Anti-Chafing Solutions: A Primer on Creams, Powders, Wipes, and Sprays

Summer's soaring temps and relentless humidity can create the perfect storm for some seriously clammy situations below the belt. While baby powder's been the go-to solution for many guys for years, better—and more age-appropriate—solutions have recently flooded the market.

Here, a quick and handy guide to finding the best anti-chafing regimen for your most personal grooming needs.

Who it's for: Highly absorbent, creams are best for guys who can't seem to dodge the much-dreaded "batwings" no matter what they use.
How to use: Apply these like a facial moisturizer. After showering, slather some on and wait a few seconds for the product to dry.
What to try: Fresh Balls (could the name be any clearer?) uses tapioca starch, a moisture-absorbing agent that's particularly effective in combatting sweat.
Pro Tip: Since you'll need to wash your hands after your rub down, this is not a great on-the-go solution. Keep it in your medicine cabinet and make it part of your regular morning grooming routine.

Who it's for: While there's technically nothing wrong with patting on powder intended for babies' butts, why not step up your game with a grown-up version. Like baby powder, these new formulas absorb unwanted moisture and leave a smooth finish and a light scent.
How to use: Simply sprinkle some powder onto the palm of your hands and dust away. You can also try powdering other slick zones like your backside, underarms, and feet.
What to try: Balla Powderis a great talc-free formula in sleek black packaging with a warm woodsy scent. Plus, it's fun to say the name.
Pro Tip: Powders can get a little messy, so use this before you get dressed to avoid having to explain how you dropped a powdered donut on the front of your pants on your way to work.

Who it's for:For the guy on the go, these pre-moistened, disposable cloths come in handy when you need to freshen up, like now. They don't do much to fight wetness, but they do quickly whisk away sweat and other bodily funk while leaving behind squeaky-clean, subtly-scented skin.
How to use: Ever used a moist towelette? Open pack, rub on affected area, toss or flush away.
What to try: Niche Wipes, generously sized, individually wrapped workhorses, and Mangroomer Bizwipes, which are smartly bundled in packs and terrific for stashing in your bathroom.
Pro Tip: Wipes are just as useful in the great outdoors (camping and hiking trips) as they are for indoor excursions; keep a few stashed discreetly in your nightstand.

Who it's for: Need instant relief from chafing and sweat? Sprays are the answer. And they're probably the most convenient of all four formulas we've reviewed, too. There's nothing to dispose of and no need to wash your hands after using.
How to use: Give yourself some distance and spray to coat—not saturate. One spritz will keep you comfy and dry for hours.
What to try: Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder offers a menthol formula that cools on contact and dries almost immediately.
Pro Tip: Keep a can in your gym bag for post-workout relief or give yourself a spritz for a pre-date confidence boost. And don't forget to pack one in your suitcase—nothing rubs a vacation the wrong way like a day of clammy-panted sightseeing.

—Katie Chang is a writer and shopkeeper based in Brooklyn. Follow her at @katieshewrote.

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