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Handmade Leather Accessories for the Digital Hoarder

DEVELOPING STYLISH SOLUTIONS for on-the-go tech users, the LA-based brand This Is Ground began crafting handmade leather goods that simplify carrying around your digital accoutrement. see more

Hot New Homes: How High Can You Fly?

Looking for a home where you can get away from it all? We recommend taking your search up—40-plus floors up, that is. Just a word of caution: A constant sense of being on top of the world may result. You wish you lived here. see more

Objects of Desire: 20 Items for the Entryway Console

see more

Hot New Homes: Super-Narrow Houses

There are a few things in life that just shouldn't be slim—wallets, for one. But floorplans? For these chic pads, we'll make an exception. You wish you lived here. Location: Chelsea town house in New York City Price: $9,985,000 Size: 6,624 square feet Key selling points: This renovated pre-war town house makes up for what it lacks in width with six stories of high-ceilinged suites, hardwood floors, and oversize windows that let in natural light from both the north and south. Listing: Urban Compass see more

We Want It: This Colorblocked Pillow From TRNK's Brand New Store

Frankly it's hard to get excited about a pillow, especially if it's not one you sleep on. But the selection of feather-stuffed fabric squares in TRNK's online store, which set sail on its e-commerce maiden voyage this week, are worth talking about. see more

Hot New Homes: Amazing Spaces For Dog Owners

Even the most pet-friendly buildings and neighborhoods fall pretty flat when it comes to actually caring for your dog. These luxury listings, however, go the extra mile, with pup-specific perks like on-call vet services, grooming rooms, and plenty of space to horse around. Your dog wished he lived here. Location: Modern smart home with a dedicated dog run in North Tustin, California Price: $2,175,000 Size: 4,303 square feet Key selling points: This modern Lemon Heights home has a dedicated wine room, a master suite with an adjoining executive office, and a great room with cathedral ceilings and a dual fireplace, see more

Hot New Homes: Hipster Havens in Williamsburg, Portland, San Francisco, and more

Nobody really likes the word hipster anymore. And, yes, it certainly means different things to different people. Nonetheless, there are regions in the United States that have an undeniably cooler-than-you reputation, for better or worse, like Portland, San Francisco, Austin, and Williamsburg. Below we present the nicest spaces on the market in these spots. You wish you lived here. see more

The Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

"Ten years ago," says Paul Simmons, who launched Timorous Beasties, a Glasgow design firm that makes fabrics and wallpapers, in 1990, "digital wallpaper was not nonexistent. But it was bad quality—even five years ago. Now the quality is amazing, so everyone's using it." That's only slightly hyperbolic: A confluence of artistry, computing power, and sturdier paper is transforming wallpaper into a much more interesting alternative to paint. Here, three designers talk about the inspiration for—and production of—their gallery-worthy work. see more

Hot New Homes: Minimalist Masterpieces

The elemental appeal of minimalism is far from cookie cutter, finding expression in spaces as different as a pied-à-terre in Paris' fifth arrondissement to a sprawling rancher's estate in the hinterlands of Australia. You wish you lived here. see more

We Want It: Tai Ping Carpets' Chroma Collection

If you're tired of the Moroccan-rug craze that took root right around the time we all started bragging about our furniture being made from reclaimed wood, look to Hong Kong–based Tai Ping Carpets and its Chroma Collection. These room-sweeping pieces (like the one pictured) double as artwork and are a welcome relief from the devotion to red. "They're not trying to be too perfect and pretty," says Yasmina Benazzou, Tai Ping's global design director. Achieving these imperfections is deceptively involved, however. The bleeding effect looks like a freehand watercolor painting, but it's actually created by weavers following a computer-traced pattern, see more
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