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The Brunch Gods Have Blessed Us With a Bloody Mary Containing a Slice of Pizza

Happy Friday, everyone. You did it. You survived the week. And like many people, you will reward yourself with copious amounts of alcohol. For some, that evening cocktail or three will even lead to a boozy weekend brunch or two. Hey, we encourage it. Which brings us to the Bloody Mary above, served at Hrbek's Pub at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn. Kent Hrbek revealed the culinary masterwork on Twitter (via USA Today) yesterday afternoon—just in time to partake in one on a boozy brunch time adventure. At $19 (a steal, if you ask us), the "College Daze Bloody Mary" see more

Things That Make Us Sad: The McDonalds Clothing Line

A lot of sad things happened today! Jesse Eisenberg shaved his head and that One Direction kid with the good hair left the band. But the saddest thing of all? We found out that your favorite fast food restaurant is now branching out beyond salty and delicious sustenance of questionable origins. What does that mean? Well, it means that they're now selling hamburger-laden thermals and bed sheets covered in Big Macs. The collection was launched yesterday with a fashion show in Sweden because, well, who knows why this is happening to us. The webshop shows that dog clothing, rain boots, see more
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100 Days of Summer: Rosé Season Is Finally Coming Back

There are 100 days between March 12 and June 21, the official beginning of our favorite season. So every day between now and then, we'll be highlighting the products, places, and experiences we can't wait to use, visit, and have once summer rolls around. Days left: 88 Despite what this very website might have tried to get you to believe, we have not reached peak rosé, and I hold that we never will. It's engineered by oenological masterminds for perfect outdoor drinkability, and I reach for it as soon as the thermometer passes 60 and don't let go until Labor see more
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Here Are 5 Great Sour Beers Now Available in Cans

A decade ago, canned beers were nearly all bland lagers of the sort advertised during the Super Bowl. But in recent years, craft brewers have begun embracing aluminum, canning everything from easy-sipping pale ales to chocolaty stouts and bitter IPAs. The only style you couldn't buy by the can was sour beer—until now. Brewed with wild yeast and bacteria such as Lactobaccilus (it transforms milk into yogurt), sour beers can take months and even years for the microbes to produce their desired pucker, creating a pricey drink that more often than not is priced like fine wine. However, by focusing see more
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The Confusingly Named, but Delicious-Tasting, Trend of Single-Grain Whisky

Single-grain whisky is trending hard right now, with new bottles coming out of Scotland, Ireland, and Japan. But most people have no idea what it really is because it is not whisky made from a single grain. The "single" refers to a single distillery, and "grain" refers to, well, a bunch of other stuff. see more
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3 Bartender-Approved Cocktail Ingredients You Should Have at Home, And How to Use Them

"What bartenders geek out about takes years to trickle down to the consumer," says Brad Thomas Parsons, the author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All. For the past five years, that's been elaborate homemade concoctions like ginger-peppercorn syrup and habanero bitters—basically, anything that ups the ante on a craft cocktail. Now, instead of keeping those bottles behind the bar, they're selling them (online, mostly) to enthusiastic customers who are eschewing liquor-store stalwarts. Here, the best bartender-made secret ingredients to buy. see more
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So How Healthy Is Guinness Really?

In 1928, Guinness launched one of its all-time most successful (and memorable) marketing campaigns with just five words: Guinness is Good for You. The slogan was a crafty play on the idea that a pint of Guinness makes drinkers feel better (no surprise there). As such, it stuck around for four decades. see more
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An Artist-Designed Tequila Decanter That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Fancy, custom-made bottles—collectors' editions and marketing gimmicks, usually—come out every few weeks. So it's not easy to impress an embittered booze enthusiast, but this $2,000 tequila decanter is enough to make me want to clear out some shelf space ... and a bank account. see more
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Important Announcement: It's National Pancake Day and IHOP Is Giving Away FREE Pancakes All Day

Stop what you're doing. Cancel all your meetings. Call in sick. Ditch the quarterly meeting you've been preparing for. Because it's Free Pancake Day at IHOP. Okay, so it's actually National Pancake Day (because these things exist), and of course there's only one place to celebrate, and that's our favorite dining establishment to visit at 3:00 a.m. in a drunken stupor. And don't feel bad for bingeing—when you've finished your stack of pancakes, you have the option of leaving a donation for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals or other charities with which IHOP is affiliated. This little holiday gift from the see more
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5 World-Class Wines That Are Currently a Steal

A classic wine region, like a classic suit, is perennial, but that doesn't mean the prices don't wax and wane. Whether it's a standout vintage, oversupply, exchange rates, or simply the vagaries of fashion, some wines become a bit more of a steal than others. Here's what to drink right now. see more
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