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60 Seconds With Johnny Galecki

Got a minute? The The Big Bang Theory star, who appears on the big screen this month in the sci-fi thriller In Time, talks about what made Entourage a fantasy, why he gave up riding motorcycles in Hollywood, and the reason he'll never use Twitter.


DETAILS: You've played nice, nerdy guys on TV in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Roseanne, but in movies like The Opposite of Sex, Vanilla Sky, and now In Time, you've gone much darker. Is that intentional?
Johnny Galecki: I don't know if it's by design. I steal from life, and maybe I don't know that many refined people. It's never been a priority for me to concentrate on the likability of the character.

DETAILS: Does that mean you had fun playing a dickish version of yourself on Entourage this season?
Johnny Galecki: I didn't see him as much of a version of me as a guy who was boundary-challenged. He'll stick his gum under the table, he'll drink out of your wineglass. Yes, it was great fun.

DETAILS: Which men are more realistic: the nerds on Big Bang or the Lotharios on Entourage?
Johnny Galecki: Entourage is a great show, but it's fantasy. I spent my twenties in L.A. in this business, and my life didn't look anything like that. Big Bang reflects a side of men that is rarely shown. We see their flaws—all of them.

DETAILS: What drew you to In Time?
Johnny Galecki: The premise was brilliant, and it was a great departure from Big Bang. I was shooting the movie at night while doing Big Bang during the day and sleeping in the dressing room at Warner Brothers for about three hours in between.

DETAILS: So you and coffee are friends?
Johnny Galecki: Coffee definitely helps. And I just am happiest when I'm working. Even with no sleep whatsoever, I'd see another film being made on my way from one set to another and I was envious because I wanted to be a part of that too.

DETAILS: In the film, everyone has a life expectancy of 25. What would you do if you knew you only had so much time left?
Johnny Galecki: Travel is what comes to mind. Seeing as much of this wonderful world as possible.

DETAILS: By motorcycle? You're known to be an enthusiast.
Johnny Galecki: I have a Harley, but I haven't ridden it since [Big Bang's] Kaley Cuoco had her horse-riding accident. Accidents happen, but when you're working on a schedule and 200 people depend on that schedule, you don't want an accident to happen just because you want to be fearless.

DETAILS: Did you get rid of all your bikes?
Johnny Galecki: All but one. I bought a little hideaway up north, so I'll ship my motorcycle up there. It's much less dangerous than West Hollywood.

DETAILS: Is it true that you're in the anti-Twitter camp?
Johnny Galecki: It's not a snobbish thing. It's been explained to me, blah, blah, blah, but I rarely find the ins and outs of my daily routine worth broadcasting.

— Interview by Heather Wood Rudulph

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