Slaughterhouse 90210: October 30, 2009

It's Kurt Vonnegut meets The Hangover; John Steinbeck meets Milk. Check out our weekly posts from the Slaughterhouse for highbrow insights that may just make some sense of some of our guiltiest pleasures. "He was resentful against all those in authority over him, and this, combined with a lazy indifference toward his work, exasperated every master in school." —F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise Photograph courtesy of
Sex + Relationships

Why So Many Boys Are Playing With Barbie—And Hung Like Ken

Why are boy fetuses born as girls? Why are birthrates of boys falling behind all scientific projections? Why are newborn males' genitals getting smaller and more, uh, female-like? The culprit is obvious: it's disposable diapers. And rain boots. And sunscreen. Gender-bending chemicals lurk everywhere, and according to a recent study, they're turning men into women so fast it'd scare even a Glee fan. The sex shift is taking its toll on pregnancies, and seems to explain the "lost boy" phenomenon, the inexplicable dropping birth rates of male babies. But the gender bends have started showing up in toddlers (the see more

The Bitches Are Back

When your girlfriend dragged you there in the late nineties, you marveled at Paula Cole's hairy pits and wondered if the Indigo Girls could beat you up. But, whatever—you got laid that night, so who cares? Well get ready, because Lilith Fair is back, baby. Coming in 2010 to a just-announced venue near you, this ladypalooza of E-Z listening will be empowering women across the land with an as-yet-undetermined lineup of chicks who (don't really) rock. Listen, there's nothing wrong with the Taylor Swifts and Kelly Clarksons of the world singing about boys and heartbreak and makeup and lesbian fantasies. see more
Food + Drinks

Adam Lambert's Faves: No. 1

Until the end of the month, the idolized rocker will count down his obsessions. Yes, that means you'll know his preferred eyeliner and condom soon enough. 1) Gay Bar: Saint Felix in West Hollywood "I prefer a mixed crowd—it's more interesting—but my favorite gay bar, Saint Felix, is more like a bar-restaurant. It's small, it's cute, and it's a little bit less scene-y and obnoxious. The drinks are really great and so is the food—they have tapas-style dishes to share. Plus, I know the owner, and they're really nice to me there." Saint Felix, 8945 Santa Monica Blvd., West see more
Sex + Relationships

The Seven Most Intimidating Potential Fathers-in-Law

You have to feel bad for Jared Kushner. Sure, he snagged Ivanka Trump—not too shabby—but can you imagine doing Thanksgiving dinner with the Donald? Then again, the real-estate magnate has nothing on the men below. Wedding any of their daughters should come with a lifetime Xanax prescription. 7) George Bluth Sr., Arrested Development patriarch and compulsive liar 6) Joe Simpson, dad and breast-admirer of Jessica and Ashlee 5) Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm's unpredictable nutcase 4) Tom Coughlin, New York Giants head coach and father-in-law of the team's guard Chris Snee 3) Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of see more

Milestone: How Did Housekeeping Get Sexy?

The world of sex is a world of mystery. Why, we wonder, do famous and powerful men persist in having risky affairs with women who are not even remotely hot? Why do women who are unquestionably hot persist in jumping into bed with would-be Where the Wild Things Are II costars Adam Duritz and Salman Rushdie? And why does anyone persist in suggesting that there's anything hot about, say, scrubbing shower grout with a toothbrush? Here at Details, we're not averse to the idea that a domestic setting—a kitchen, for instance, where Giada De Laurentiis is braising carrots in butter—can see more
Food + Drinks

Adam Lambert's Faves: No. 2

2) Room-Service Meal: Coffee and an omelet, any time of day "I like breakfast all day long. I order a little pot of coffee and an omelet. The Sofitel in L.A., which is where we stayed while Idol taped, had amazing room service." Sofitel Los Angeles, 8555 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 310-278-5444

50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished From Head to Toe: Trimming

Because impeccable grooming requires more than just a medicine cabinet full of products, every week will offer a new, easy-to-implement lesson that will keep you looking good. 49. How to Get a Great Haircut: Part 2 How often should you get a trim? You may only remember to go to the barber when your hair starts looking as unkempt as Jimmy Fallon's, but the frequency of your visits there should really depend on the length of your hair. If it's shorter than half an inch, you should go every three weeks. "You don't have to spend any time styling see more

Adam Lambert's Faves: No. 3

Until the end of the month, the idolized rocker will count down his obsessions. Yes, that means you'll know his preferred eyeliner and condom soon enough. 3) Condom: Durex "I've been using Durex, I guess—I just kind of use them. I don't even think about it! I mean, I use ultra-thin. And I wear black 2(x)ist underwear. They fit really well." Durex Extra Sensitive condoms, $10 for 12; 2(x)ist black briefs, $12
Movies + TV

Too Soon? When Can You Dress Like a Dead Celebrity for Halloween?

It's safe to assume that every schmuck with a pair of khakis and a tasteless sense of humor has entertained the idea of stepping out this Halloween dressed as recently deceased infomercial king Billy Mays. Slightly more surprising is the endorsement the idea is getting from the pitchman's progeny. On his website, Mays' son, Billy III, is sponsoring a "Hallow-clean Contest" to reward this holiday's best likeness of his father. The rules are pretty simple: You just have to submit a photo of your getup and "be tasteful"—though, according to Billy III, "zombies ARE permitted," which is not troubling at see more
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