You'll Never Guess Which American City Spends the Most on Men's Grooming Products

If you had to guess which American city spent the most on men's grooming products, and you picked Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, or even New York, you'd be wrong.

A new study conducted by Voucher Cloud (a site where you can find a coupon for just about anything) has named Seattle the home of America's most "beauty conscious" men. The survey, which polled over 4,500 guys across the country, found that the men of the Emerald City spend an average $44.50 a month to maintain their looks. Guys in Los Angeles came in second place with $42.21, and men in the Big Apple aren't far behind at $41.50.

So what are these guys buying? Some 46% of the men polled said facial moisturizer is the product they spend the most on, followed by hair products, anti-wrinkle cream, depilatories (hair remover creams), and self tanner.

What's even more surprising than the cities on the list (Newark, NJ clocks in at fourth place; Reno, NV is sixth), is the cities that aren't. The natty gentlemen of Atlanta don't make it into the top ten, nor do the well-groomed gets in San Francisco, Houston, or Washington, DC.

Of course, the only thing that will change these power rankings is for guys around the country to shell out more on their physical upkeep. Below, a look at the full list of the study's findings.

The American Cities That Spend the Most on Men's Grooming Products per Month
  1. Seattle—$44.50
  2. Los Angeles—$42.21
  3. New York City—$41.50
  4. Newark—$39.66
  5. Miami—$39.26
  6. Reno—$38.52
  7. Chicago—$38.11
  8. Las Vegas—$36.20
  9. San Diego—$35.87
  10. Boston—$35.80
The Most Popular Grooming Products Among American Men
  1. Facial moisturizer—46%
  2. Hair wax—39%
  3. Hair gel—38%
  4. Anti-wrinkle cream—24%
  5. Hair removal cream—22%
  6. Fake tan—20%
  7. Concealer—17%
  8. Toner or cleanser—16%
  9. Bronzer—13%
  10. Beard or facial hair oil—11%

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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