Mouthfeel Is a Sexy Food Magazine With a Hard-core Edge

Seemingly out of nowhere, the foodie-zine-from-a-gay-punk-perspective Mouthfeel made waves when it launched earlier this month. With a mission statement to "explore the complexities of food and the characters involved" and aimed at "people with unrestrained appetites for food, men, music and humor," the magazine disrupted the mainstream mix of overhead photographs of perfectly curated tablescapes and jaunty recipes. As a newcomer to the world of print magazines, founder and editor Mac Malikowski seems an unlikely person to cause such a disruption, but, during a phone call from Los Angeles (where he is currently researching stories for his next issue, see more
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Will This Be the Summer's Most Instagrammed Cocktail?

Nearly three years ago, our cocktail correspondent noticed a new trend brewing in bars across the country: blue cocktails. Fast forward to the summer of 2015, and it seems like one blue drink, in particular, has caught the eye (and taste buds) of the beer-wine-and-spirits booze-erazzi: Porchlight's Gun Metal Blue. see more
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3 Cocktails That Prove Whiskey Is a Summer Spirit, Too

Used to be that when the mercury climbed, it was time to put away the whiskey in favor of clear fare like vodka sodas and G&Ts. No longer. "People think spring and summer means lighter spirits," says Kevin Diedrich, bar manager of San Francisco's BDK Restaurant & Bar. "But the myth that you drink dark spirits only in the winter needs to be debunked." see more
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16 Things You Need to Cook, Eat, and Serve Eggs Like a Boss

see more

These Apps Could Mean the End of Drunk Texting

Sure, your reserve always starts strong—you're ready to go out for the night, no plans of texting the ex, the crush, the disappointing Tinder date—then you get a few drinks in and you wake up the next morning looking in horror at your sent messages and regretting that 2 A.M. text binge. Luckily, clever start-ups are working on apps to save you from yourself (and happy-hour-induced honesty). Android app Drunk Lock, from Dues Mobile, locks your phone until you solve a series of math problems, saving you from not only embarrassing texts but also tweets, Facebook messages, and questionable see more
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Millennials Would Rather Drink Wine Than Beer

Oh, the youths! Guzzling watered-down brewskis and doing keg stands are such Generation X sorts of things to take part in. Millennials much prefer to sip glasses of highfalutin wines or slurp cocktails made with artisanal bitters, obviously. Data shows that millennials, who are very gay, are turning their backs on beer in favor of wine and liquor, says Business Insider. And when they do partake in beer? They're opting for craft beers over pale lagers. We, of course, saw the writing on the wall a while ago, which is why you can read our recently published story on see more
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Darrell Hammond Cast in the Role of His Lifetime: KFC's Colonel Sanders

KFC is reviving two major characters in its latest advertising deal: It's bringing back its iconic mascot Colonel Sanders, and SNL alum Darrell Hammond is the actor who's playing him. see more
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S'Mores + Oreos = S'MOreos—and They're Coming

Just in time for the unofficial beginning of summer, Memorial Day weekend, Nabisco is welcoming a new cookie-centric product into its fold: S'Mores Oreos. Starting this Friday, the new delicious hybrid will become available, reports Eater. The limited-edition S'MOreo will feature graham-cracker cookies (a first for the brand) that house a marshmallow-chocolate-cream filling. It will be like a whole summer of nighttime fireside sing-a-longs distilled into one perfect cookie sandwich. It will be loved by all. see more

Wes Anderson Has Designed the Most Wes Anderson-y Café Ever

Film auteur Wes Anderson's films have been known for the exactingly calculated environs, and the director has taken his meticulous eye and applied it to a real-life venture, the new Milanese café Bar Luce. The casual-dining establishment is located right next to the recently opened home of Fondazione Prada, the art-and-culture-focused institution run by fashion designer Miuccia Prada and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli. It's a testament to Anderson that his influence over the eatery is unmistakable in its slightly retro yet totally modern aesthetic. "Although his movies often favor symmetrical tableaux," the Fondazione's website reads, "Anderson feels that 'there see more
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Science Says Coffee Is Really Good for You

Forget apples. It appears that a cup of coffee a day may actually be keeping the doctor away. When it comes to your heart, and health in general, studies find that moderate caffeine intake may have a positive effect on your health, reports the New York Times. Scientific analyses of data related to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart failure found that those who drink a few cups of black coffee—that's important, no sugar or dairy add-ins!—a day saw a lower risk of these diseases. Other things that a few cups of joe are statistically linked to? Lower risk of see more
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