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A Touchy Subject: Why Everyone's So Sensitive About the G-Spot

Our guest blogger, humorist Neil Janowitz, takes on the best news you may have missed.


Every now and then, a row erupts that makes onlookers think, "Everyone involved in this argument could be spending their time far more productively . . . but this is still pretty fantastic." Such is the case with Europe's current G-spot spat. Roughly a month ago, reports came out that a group of British researchers had lived the dream of attempting to find the alleged erogenous zone on 900 pairs of twin (female) subjects. They reached the same conclusion as many a disenfranchised male around the world; namely, that the G-Spot doesn't necessarily exist. The findings didn't sit well with doctors, scientists, and general vagina aficionados around Europe, many of whom are now suggesting, in so many words, that the British simply couldn't find it. Oh snap.

A voyage down the pathway of prurience, it readily becomes apparent, is one not often taken with the baggage of maturity.

There's no shortage of jokes to make about 1,000 gynecologists in France saying the British are too uptight to be able to identify the enjoyable aspects of sex, but why bother? The joke in the situation is the very premise. Opponents of the British study point out flaws in the methodology, and are correct to do so: The Brits were operating on the hypothesis that twins would have the same physiological sexy spots. When the twins didn't consistently match up, the conclusion went, it proved that a biological O-button didn't exist. This, of course, entirely discounts the role of psychology in the generation of orgasms. (Doesn't everyone know that the real G-spot is the mind? Hello, ladies!) But it also raises another question: So? Whether or not the G-spot exists is moot, because men know, or strongly believe, or have been deceived enough to be confident that female orgasms exist. And that means we're still responsible for producing them. So unless you're going to help a guy out, Science, lay off. Because the last thing men need to hear is that there's one less spot that'll do the trick.

—Neil Janowitz

Image courtesy paral lax via Flickr.
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