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Got a minute? Television host Carson Daly talks about his gig hosting NBC's New Year's Eve, his TRL days, and being a massive tool.

Q: Looking back on many years of hosting New Year's Eve festivities for NBC and MTV, does any particular memory stand out?

A: Well, at MTV it was just a party—literally it was just a party on the air. But one of my favorite memories at MTV was when Green Day performed.

Q: And at NBC?

A: Last year Alex Rodriguez and his wife were just making out on the stage right next to me. A-Rod! What a difference a year makes!

Q: Which musical guest will you kiss when the ball drops: Katy Perry, Ludacris or T.I.?

A: Definitely Ludacris. I'd have a better shot of kissing one of the dudes. Katy Perry would probably smack me before I made a move. I don't get the whole kissing at midnight thing.

Q: Speaking of being smacked, who do you think would win in a fight: you or former TRL host Damien Fahey?

A: There is no reason on the planet that would happen. If it did come to that, I'm just a much bigger guy. I think I would destroy him, actually. But it would only happen on Celebrity Death Match.

Q: What was the reason for the two black fingernails you sported during your TRL days?

A: When I used to do radio, I would color coordinate my nails because I was engineering six different microphones. So I actually wore nail polish for a reason. There was a technical reason behind it, but it was pretty dumb.

Q: Since you just talked about the party atmosphere at MTV, who was the drunkest at the TRL finale?

A: Kid Rock had a very very healthy buzz going on. And then I'd say me.

Q: How did it feel to parodied on SNL? And by Jimmy Fallon, no less.

A: Jimmy's a good friend, he used to come into my office all the time and practice his 'I'm Carson Daly and I'm a massive tool.' To be parodied on that show is fuckin' awesome! Vanessa Rothschild

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