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Here's the Classy Way to Get Drunk While Traveling for the Holidays

Mixology at 30,000 feet has usually been limited to spicy Bloody Mary mix or canned margaritas—unless, of course, you're living that first-class life—but two new cocktail kits encourage drinkers to up their game while in the air. see more
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The Humble Potpie Gets a Decadent Makeover

Once a lowly frozen convenience food, potpie is showing up in restaurants across the country—and with fillings that transcend chicken (think pheasant, oxtail, and pork). Robbie Arnold-Starr of Belcampo in Los Angeles says, "There's a bit of serenity making a stew and then rolling out the dough for it—it's almost like meditation." Mindfulness aside, these golden, puffed stunners are on menus mostly because "people want to have that emotional experience that comfort food can bring," says Daniel Humm of the NoMad Bar in New York City. And what's not to get emotional about when you're forking through a hot, buttery see more
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Would You Pay $150 for a Cocktail?

Used to be, rarefied liquors were for sipping solo (only a rube would request them in a cocktail, and bartenders would give you the side eye for asking as much). But just as diners are paying more attention to what's on their plates, drinkers "care more about what is inside the drink," says Xavier Herit, head bartender and a partner at Wallflower in New York City. Quality booze enhances flavors (and helps prevent hangovers), which is why restaurants and bars are using top-shelf ingredients in a spate of new cocktails. These recent arrivals obviously don't come cheap—question is, are they see more

Heineken Is Making Sunglasses That Are Only Available to 100 Really Cool People

Yes, that Heineken. No, they haven't given up on the booze business, they've just widened their area of focus to include three products and 100 very influential people. What we're talking about is the fifth iteration of their ongoing program #Heineken100 where they pair up with cool brands, create special-edition collaborative produce, and dispense them to a tightly edited group of tastemakers. Tomorrow, they're launching a pair of sunglasses with the California-based eyewear brand Garrett Leight. The acetate frames are in the shape of the brand's popular Kinney style in a dark gray color and with flat green-tinted lenses. Since see more
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Now Trending: The Best New Restaurants Are Located in Airports

Big-name chefs are opening up outlets in airports around the globe, and that means you don't have to settle for those boring grab-and-go turkey wraps anymore. Here are 10 of the best options in terminals worldwide. see more
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Someone Paid $61,250 for a Really Big Piece of Edible Fungus

Gaze lovingly upon the picture above, because you are looking at what is being dubbed the "world's largest truffle." This massive, decadent slab of fungus tips the scales at just over a record-breaking four pounds and was flown from its original home in Umbria, Italy, to New York City last week to be auctioned off at Sotheby's. According to Grub Street, the tony auction house sold the highfalutin risotto ingredient on Saturday, with the bidding starting at a whopping $40,000. Things heated up, though, and the final sale (to an anonymous bidder) ended at $50,000, however additional fees inched the see more
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A Gift a Day: Boxed Meal Plans, Delivered to Your Door, for Would-Be Chefs

Cooking is hard. Sure, the act itself isn't terribly taxing, but after a full day of work, it's the last thing you want to do. You have wine to drink and TV to watch, right? Right. However, two services have provided shortcuts to get hurried folks straight to the heart of some more elaborate culinary traditions of yore. Both HelloFresh and Blue Apron operate on similar business models: Pay for a week's subscription and receive a box of ingredients delivered to your door, plus some handy recipes that'll help you get through the week, meal-wise. Which means you can make see more
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Don't Eat Christmas Cookies, Drink a Smoothie Instead

Believe it or not, we're in the final throes of that end-of-year holiday countdown. And as we'll be reminding you all month, this is the time when magical treats will make themselves readily available—whether you like it or not. And while it's hard to turn away a stray gingerbread man or candy cane, one way to stave off the desire to give in to temptation is to fuel up on things that are good for you. Which brings us to the miracle elixir known as the smoothie. If there's one man who's a proponent of the smoothie, it's celebrity trainer, see more
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Handsome Italian Scientist Uses Pasta to Explain Physics, World Swoons as a Result

Those people who say you can't be both smart and beautiful haven't met Italian physicist Davide Michieletto, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Warwick who could easily moonlight as a Trussardi model. see more
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Girl Scouts Make Dreams Come True, Sell Cookies Online

Will you remember where you were when you first heard the news that your life was going to change forever? Because as far as we're concerned, there are two periods of time: Before Girl Scout Cookies Were Sold Online and After Girl Scout Cookies Were Sold Online. see more
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