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Now Trending: Fashion Labels That Have Their Own Eateries

A slew of new restaurants always open after Labor Day, but this year seems especially rife with designer eateries and cafes. Ralph Lauren is opening a cafe in the Polo flagship store in New York, Roberto Cavalli opened Cavalli Ibiza Restaurant & Lounge earlier this summer, and Band of Outsiders announced that Milk Bar would open its first Soho outpost in one of company's street windows at the new flagship store in New York (72 Wooster Street) which opens during New York Fashion Week. Even department stores are getting in on the action: Bergdorf's will open Goodman's Bar in its see more
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The One Treat You Should Have Before Summer Ends

The "it" dish decnostructed. see more
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It Might Be Time to Red-Flag Your Favorite French Wines

A study published this month in the scientific journal Food Additives and Contaminants will undoubtedly rattle wine drinkers—and makers. It claims that 57 percent of the French wines that researchers analyzed contained significant amounts of dibutyl phthalate—an endocrine disruptor linked to premenopausal breast cancer, birth defects, fertility issues, asthma, and obesity. The lab behind the study, Laboratoire Excell, and its lead author, Pascal Chatonnet, are both located in the middle of France's wine country: Bordeaux. Yes, the region where some of the world's most revered, and expensive, wines are made. see more
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Her Cup Runneth Over: Kate Moss' Boob Is Now a Champagne Coupe

Yes, you read that correctly. see more
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The Splurge: Restaurateur Michael Chernow's Most Memorable Meal in Barcelona

FOR THE SPLURGE, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases. see more
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Fraud Prevention 101: What to Know Before You Spend $100K on Wine

So, just when you're ready to stockpile your custom-built bunker of a wine cellar, along comes Rudy Kurniawan to spoil the party. If Kurniawan's name isn't familiar to you, be happy. Be very, very happy. Earlier this month he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for swindling wealthy wine collectors by upwards of $20 million in fake French wines that he concocted—get this—in his home kitchen. What's got collectors and auction houses so jittery is that Kurniawan's fakes—he made around 1,600 bottles—have infiltrated the wine market and may be sold at auctions for decades to come, according to prosecutors. see more
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The Secret Ingredient in Your Cocktail: Salt

Bartenders around the world have recently figured out something that chefs have known forever: A pinch of salt helps flavors pop. see more
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The 92-percenters: Are You in the Clean Plate Club?

The Clean Plate Club isn't just something desperate parents talk about to get kids to eat their dinners. A new Cornell University study finds that the average adult eats 91.7 percent of whatever he piles onto his plate. see more
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Ask the Wine Wise Guy: Does "Reserve" Really Signify a Superior Wine Bottle?

Once upon a time, the term "Reserve" indicated that a wine had been aged a specific amount of time, depending on the regulations of that region—assuming the region regulates that sort of information. Wineries only added the word to the label if they actually produced bottles that were also non-reserve (the latter was generally inferior and less expensive). Well, the days of clear, honest messaging are gone. Today, if you see the term "Reserve" on a New World bottle, it is likely just part of mass-market wine branding effort. It's probably misleading hype. Ignore it. Not all countries regulate the see more
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13 New Gins Bartenders Are Raving About

In the last few years, hundreds of new gins have hit the market, each featuring an esoteric botanical selection, standalone appeal ("so good you don't need a mixer"), a sense of terroir, or something else that makes it sound one-of-a-kind. Most of the bottles are sold regionally at first—in a few select states—and then branch out nationally, making them, for all intents and purposes, brand new in your neck of the woods. see more
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