CK One Collector's Bottle

Photograph courtesy of Coty Prestige Calvin Klein is offering CK One, the citrus fragrance you shared with your girlfriend back in high school, in a collector's bottle. But while the scent may be a throwback, the packaging is strictly modern. The phrase WE ARE ONE is etched on the glass in multiple languages, and there's a removable MP3-player speaker in the base. Katie Hintz READ MORE: The best scents for a big night out Before night falls, stick to a light, citrusy cologne
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Photograph by Craig Cutler If you're going to drink at breakfast, you'd better make it count. While the Bloody Mary—a classic adaptation of the gin-based Red Snapper, which made its way from Paris to New York in the thirties—remains the gold standard of morning jolts, the average specimen goes down like dreary penance. But day-shift bartenders are now opening eyes with their improvisations. They're swapping vodka for tequila, aquavit, and cachaça, ditching tomato juice in favor of fresh-squeezed heirloom extract and muddled grape tomatoes, spicing things up with Old Bay and harissa, and tossing in unlikely garnishes like beef see more


Photographs by Marcus Nilsson Something magical happens after the bars close and the concert venues empty out. The crowds get sparser, the mood mellows, and your stomach calls out for something hearty to cut the hard stuff. After you go a good five hours or more without eating, the appropriate fix is not a bag of chips or a soggy slice of pizza but truly great food that does a big night justice. These are the places—each open until at least 3 A.M.—where hunger and the hour converge to make dry-aged steaks, flawless omelets, and fiery Thai noodles taste see more
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Photograph by Jennifer Livingston While many Westerners journey east to look for spiritual enlightenment, Doug and Ben Burkman go in search of the textile equivalent of Nirvana. The brothers, who cut their teeth working on menswear for Gap, are professed fabric junkies, and their debut label, Burkman Bros., is the better for it. Upbeat and relaxed, the collection melds the chino-and-washed-shirt vibe of the East Coast with muted spice-market colors and other Far East flourishes—think of it as Martha's Vineyard by way of Mumbai. "The clothes are a little bit preppy, a little bit about our travels, and a see more


The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson [Riverhead, $26] Steven Johnson's pop-science writing is always engaging, and while his latest book won't start arguments like Everything Bad Is Good for You did, it will expose readers to the once-controversial Joseph Priestley, who helped found Unitarianism, befriended Ben Franklin, and discovered oxygen. Timothy Hodler READ MORE: P.W. Singer examines robots' role in combat In the backwoods setting of Lewis Robinson's debut novel, beer, weed, and guns are the only comfort see more
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Photograph by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo The skinny tie may seem ubiquitous, but there exists a parallel universe in which the fat knot rules. It's brought to you at halftime every Sunday in high definition by grinning, broad-shouldered former NFL players who loom over their desks. It's also favored by Euro soccer stars, Italian politicians, and the occasional aging talk-show host. But beware of its false power. On mere mortals, the "Sportscaster," or jock knot—distinguished not only by its girth but also by its bulk—is the yellow Hummer of neckwear. Flashy, gargantuan, and inappropriate for the times, it's guaranteed to see more
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Photograph by Jennifer Livingston You've probably seen a lot of numbers in your life getting smaller. Here's a reduction you might actually welcome: the return of the one-button suit. No longer confined to the black-tie circuit, the minimalist suit is a fresh alternative to the two- and three-buttons in your closet. Courtney Colavita The Closure: You don't have the option to leave a one-button jacket unfastened, so it's imperative that you choose one that closes in the right spot—approximately one inch above your navel. The Underpinnings: The deep V created by the one-button allows you to play up what's see more


The Jacksons, Destiny/Triumph [Epic/Legacy] Our rating: 2.5 out of a possible 5 The last two listenable Jacksons albums are being reissued together, and the infectious parts showcase the group's unified sound before Michael bailed. The bonus material is sparse—but it's more than the cassettes had. Matt Hendrickson READ MORE: Afrobeat's revival Five rereleases from New Order


Photograph by Søren Solkær Starbird The Scottish dance-punk band's frontman is rock's answer to James Bond: suave, nattily dressed, slightly mysterious, and a connoisseur of fine food and drink. Here, Kapranos talks about his after-hours missions and the musical skeleton in his closet. Matt Hendrickson Q: Your new album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, is all about nocturnal debauchery. What's your idea of a big night out? A: The best is when you embrace being lost. And the next thing you know, the dawn is coming through the chink in the curtain and you're ready for a cuddle. Q: Have you see more


Photograph courtesy of Magnolia Pictures Got a minute? Philippe Petit, the man behind Man on Wire, the book and Oscar-nominated film about his legendary 1974 tightrope walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, tells us why he's not down with exploiting 9/11 and why today's stunts don't measure up. Q: In Man on Wire, why didn't you address the tragedy that happened at the World Trade Center? A: The disaster of September 11, 2001, had nothing to do with my adventure, my book, or the film. There was no room in telling my story to suddenly see more
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