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5 Best New iPhone Games for Men

You may or may not have heard about Fashion Hazard, Condé Nast's just-released fashion game for the iPhone and iPad. But if stomping the virtual catwalks of Milan and Paris isn't quite your thing, we suggest downloading one of these five new(ish) guy-friendly iPhone games—perfect for those overnight flights and lengthy road trips. But please, don't game and drive.

• • •

dooors.pngDOOORS - Room Escape Game
The dawn of the smartphone provided a new platform for brainteasers, but few have truly taken advantage of the full functionality of the iPhone. DOOORS will have you tilting, shaking, and turning your iPhone upside down to open a series of doors within doors within doors (50 levels, as of the latest update). Some doors open with a simple tap or by solving a puzzle, but others require you to toss your phone into the air and blow on the screen. Or maybe that's just us; we're still stuck on Door 8. (Free)

• • •

flow2.png Flow
Flow looks like a subway map without any transfers—in other words, terrifying. The goal is to connect matching-color dots together until the entire grid is covered with lines—but they can't intersect. It starts out easily enough, but the board's size and colors double and triple as you progress, giving you more ground to cover and dots to connect. With both timed and free-play modes, a clean design, and a smooth interface, Flow is elegant, challenging, and highly addictive. (Free)

• • •

asphalt_7_heat_screenshot.jpgAsphalt 7: Heat
The latest addition to the Asphalt series is so thrilling and visually stunning that you'll be itching to get behind the wheel and burn some serious rubber. The game accelerates your car for you; just tilt your phone to steer clear of obstacles and fly past your opponents. The tracks are littered with power-ups to amp up your game, but to really kick it up a notch, you can drift your car to cut corners and gain speed boosts. Immersive and loads of fun, Heat feels like a console game, but you can play it anywhere—no Wii necessary. ($1)

• • •

swift_stitch_iphone_game.jpg Swift Stitch
At first glance, Swift Stitch looks like a holdover from an eighties arcade, but this sparse 2-D maze game has some distinctively contemporary features. The object is to guide a little triangle—think of it as your own spaceship—that can only turn in certain directions through various labyrinths and avoid crashing into walls. As you progress, you can slow down or freeze time to traverse more difficult paths. With an easy two-button control and multiple play modes and levels, it's a great way to kill an hour. (Free 10-level demo; $2 for the full version)

• • •

hanger_iphone_game_app.jpg Hanger
The delightfully macabre objective of Hanger is to move the swinging stick figures from rope to rope (think Tarzan) without falling or colliding with anything. If you do, your guy will lose his limbs and bleed profusely all the way through the level. The levels are well designed, the soundtrack is upbeat, and the objectives are simple but challenging enough to make you keep coming back for more—headless or not. ($1)

• • •

Matthew Ortile is a New York-based writer. He is currently stuck on Door 27.

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