Tour Photo Diary: On the Road with Twin Shadow's George Lewis, Jr.

With the release of his 2010 album Forget, the always impeccably coiffed George Lewis Jr.—better known to his fans as Twin Shadow—earned comparisons to Morrissey and Echo & the Bunnymen. Now a certified globe-hopping star, Lewis gave us an inside look at his recent European tour as he played his way from the sunlit streets of Paris to Milan's La Scala to the winding alleys of Istanbul.
  • TwinShadow_070811_paris.jpg

    Here I am looking for someone to go up the tower with. Last time I was in Paris, I went up there with a Swedish gal. This time, we'd driven eight hours to Paris from Nantes, after playing our show at two in the morning and getting exactly one hour of sleep in our hotel. So we jumped out of the car in Paris, did a sound check, then two interviews, then got on stage and played our show. After the show, everyone went out. I snuck away with a girl to my hotel. I'd met her on an earlier tour. But hey, I don't want to paint myself here like some kind of sailor.

  • TwinShadow_070811_sebastiansposter.jpg

    One of the beautiful, hand-printed posters by our friend Sebastien that were waiting for us when we arrived at our first show in London.

  • TwinShadow_070811_scalaindark.jpg

    There's something very sad, almost lonesome, about the moments after a great show. Packing away the equipment, you wish it had never ended.

  • TwinShadow_070811_edandandy.jpg

    On the left that's Ed Horrox, one of the top dogs at 4AD, with Michael Hutcherson and drummer Andy Bauer. Ed always comes out to our shows, and here he's living it up right before he ties the knot. I didn't get to go to the wedding because that was the beginning of our tour. I haven't even met the lucky lady yet! I've been meaning to e-mail him to yell at him for that.

  • TwinShadow_070811_brighton.jpg

    My bass player took that picture in Brighton. I heard it used to be a theme park. It's by a boardwalk with an arcade and everything, like Coney Island.

  • TwinShadow_070811_nantes.jpg

    This is us loading out late at night in Nantes. We played after Peter Hook from Joy Division, who totally rocked out. It was insane! People stayed to watch us, but they were just barely hanging on. Hook had taken all their energy. I saw him backstage ringing out the sweat from his towel. I was like, "Man, I don't think I have that in me!" I was definitely humbled.

  • TwinShadow_070811_speedoflight.jpg

    Twin Shadow at the speed of light, Swiss style.

  • TwinShadow_070811_milan.jpg

    Piazza Duomo.

  • TwinShadow_070811_sick.jpg

    You don't often see bikes like this in the States.

  • Switzerland, en route to Frankfurt.

  • TwinShadow_070811_fishing.jpg

    One of the first sights in Istanbul. None of us had been so far east until this tour. I have this fez I bought in an Istanbul thrift store. Not to put Istanbul down, but it was hands down the dirtiest store ever. I found the fez in a pile of dust. There were gems in there, but you literally had to scrape mold off everything. But the fez is now my favorite thing to wear.

  • TwinShadow_070811_turkishsprint.jpg

    Making the most of what little time we had in Istanbul.

  • TwinShadow_070811_dogtwin.jpg

    Turkish dogs are the most relaxed dogs on earth. These guys are practically attached at the hip. They sleep together, walk together, and beg together.

  • TwinShadow_070811_turkishwalk.jpg

    Shout-out to the best tour guide in the world, Ozge Ergut! She nominated herself to be our guide because she's a fan. She was awesome—she would literally hang out with us until we went to bed, which is usually really, really late. She even hung out at the clubs after we left. During the day she took us to thrift stores and gave us some history lessons. That strip where we're walking is where all the music shops are. We bought some handbells.

  • TwinShadow_070811_forthoseabout.jpg
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