in the country, but it's no textbook southern mansion—and we're into it. The total package includes a 12,700-square-foot British Colonial mansion, a 5,500-square-foot Mediterranean revival-style home, a see more

A Stylish Way to Root for the World Series Underdogs, the Kansas City Royals

Even if you aren't a die-hard sports buff, it's tough not to get swept up (like the rest of the country, myself included) with the undeniable darlings of the moment, the Kansas City Royals. Because tonight, in the opening game of the World Series—it's their first time reaching the playoffs in 29 years—they're going for the crown. see more
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