How to Dress Like Robert Redford

Robert Redford holds top rank as a style icon. With his good looks and alluring cool, he made any period-specific costume appear timeless. Exhibit A, The Sting's bold brown pinstripe suit with baby blue button down and ivy cap—slightly tilted. Classically tailored grey tweed jacket on sale at Billy Reid. Exhibit B, The Great Gatsby's formal suit with white pocket square, statement scarf and perfect poise. Solid Black Crewneck at Banana Republic. Redford's satorical confidence was also evident in modern day flicks. In 1975's Three Days of Condor, he owns the layered tweed jacket look with determination and swagger. Blue see more

Exclusive: The Making of Public School's Post-Fashion Week Video

What goes on before, during, and after a fashion week presentation? This video gives you a glimpse. Who: Designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, actor-model Tyson Beckford, fashion editor Tim Blanks, and various other industry players (including Details senior style editor Eugene Tong, who was involved with this show). What: Videographers Beto Vargas and Elizabeth Lamb share these vignettes from the Public School fashion line--models getting styled, photographed, and congratulated. Where: Fashion Week, New York Public School A/W '12 from Beto Vargas on Vimeo.

Do You Really Need a "Recovery" Snack After a Workout?

Put down the sugar, sport. If you're working out for less than an hour a few days a week, you don't need some Day-Glo-colored sports drink, recovery gel, or even a banana right after your sweat session. In fact, if you eat or drink carbs (i.e., sugar) too soon after exercising, you may actually slow down your body's natural ability to burn fat. Here's why. Sugar spikes your insulin level. While this ultimately sparks muscle repair, insulin may in fact inhibit the fat-torching effects of human growth hormone, which is released during and post workout (see this Journal of see more

A Last Prediction From Dark Prophet J.G. Ballard

British science-fiction author J.G. Ballard, who died in 2009, was known for imagining seemingly unlikely scenarios that would later prove ominously prescient. In his final novel, Kingdom Come (Norton, $25), an unemployed ad exec with a ruined marriage investigates the death of his father—brought down by a lunatic gunman at a mall—and uncovers a political conspiracy that has enlisted countless bored suburbanites. Like so much of Ballard's work, it takes an outlandish story line and makes it alarmingly plausible. In fact, the book's plot bears obvious similarities to the birth of the Tea Party. Out March 5. —Timothy Hodler Also see more
Street Style

Guerreisms: Behind the Look of the Tweedy Traditionalist

Every week, the street-style expert behind the blog Guerreisms brings you another colorful character from the sidewalks. This week the spotlight is on Enrique Guzman (pictured above). What are you wearing? A Dsquared2 jacket, Comme des Garcons sweater, a J. Crew tie, Diesel jeans, Frye boots, and a Rag & Bone hat. What should every man have in his closet? A classic overcoat and sports vest. What item do you currently have your eye on? A tweed jacket. Also on Guerreisms: Behind the Look of the Leather-Clad Hairstylist Guerreisms: Behind the Look of the Outdoorsy Urbanite Guerreisms: Behind the see more
Food + Drinks

The Weekly Cocktail Event You Need to Know About

Each Monday night at 9 p.m., bartender Maksym Pazuniak (who's done time at Cure in New Orleans and Maison Premiere in Williamsburg) drops a new cocktail menu full of paradigm-rattling drinks at the Counting Room in Brooklyn, NY as part of his weekly cocktail series, Something Like This. With cerebral concoctions like Dr. Nut (amaretto, dark rum, lemon, acid-phosphate, orange curacao) and a series of drinks inspired by ex-girlfriends, Pazuniak continues to push the envelope of modern mixology, as he's done with his Beta Cocktail books, which are pursued with Twilight-like fandom in the bartender community (behold The Gunshop Fizz, see more

Four Celebrities Who Need to Hit the Gym

Credit: Celebrities can age gracefully. We've got proof in this slideshow: Are You Built Like a 50-Year-Old? (Maybe You Should Be.) Then there are the ones who were fit but have veered off course. Like... Vince Vaughn The once-slim swinger, 41 and pictured above, has been seen (more than once) deep-throating ice-cream cones. Credit: Kevin Federline The 33-year-old hit 232 pounds post-Britney—gulping 24 sodas a day. Not such a tiny dancer. Credit: Luke Wilson Now most visible shilling for AT&T—meanwhile, the 40-year-old's own coverage is spreading fast. Credit: Brendan Fraser Got a new agent after Furry see more
Movies + TV

The Most Awkward Moments of the 2012 Oscars

Let's face it, the Academy Awards can often seem a little sleepy; at the tail end of a long awards season, the speeches blur together, the self-congratulating starts to feel a little...inane. But on live TV, there's always the chance for an errant f-bomb, a wardrobe malfunction, or a painfully awkward dumb quote. We present the Oscars' most uncomfortable, can't-look-but-can't-look-away moments of pure cringe.   Pain in the Ash: E!'s red-carpet commentator Ryan Seacrest scrambled to save face, tamp down his irritation, and appear nonchalant after Sacha Baron Cohen—doing interviews in character as the fascist tyrant he plays in the May see more

John Chamberlain's Scrap Metal Treasure

When he first welded discarded car parts into sculpture more than 50 years ago, John Chamberlain ignited one of the most distinctive careers in postwar American art. A retrospective at the Guggenheim also serves as a fitting memorial tribute; the artist died this past December at 84. February 24-May 13; Also on How the Art Scene Replaced the Nightclub Celebrity Photos by Mark Abrahams Art Collecting Goes Online: 3 Members-Only Websites

Does Eating Late in the Day (or Night) Really Make You Fat?

If you heed the advice that "eating after eight turns to weight," then you've fallen for one the most exaggerated health mantras ever doled out to dieters. I was confident this drop-dead dinner bell must be BS. My thinking was: It's caloric. Don't eat more calories than you burn in a day, and it shouldn't matter when you chow down. And if you're forking down fried dough versus, say, hummus and sprouts, then sure, you'll chub it up. Then I stumbled across a Northwestern University study of obese men and women that says eating after 8 p.m.—which seems to see more
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