These Apps Could Mean the End of Drunk Texting

Sure, your reserve always starts strong—you're ready to go out for the night, no plans of texting the ex, the crush, the disappointing Tinder date—then you get a few drinks in, and you wake up the next morning looking in horror at your sent messages regretting that 2am text binge. Luckily, clever startups are working on apps to save you from yourself (and happy hour induced honesty). Android app Drunk Lock, from Dues Mobile, locks your phone until you solve a series of math problems, saving you not only from embarrassing texts, but also tweets, Facebook messages, and questionable see more

Before & After: How This Unkempt Man Cave Turned Into a Stylish Bachelor Pad

Everybody knows somebody with a place like this: Tattered, constantly messy, and filled with so many apathetic design choices you wonder how they get out of bed and shower each morning. see more

A Guide to San Francisco, Courtesy of Menswear Boutique Unionmade

For Todd Barket and Carl Chiara, founders of San Francisco-based menswear boutique Unionmade, their brand filter boils down to a simple formula: quality first, then timelessness. "So much of fashion now is fast and cheap," says Barket. "We believe the best things in our wardrobes get better with age. If you're going to spend more on a garment, we want you to wear it years from now and still realize how nice it is. We may not be of-the-moment, but we believe in being authentic and effortless." From Japanese Kapital scarves to Levi's Vintage to Golden Bear varsity jackets, it's see more

Editor's Picks: Sleek, Streamlined Sunglasses for Summer

Founded by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, eyewear brand L.G.R. specializes in high-end, handcrafted glasses with an emphasis on local artisans and quality materials. As our associate editor Antonina Jedrzejczak explains, the designs are sleek, sophisticated, and veer toward classic shapes like the aviator above, featuring tortoiseshell frames. Still, things like scratch-proof lenses and flexible joints make them worth the price. You can find a pair for yourself, here. see more

A Self-Driving Google Car Will Hit Roads This Summer

Are you ready for your morning commute to get a whole lot easier? Because self-driving cars are the way we'll get around in the future, and not as in the distant future—we're talking, like, in a few months, according to Google. While the tech juggernaut has been tooling around with the idea since 2010, the company announced that it will be test driving the models on roads around its headquarters in Mountain View, California, starting this summer. Don't worry—the cars will have safety drivers during the tests and their speed limit will be capped at 25 miles per hour, see more

8 Ways Lighting Can Up Your Home's Style Quotient

see more

Wes Anderson Has Designed the Most Wes Anderson-y Café Ever

Film auteur Wes Anderson's films have been known for the exactingly calculated environs, and the director has taken his meticulous eye and applied it to a real-life venture, the new Milanese café Bar Luce. The casual-dining establishment is located right next to the recently opened home of Fondazione Prada, the art-and-culture-focused institution run by fashion designer Miuccia Prada and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli. It's a testament to Anderson that his influence over the eatery is unmistakable in its slightly retro yet totally modern aesthetic. "Although his movies often favor symmetrical tableaux," the Fondazione's website reads, "Anderson feels that 'there see more

See the LED Lightbulb That Doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker

Let there be light! And music! All at once! That's what Sony is pushing with the introduction of this lightbulb-speaker hybrid, reports Gizmodo. While we always see the benefit in two-in-one combos (like, say, shampoo-conditioners), the possibility of streamlining your audio and visual needs into one compact device is certainly arresting. Let the lifestyle shot below (romantic candlelit dinner for two, anyone?) remind you that lightbulbs are pretty much all around you, and if each of those points could also be a outlet for audio, then the possibilities are endless: Have your favorite podcast streamed to the kitchen while see more

5 Instagram Artists You Should Be Following Right Now

1. @sitting_in_stagram Who's Behind It: Pete Ashton, a 42-year-old artist from Birmingham, England. "I've been interested in how images degrade through technology since I first used a photocopier in the late eighties," he says. What You'll See: In the course of a day, Ashton posts and reposts the same picture 90 times—each a screencapped version of the previous one. Colors desaturate, and lines blur. It's a meta-commentary on digital degradation—the "shitpic" as high art. see more

10 Game-Changing Desks for Your Home Office

Blidu This stunning desk features a surface with geometric crevices and built-in docks and USB ports for all your favorite gadgets. Only downside? It's currently not available to purchase, but we'll be ready to hit "Add To Cart" the second it is. (Price TBA) see more
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