Amanda Blank
Courtesy of Shane McCauley

Got a minute? The white-girl rapper talks about her first solo album, I Love You (out 8/4), sex, and why she won't be copying Mandy Moore anytime soon.

Q: What's it like waiting for your first solo album to come out?

A: I feel a little excited and nervous—I think probably all the feelings anybody would have, you know? I'm a little antsy. I feel like I've got to keep myself busy.

Q: What was the process of actually making the album like?

A: I made enough songs for, like, three albums. Oh my God, there are songs for days. And some of them are really dope and just didn't go on the record because they didn't fit or they didn't make sense. Some of them are awful. You know, you're like, "Oh God. Why did we make this? What was I fucking thinking?"

Q: The single "Might Like You Better (if We Slept Together)"—did you write it for someone in particular?

A: No, no. That is probably the only song on the record that is not about somebody very specific. That was the one that was purely out of, like: "This is a funny idea. Let's do it."

Q: It's pretty explicit, which is less common with female artists. Is that something you'd like to change?

A: I'm not really sure, to be completely honest. I think that I want to feel like I am free—like I'm, you know, free to be you and me. I want to feel like I can say whatever the fuck I want to say, whenever I want to say it. And if that means I'm talking about sex, or I'm talking about love, or I'm talking about my friends, or I'm talking about my life—I'm just going to do it. When I was writing all those songs that were really sexual—I was 21, 22 years old. You better believe I was running around the street trying to get it in.

Q: Is there anyone you were worried about hearing the song?

A: My parents. That's always a little weird, because, you know, your dad doesn't want to hear you talk about shit like that. He's like, "Girl!"

Q: Your given name is Amanda Mallory, right? Why Amanda Blank?

A: Oh, because it's like Jerri Blank—Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy? I always joke around because people—when I first started rapping they're like, "You're, like, the Kelly Bundy of rap. You wear, like, miniskirts." And so I was like, "Yeah, right—more like the Jerri Blank of rap."

Q: So are you going to release an album called Amanda Mallory a couple years down the road, like Mandy Moore did with her recent Amanda Leigh?

A: Oh, I don't know anything about Mandy Moore. I don't even know if I would know her if I saw her walking down the street.

Nathalie Gorman


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