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5 Tips for the Best Barbecue of Your Life

On July 4, 1776, some of America's greatest men signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming us free from our British brethren and asserting our right to sovereignty and self-determination; 239 years later, we celebrate the momentous occasion by waving mini flags, donning red, white, and blue, shooting explosives into the air, and throwing slabs of meat over fires. Logic doesn't really apply to celebrations. It doesn't really apply to barbecuing, either. On paper, it seems so easy. Put some meat on a hot grill, let it sit, turn it over, then take it off and scarf it see more
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Don't Like Fajitas? The Country's Best Chefs Want to Change Your Mind

Javelina's skirt-steak fajitas The most maligned dish in America? It has to be fajitas. Sizzling meats and vegetables in flour tortillas topped with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa should always kick ass: In theory, they're the perfect union of hot and cold and sweet and savory, and you get to control the proportions. Yet the last time you ordered them, you jokingly called them fuh-JAI-tuhs when you were on a layover. The meat? Tasteless. The vegetables? Griddled to a watery mess. Your server? Possibly sporting flair. see more
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Why Everyone Is Suddenly Drinking Matcha Tea

When it comes to buzzy energy drinks, green (tea) is the new black (coffee). Matcha, a type of green tea made by whisking finely powdered whole tea leaves, is taking over cafes in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and more thanks in part to its high antioxidant content and roots in Far East rituals. With a Brooklyn cafe dedicating its menu to the vibrant green drink to models drinking matcha shots during Fashion Week, you could call it the latest "It" accessory, but that's a lot of new attention for a drink that's been around for centuries. The tea dates see more
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Jeb Bush Slow-Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon

Well, this was certainly unexpected. Shortly after announcing his bid to run for president in the 2016 election (on Snapchat!), Governor Jeb Bush found himself on The Tonight Show, slow-jamming the news for Jimmy Fallon. Oh, the things some people will do to potentially run this fair country of ours. While Jeb was wooden and a bit creepy, the gag did allow Fallon and house-band member Tariq to drop phrases like "caucus tease" and "master debater" (get it?), which was worth the price of admission, really. see more
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One Bar's Refreshing Antidote to the Fussy-Cocktail Scene

Be honest: Do you actually prefer cocktails that feature ingredients you've never heard of? Do you believe that the longer it takes to make a drink, the better it is? Of course not. And yet, more and more bars flaunt their fastidious techniques and laborious sourcing of local flora. But great cocktails don't need to be fussy. At the Holiday Cocktail Lounge, a newly reopened East Village dive bar that once served luminaries like W. H. Auden and Allen Ginsberg, bartender Danny Neff has injected a dose of cool rebellion in the form of premade drinks straight from the see more
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Make Way for Brosé: Why More Men Are Drinking Pink

"I like to say that real men drink pink," says Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of the swanky NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. "There used to be this perception that rosé was a girly drink, but that's just not true." As Procrustean gender norms fall into the dustbin of history, more menfolk are succumbing to the charms of the Pink Mistress, blithely knocking back rosés ranging in color from onionskin to rare steak. Like his counterpart, the much-discussed female whiskey drinker, the rosé bro is inaugurating a freer, more egalitarian world of gender-fluid beverage consumption. see more
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Uber Wants to Deliver Your Meal in 5 Minutes—Will It Work?

In Mumbai, at lunchtime, hot meals are whisked around the city by the thousands: Men called dabbawalas shuttle food by bike and train, delivering to people at work, with clockwork precision, more than 200,000 tiffin-boxed entrees every day. The dabbawalas have been serving lunch across India for 125 years. It's inexpensive, practical, extraordinarily efficient; everybody there uses it, and everybody there loves it. In the West, meanwhile, we clutch our withered brown bags to our chests or else waste a small daily fortune on a 12-inch sub or a dismal garden salad. Where's our on-the-spot haute cuisine? Where's our Fedexed see more
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3 New York Foodies Share Their Favorite Doughnuts

Armed as we are with the knowledge that cheating on your diet is actually good for you, we here at Details wholeheartedly support today's marketing-driven fake holiday, National Donut Day. But because we aren't going to throw dietary caution to the wind on just any old donut, we asked a few of our foodie friends for their recommendations. If you haven't gotten a donut yet today, we recommend reading this first. "This is a popular pick, but my absolute favorite is the hibiscus doughnut at New York's Dough. All of Fany Gerson's yeast doughnuts have a nice crunch with a see more

We Want It: These Colorful Egg Holders Brighten Any Kitchen

Consider yourself an ace in the kitchen? Awesome. When it comes to cooking, flavor is obviously the main concern, but that doesn't mean you should ignore aesthetics. After all, plating and appearance are major considerations when you go out for a professionally cooked meal. Which brings us to this set of colorful egg dishes from the French company Le Creuset, known for its high-quality enamel-coated cast-iron cookwear. It's an easy way to add a little bit of color to your kitchen. See why our associate editor Antonina Jedrzejczak chose them as her ultimate cooking must-have, above. see more
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Bartenders Are Now Putting Popcorn in Cocktails

Much like bacon before it, popcorn is a food ingredient that has now crossed over into the cocktail world in a surprising number of ways. It's used as a garnish in some drinks, an infusion in others, and it has found its way into syrups and bitters as well. Here's what's up with that: see more
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