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Got a minute? Comedian Jay Cox Mohr (né Jay Mohr), the star of Gary Unmarried (Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS), sounds off about the sitcom's success, packing on a few pounds, and taking his wife's last name.

Q: You've appeared in several short-lived TV series, and Details crowned you the King of Pilots. How does it feel to be on a People's Choice Award–winning sitcom?

A: It's about time. Whenever you do a pilot, you put all your interest and passion into it. This really is a business based on rejection and failure. Baseball has a higher success rate. If you hit 30 percent of the time, you go to the Hall of Fame. In acting, if you hit 30 percent of the time, you're Gene Hackman.

Q: What's in store for Gary in the rest of the first season?

Gary's going to play the field more. He's going to break up with his girlfriend. We went from "Gary unmarried" to "Gary very committed" very quickly. And hopefully I'll be a thinner Gary in Season 2.

Q: Have you put on weight?

A: When you get into a relationship where you're truly happy, the belly seems to grow a bit. I was talking with Ed Burns on the set of The Groomsmen, and we both have larger bellies than we're used to. He said to me, "Show me a happily married man with a six-pack and you have to question his sexuality." As long as you have big arms, it's all right to have the big belly¬≠—like Harvey Keitel.

Q: Is it tough to play a divorced character when you're so happy in your marriage (to actress Nikki Cox)?

A: There's no character I would find depressing to play. I want to be on TV and enjoy its benefits, its wonderful health and dental plan. You know what's depressing? Not playing anything on television. Getting cut out of movies. It's also depressing to have to go through your IMDb page with a complete stranger at a Dodgers game. "Where do I know you from?" "Jerry Maguire?" "No, never seen that."

Q: You've been married for two years, but in December you added your wife's last name to yours. Why?

A: She took mine. It only seemed fair. We both have the same name now: "Cox Mohr."

Q: Better that than the other way around.

A: We thought about sending out wedding invitations for "Mohr Cox." Who could say no? Even if you're a heterosexual male, out of curiosity you'd wonder, Where is this room with "Mohr Cox"—and how will they all fit? Ryan Wenzel

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