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3 Ways to Spot Faux "Wholesome" Foods From Pentagram Designer Michael Beirut

Brands use specific visual cues to get you to buy stuff that seems "wholesome." Michael Bierut of famed New York City design consultancy Pentagram reveals three tricks of the trade. see more
Food + Drinks

Ask the Wine Wise Guy: Aren't Screw Caps Used Only on Inferior Wines?

Wine expert Anthony Giglio is constantly fielding questions about the great grape from amateur drinkers and pro collectors alike. Now you can ask him yours: Tweet it to him at @WineWiseGuy and check back every Tuesday afternoon for the answer. see more
Food + Drinks

4 Awful Things Your Fancy Bartender Drinks When You're Not Looking

Michael Jack Pazdon, bar manager of Goose & Gander in California's Napa Valley, dedicates a small section behind his bar to terrible liquor, like whipped-cream-flavored vodka, gifted to him by distributors. It's hidden from customers' view on a "shelf of shame," which he pillages when he needs to punish bartenders who mess up at work. He'll pour a shot, hand it to the offending bartender, and command, "Put that in your mouth and think about what you've done." see more
Food + Drinks

The Splurge: Top Chef Hugh Acheson's New BMW, Rieslings in Vegas, and Infinity Pools in Hawaii

In "The Splurge," tastemakers tell us about their most recent, most extravagant purchases. Hugh Acheson is a juggler: He has one new cookbook (Pick a Pickle), two daughters (Beatrice and Clementine), and four Georgia restaurants (the upcoming Florence in Savannah will make five in April) that he somehow manages while filming Season 12 of Top Chef. How does the Ottawa-bred poster boy for Athens, Georgia, manage it all? Conference calls from the road and plenty of German white wine. Just not at the same time. see more

The One Big Problem With the Proposed Nutrition-Label Changes

A few weeks ago, First Lady Michelle Obama, head of the Let's Move campaign, and FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg announced proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts panels that adorn the labels of packaged foods. You know, the ones that tell you a 20-ounce bottle of Coke Classic contains close to twice as much sugar as a Three Musketeers bar. The new changes include: see more

5 (Actually Surprising) Things You Didn't Know About Protein

Trainers and nutritionists regularly sing the praises of protein—it helps build muscle, stabilizes blood sugar, and increases focus, to name just a few benefits—yet there's still a lot of misinformation floating around. see more
Food + Drinks

White Port: Mix Up a Refreshing Alternative to the Gin and Tonic

Read on to see the recipe for WP&T with ginger syrup (pictured above). see more
Food + Drinks

Why Beer Deserves Better Glasses—and Which Ones Make It Taste Best

When legendary brewmaster Garrett Oliver showed up for a party last month at Maialino, Danny Meyer's fancy Roman Trattoria in New York, he bore a case of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout to pair with dessert. The waiters dutifully started to pour the beer into classic dimpled mugs—you know, the kind any bartender would serve you a Guinness in. Oliver's face fell. He sees people abusing his beer all the time, treating it more like soda pop than a handcrafted beverage. Politely, he asked them to use white wine glasses instead. "I'm not kidding," he said as if he's used see more
Food + Drinks

What's In Your Glass? 5 Wine Directors Reveal Their Favorite Chardonnays

If you're a sommelier, there are plenty of interesting things to drink besides Chardonnay, right? Not exactly. Now that Chardonnay is shedding its reputation for heavy oak and alcohol, wine directors are once again giving it its due, turning to the bestselling (and most pronounceable) white wine in America for its freshness and food-pairing flexibility. Here are five top sommeliers and the Chardonnays they like to see in their glass. see more
Food + Drinks

5 Healthy Ingredients Most Likely to Soon Be Certified as Trendy

People looking to eat well in Los Angeles have a few distinct advantages over the rest of us: fresh year-round produce, a forward-thinking culinary scene, and a seemingly never-ending parade of de rigueur ingredients. So we asked some of the city's top chefs to share a few of the more inventive items they're cooking with right now. We also provided nutritional notes from Marissa Lippert, R.D.—a founder of New York City's Nourish Kitchen + Table—including how said ingredients can boost the immune system, rev up metabolism, and otherwise improve health. see more
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