McDonald's New Hipster Hamburglar Is a Lady-Killer, Apparently

The Hipster Hamburglar? As part of a marketing and branding revamp, McDonald's has given one of its iconic mascots—the Hamburglar—a makeover, reports Mashable. The character, who formerly had a more cartoonish appearance, has come back after an unexplained 13-year absence looking totally different. The new version now takes human form, is thinner, and has a more, well, hipster-y look, even sporting a trim beard (likely filled with poop germs). He also, nonsensically, is wearing a necktie over a striped Breton-esqe shirt paired with slim cargo pants and red high-top sneakers (with velcro fastenings?) that look kinda sorta like the see more
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Forget Margaritas, Make These 2 Tequila Drinks for Cinco De Mayo

Tonight, so many people are going to be toasting Cinco de Mayo with—yep, you guessed it—margaritas. And while the festive libation can be a delicious way to consume your liquid courage (so long as it's not made from a mix), perhaps you should get out of your margarita rut. To help shake things up (literally, as it were) is Samantha Wasser, proprietor of the New York-based Mexican restaurant Horchata. And while the eatery does offer up an array of margaritas (including a fig flavored one), their specialty cocktails also feature the agave-based liquor. Below, the recipes for the the Benny see more
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How to Make the World's Best Mint Julep for Derby Day

Chris McMillian is a hands-on cocktail historian who probably knows about as much about the mint julep as anyone who's ever muddled mint or crushed ice. Which is good, as McMillan generally makes dozens of them daily as head bartender at Kingfish in New Orleans, where they are a house specialty. see more
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The First Cocktail Book Written by an African-American Is Coming Back Into Print

Tom Bullock, author of The Ideal Bartender The celebrity mixologist might seem like a modern development, but many bartenders in pre-Prohibition days had loyal followings. Tom Bullock was not only a notable St. Louis barkeep but also the first African-American to write a cocktail book, The Ideal Bartender, which is now back in print. see more
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10 Items That Every Coffee Aficionado Must Have in His Kitchen

A great cup of coffee is about more than the beans you buy. How you grind, measure, and brew those beans makes a huge impact on your coffee's flavor, balance, and texture, says coffee-brewing expert Kevin Sinnott, creator and host of CoffeeCon. "No matter how great the coffee beans you buy, if you don't brew them correctly, there's no hope." Luckily, with these 10 expert-recommended tools, you will never brew a bad cup of coffee again. Plus, they look as awesome as your coffee will taste. see more
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5 Cocktails Every Man Should Know How to Make

There are certain things a man's gotta do. see more
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6 Essential Tools Every Wine Lover Needs

1. Got Pull? If you're still using that cheap drill-bit-with-wings gizmo to pull corks, you need to donate that sucker to your Salvation Army, along with your exhausted winter boots. I like the Pulltex Pulltap Premium Classic Corkscrew (around $30) because it feels good in my hand and has the requisite double-hinged two-step boot lever that helps lift the cork along a straight vertical line, keeping you on track from bending and cracking it. see more

100 Days of Summer: A Countertop Juicer You'll Actually Want to Use

There are 100 days between March 12 and June 21, the official beginning of our favorite season. So every day between now and then, we'll be highlighting the products, places, and experiences we can't wait to use, visit, and have once summer rolls around. Days left: 61 We're not going to tell you that one of the things you should do to prepare for summer is go on a juice cleanse. That would be inadvisable and just plain wrong. see more
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The 3 Knives Your Kitchen Needs Right Now—and Where to Get Them

The right knives are the secret to the efficient kitchen. They can help you chop onions so fast your eyes don't have a chance to water, cut meat and poultry with ease, and somehow make halving a pineapple look easy. But you don't need an 18-piece set to get the basics done. We don't care how many slots your knife block has—if you have these three knives, you're good to go. see more
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Artisanal Cocktails Are Now a Thing at Music Festivals

A new drinking trend is emerging at music festivals. No, not some tired variation on beer pong. I'm talking the presence of real, top-flight cocktails. Order a drink at any music fest two years ago you were assured that paper-cup Margarita would be made with all-too-shelf-stable mixer and mixto tequila. Today you're more likely to find a drink mixed from the top shelf and shaken with fresh ingredients. see more
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