60 Seconds with Ari Gold


Got a minute? Ari Gold, director and star of the Sundance hit Adventures of Power (out 10/9), talks about the irony of his name, air-drumming to Rush, and the art of writing lesbian love scenes.

Q: What's it like to share a name with an Entourage character?

A: Let me give you some chronology. I was born, I was given the name Ari Gold. Later I formed a band with a guy named Adrian Grenier. Later his manager created a show for him called Entourage. There was a character on that show named Ari Gold. No further explanation has been offered to me. But those are the facts.

Q: Do people ever ask you what it's like to represent Vincent Chase?

A: I tend to only be asked that on MySpace, in the form of, "Ari G, I love your work, man, you're amazing, you've inspired me, I love the way you do business, what's it like with Vince?" There are people out there who are not clear on the difference between fiction and reality. I played a drug dealer in a movie called Groove. Then I met a guy in a club who thought I really was a dealer. He was like, "I love the consciousness you bring to dealing. You've really inspired me."

Q: Are you waiting to be recognized as yourself one of these days?

A: Well, my friends know who I am. I'm an identical twin, so I grew up having to battle for a sense of identity. This is one of my challenges in life.

Q: Was it difficult to learn to air-drum to Rush's "Tom Sawyer" for Adventures of Power?

A: I didn't really rehearse for that—I was air-drumming that song when I was 8.

Q: So has the wannabe-rocker character named Power been evolving for a long time?

A: I started taking notes about this character when I was living in the basement of my aunt's place in a small town in the southwest. But I didn't realize how much I could do with it until I did it in an air-guitar competition, got disqualified for playing the wrong instrument, and saw the crowd reaction.

Q: Why were you thanked in the credits for But I'm A Cheerleader?

A: I helped with the screenplay. I am very proud to have contributed to the teen-lesbian love scenes. I reached into the deep well of knowledge that I have from being a teenage lesbian.

Vanessa Rothschild

Adventures of Power trailer


Photograph courtesy of Variance Films
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