Movember by the Numbers: The Strange Statistics of Facial Hair

The purpose of Movember—grow a mustache in November and raise money for prostate and testicular cancer research—is sweet and simple. But it's the numbers behind the movement that make the hair on my neck stand up (sorry, I have no mustache...yet). Below, witness the staggering strength of facial hair. see more

This is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Without His Signature Beard

Since director Kevin Smith first appeared on the scene, about 20 years ago, he's been the proud owner of a beard. But today is the end of an era. see more

Baseball's Most Gruesome Facial Hair, Ranked

You could call this World Series the Battle of the Beards. On both the San Francisco and the Kansas City squads, facial hair—sometimes wild and unruly, sometimes creatively pruned—is everywhere you look. see more

You Can Wear Floral Fragrances This Fall. Here's How.

Here's the thing about conventional thinking, especially when it comes to grooming and style: The trends, patterns, and habits we've been indoctrinated with for years are open to change. see more

Could a Different Cologne Help Your Wounds Heal Faster?

Get a whiff of this. Scientists have discovered that your skin can smell things, just like your nose—and the smell of sandalwood can even help your largest organ recover from wounds. see more

Gerard Butler on His Biggest Dream and What Men Should Never Do in Front of Women

All too often, celebrity brand ambassadorships can seem like they were conjured out of thin air. But when Hugo Boss announced that it'd picked actor Gerard Butler to be the face of its Boss Bottled fragrance, which it's billing as the perfect scent for the Man of Today, the partnership immediately made sense. After all, Butler isn't your run-of-the-mill Hollywood leading man. He started working as lawyer before he landed roles in films as diverse as 300 and PS I Love You, to say nothing of fancy corporate partnerships. see more

The New iPhones Are Reportedly Ripping People's Hair Out

iPhone 6 - Our best phone, and our best shave, guaranteed. #beardgate— Keith Wahnsiedler (@wahnker) October 6, 2014 Well, this literally can't feel good. The latest complaints about the new iPhone 6 and 6+ claim that the devices are ripping the hair right off some users' heads and faces. The scandal has been appropriately hashtagged #beardgate. see more

Why Your Next Spa Treatment Should Involve Qi Sticks

As you've already heard, 2014's been marked by some hot new openings in Las Vegas. But it's the newly-unveiled Delano Las Vegas that's swiveling the heads of locals and globetrotters alike, with its totally un-Vegas vibe (and that's a compliment). The luxurious, all-suite hotel—the equally chic Delano Miami is its sister property—is casino- and smoke-free, offering its guests an experience that's tranquil and understated, not flashy and loud. see more

Someone Made A Cologne that Attracts Cows. Here's Why.

Got a beef with farmhands who smell like a barnyard? Find yourself on the horns of a dilemma every time you have to choose a fragrance? Or maybe you just find an excellent scent to be mooving, and want your livestock to share in the experience? (Oh yeah, we're milking this for all it's worth.) Then worry no more, because there's now a cologne that's made with both man and cow in mind. You "herd" us (sorry): Cow-logne, a man's fragrance that's also meant to tickle the noses of cattle, has arrived—OK, it's really called Farmer's Cologne, and it sells see more

If Karl Lagerfeld Is OK With Justin Bieber's Mustache, Can it Really Be That Bad?

On Friday, the good people at Time published a story positing that the hair on Justin Bieber's upper lip is a solid harbinger of the death of the mustache; that no one in his right mind could possibly want to grow a 'stache—charged as it already was with negative connotations about creepy, leering, predatory underworld characters or vintage porn actors—if North America's resident bad boy musician sports one without so much as the irony of a Halloween costume to back it up. And we respectfully disagree. see more
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