Best Celebrity Instagrams of the Week: Sofia Vergara, Jim Parsons, Ed Sheeran, and 9 Others

In today's edition: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the shower, Sofia Vergara's mid-procedure selfie, and Jim Parsons proves his fans are the nerdiest.

Every week we dive into the pool of celebrity Instagram posts to see what our favorite actors, artists, writers, musicians, DJs, designers, and notorious selfie-takers are posting. Below are recent shots that captured our attention—because they're funny, telling, timely, or all of the above.

1. Sofia Vergara

"What's so funny, Marilyn?" asks Sofia Vergara in her caption for this pic. Answer: Uh, well, it appears as though you are undergoing a colonoscopy on camera a la Katie Couric. Actually, Modern Family's resident Columbian bombshell is getting a skin-tightening procedure at the office of "dermatologist to the stars" Harold Lancer, a silver fox with a frozen face and his own unintentionally hilarious Instagram account.

• • •

2. Daniel Arsham

"Create your own caption," says contemporary American artist, architect and recent Pharrell collaborator Daniel Arsham when challenging his 156,000 or so followers. May we humbly offer this suggestion? "If this wall could talk." Now what do we win?

• • •

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't use just any run-of-the-mill shower cap. No, sir. Only the finest shower caps are worthy of the Emmy-winning star of Veep's locks. No surprises there. The real mystery is this: Why is The Artist Formerly Known As Elaine wearing her glasses in the shower. (In her pre-V.P. Seinfeld days, this could have easily inspired an entire episode.)

• • •

4. Richard Prince

Richard Prince posted this photo of his 1992 acrylic on canvas silkscreen titled "Untitled (joke)." Obviously the 65-year-old artist—and master of the appropriated image—has been forced to tone down his sense of humor (and Instagram posts). After all, Prince got kicked off the notoriously nipple-phobic app for sharing a picture he'd taken of his seminal 1993 work, Spiritual America. It featured a nude, nymph-like Brooke Shields (she was only 10 at the time) striking a pose in a bathtub. See, Rihanna's not the only one who gets censored by Instagram. Fight the power, people!

• • •

5. Jenny Slate

"My dog is this," wrote ballsy comic (and star of the abortion rom-com, Obvious Child) Jenny Slate. "Also his body is an exact representation of my emotion stuff." In other words, Slate is well-known for being open about her feelings, to put it mildly. Her fans could relate. As one follower noted: "My emotions feel like a dog's wiener a lot, too."

• • •

6. Amanda Demme

Ex-rock manager, former LA party promoter, and widow of the late director Ted Demme, Amanda Demme is playing the role of a fine-art portrait photographer these days. She regularly shares her stark, haunting work—which occasionally includes cameos from her celebrity friends—with nearly 14,000 followers. She captioned this enigmatic image simply: "Hello." (Doesn't she know it's illegal to smoke in Los Angeles?)

• • •

7. Jim Parsons

Fact: Emmy-winning actor Jim Parsons is the type of celebrity who inspires fans to crochet dolls representing the multicultural cast of The Big Bang Theory. How nerdy can you get?

• • •

8. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, whose sums herself up as "new money" in her Instagram bio, wants you to know that she doesn't just roll out of bed looking fabulous. And here is the photographic evidence. "Tim Burton presents #TheMindyProject," the sitcom star wrote in regard to her Edward Scissorhands-inspired look.

• • •

9. Ed Sheeran

"Won my first American award tonight," enthused blue-eyed ginger pop star Ed Sheeran. That's the good news. The bad news is that it wasn't a Grammy; it was a Moonman for Best Male Video at MTV's VMAs."Fanks MTV and big up Emil Nava coz he's a bo$$," the singer added, referring to the clip's director who appears alongside him in this self-congratulatory selfie. (Not pictured: Sheeran's scary, Chucky-like puppet alter-ego from the "Sing" video.)

• • •

10. Futura

OG graffiti artist Futura, who served as the Art Director of the Men's National Team's World Cup campaign, titled this image "RAQQA" after the northern Syrian city that serves as a headquarters for Islamic extremists who are trying to bring back beheading. The native New Yorker is accustomed to making fashion statements as well as political statements with his work; earlier this summer, he collaborated on a collection of T-shirts and shorts for streetwear label Crooks & Castles.

• • •

11. Ian Somerhalder

R.I.P. True Blood! But those vampiric heartthrobs are still alive and kicking (and, yes, sucking) on the CW's Vampire Diaries. "He's back!" wrote former model Ian Somerhalder, referring to his drop-(un)dead gorgeous Damon Salvatore character. Can't you just hear all the teenage girls screaming with delight? Or is that just a deeply offended Anne Rice?

• • •

12. Tofer Chin

LA-born and -based artist Tofer Chin, who once said he is inspired by "architecture, texture, patterns and culinary delights found through traveling and experimenting," shared the cover of his second coffee table tome, Vacation Standards, from 2008. "I shot . . . it at The Dead Sea 1,300 feet below sea level," he explained of the image.

• • •

13. Jack Antonoff

It takes a real man to get a pedicure, as New Jersey native Jack Antonoff—the man behind bands such as Fun and Bleachers—knows. As you might expect, the boyfriend of Lena Dunham is in touch with his feminine side—and damn proud of it. But why did he have to get his toenails painted, too? "Because I'm fucking worth it," he said. Good for you, bro, but your feet are way to pale (not to mention hairy) for that color. Just a beauty tip from your friends over at Details.

• • •

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Photos courtesy of respective Instagram accounts.
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