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It's Official: Men Buy More Stuff Through Their Phones Than Women Do

The next time you hear anyone making an archaic (and, frankly, downright sexist) women be shoppin' joke, this tidbit may come in handy: it turns out that a higher percentage of men make purchases through their phones than women. see more

Meet Spring, the App That Wants to Change the Way You Shop Without Changing the Way You Use Your Phone

Shopping apps can be good, bad, and downright awful. But most require a learning curve and a lot of patience. Spring, which launches today, recognizes that usability is as important as looks. You get function with the form. see more

We Want It: Skagen's Cozy Gray Cotton Backpack

It's hard not to love a good backpack, especially with all the sleek variants some of our favorite brands have produced in recent years. But even doing a Google search for these kinds of bags right now (what with the onslaught of back-to-school advertisements touting garish rucksacks intended for rowdy children), can be a distracting experience. see more

We Want It: A Lightweight Shoe That Goes the Distance

Sylphlike sneakers often mean less cushioning (and more knee pain), but the Swiss engineers of the On Cloud running shoe ($110; made an airy model (6.98 ounces) that can and should be worn on longer treks. Cofounder David Allemann explains: see more

Want a Beer with Those Boots? Why Menswear Stores Are Increasingly Serving Drinks

For centuries shopping meant one thing: shopping. But now a new generation of menswear shops are asking: Why not add booze to the equation? see more

We Want It: A Sweater Designed for Non-Sweater Weather

If you live anywhere even remotely close to Details HQ, you'll know that it's been hot, humid, and generally not great outdoors recently. So is it any surprise that we're longing for it to cool down enough to be able to slip into some of our favorite fall pieces? see more

Now Open: Valentino's New Fifth Avenue Store Puts the Focus on Menswear

For a brand with such a rich history, Valentino has proven its ability to create a truly modern space with its newly opened flagship on New York's Fifth Avenue. see more

We Want It: Custom Sunglasses From Garrett Leight

As endearing as it is to find out your friends have taste that's as good as yours, it's an even better feeling knowing you own something no one else can get. Which is why Garrett Leight's new Mod Shop has us so excited. see more

We Want It: GoFit's Agonizing Massage Roller

Although the GoFit Extreme Massage Roller ($40; looks—and feels—like a medieval torture tool, a few sessions with it will turn even the most pain-averse into a masochist. Its rubber spikes break up the knots in your muscles and fascia like the dexterous fingers of a hulking Swedish masseuse. Just 10 minutes (of yes, agony) on the stretch mat can banish soreness and tightness after a tough workout. see more

We Want It: Turnbull & Asser's All-Black Collaboration With Globe-Trotter

All the travel secrets in the world aren't worth much if you don't have a good piece of luggage. And Turnbull & Asser's recent partnership with famed trunk maker Globe-Trotter has produced not one, but two top-notch suitcases. see more
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