A Gift a Day: A Vintage Skee-Ball Machine to Appease Your Inner Child

I'm just gonna assume that I don't have to sell you too hard on this retro arcade game made from handsome oak and tricked out with all the modern features you'd expect. Just look at it. How could you not marvel at it's retro yet masculine aesthetic? And while it's certainly a statement piece that easily be the focal point of a room, it's also lighthearted and just a bit kitschy. It says you're a guy with a good eye and a sense of humor. Plus, who could resist playing a few rounds of the classic game? Not us, that's see more

Real-Estate Porn: Homes With Incredibly Spacious Closets

It takes a special (okay, huge) closet to handle your bulky (yet incredibly tasteful) winter wardrobe. Luckily, these shelf-happy rooms are up to the task. You wish you lived here. Location: Limestone estate in Brentwood, California Price: $18,000,000 Size: 12,720 square feet Key selling points: Every inch of this home is as flawless as it is luxurious, from the personal sauna to the master-suite bathroom lounge with an in-mirror TV (yeah, seriously)—but this sleek, masculine closet is the clincher. Bespoke suits and cashmere sweaters not included. Listing: The Agency see more

An Umbrella That Comes With Its Own Built-In Protective Case

If you're the one person who actually uses (and has managed to not lose) the too-tight, ridiculously frustrating little nylon casing that umbrellas come in, stop reading now. The rest of you, it's time to check out Nendo's new invention—the Cover-brella. The collapsible design is made with a special compartment inside the handle customized for storing the outer wrapping when the umbrella opens. Once you fold it back up, the cover slips over the wet fabric so you can easily toss it in your bag without ruining your iPhone or your copy of Details. Rain, repeat. Rain, repeat. If it see more

A Gift a Day: Stylish Notebooks for Your Analog Friend

A notebook? In 2014? Yes. While a physical journal to scribble your thoughts and feelings in may seem retro, it certainly possesses a charm that's just this side of twee. Take these six designs—two styles each from designers Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders, Robert Geller, and Tim Coppens and commissioned by Public-Supply. Sternberg's designs reflect his signature whimsy, while Geller goes for Teutonic minimalism and Coppens opts for a graffiti/street-art vibe. As part of Public-Supply's philanthropic mission, 25 percent of profits will go to Joe's Blackbook Scholarship Fund. You can shop the limited-edition notepads here. see more

Real-Estate Porn: Homes With Breathtakingly Large Windows

It's not the size of your windows that counts. Oh wait . . . it does. You wish you lived here. Location: Three-level new construction in Cologny, Switzerland Price: Upon request Size: 18,912 square feet Key selling points: This home doesn't just look like a work of art. In addition to a private elevator, an outdoor pool, a lap pool, a steam room, a bar area, a home cinema, and a wine cellar, it has all the trappings to show off pricey works, too: There are a double-height gallery, an exhibition room, and a storage room for the pieces you're see more

These Speakers Help You Listen To Music and Save the Environment at the Same Time

Audiophile approved quality and environmental sustainability don't necessarily seem like common goals, until now. Vers Audio's new line of Q speakers are handmade from solid wood (you can choose between walnut or ash) that infuse some organic modernism into a powerful bluetooth speaker that won't take up more room on your shelf than a paperback book. The speakers, which come in two sizes, utilize natural wood acoustics to decompress sound (which digital files tend to constrict), meaning your carefully curated Spotify playlists sound better than ever. Plus, Vers uses all sustainable materials (no endangered woods here) and even plants see more

A Gift a Day: An Oversize Domino Set for the Playful Aesthete

It's true—there's no case to be made for saying you need these beautiful, oversize dominoes. But we bet you'll still really want them. Made from wood with a delicate bone inlay, the 4.5-by-20-inch pieces from Scenario Home come in a matching box and will work equally well stacked on your bookshelf or as coasters. Of course, we're not ones to discourage an epic game of dominoes on the living-room floor. see more

Can We Get These Harry Potter Book Concepts on Sale Before the Holidays?

There's not really much we ask for during the holidays. Decent weather, a good time around the table with our families at various holiday meals, and less conflict in the world in general. But man, oh man, do we really want these designs for all seven Harry Potter books to go into production. see more

A Gift a Day: A $250 Ostrich Skin Basketball for the Spoiled Sportsman

I don't play basketball. I don't watch it, either. But I'd proudly display an ostrich leather basketball as if it were a MVP trophy. Ridiculous? Yes. And yet, the heart wants what it wants. Ostrich leather basketball, $249, by Unofish see more

Real-Estate Porn: Winter-White Modern Homes We Want Now

It's officially winter. What better way to get into the spirit of the season than with a sleek, snow-white pad? You wish you lived here. Location: Contemporary villa in Marbella, Spain Price: $8,247,869 Size: 12,497 square feet Key selling points: This all-white villa is more than just incredibly good-looking. It's also extremely practical: We wouldn't ask our worst enemy to live without a good wine cellar, an indoor pool, a gym, a Turkish bath, and a sauna. Listing: Christie's • • • see more
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