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Hugh Jackman vs. Tom Cruise: Can You Spot the Fake Smile?

Cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, who has practices in Dubai and New York City, works on celebrities like Hunter Parrish and Matt Dillon (though, full disclosure, not on Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise, pictured below). Our resident expert breaks down the difference between a natural-looking smile and, um, a not-so one (sorry, Tom). see more

4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beard (Seriously, It's Time)

If spring is when you're supposed to change up your skin-care routine, it only follows that it's the time to rethink your relationship with your beard, too. So we checked in with London-based barber Matt Raine (he recently partnered with Birchbox to bring his grooming line Mr. Natty to the U.S.) on how to help your facial follicles thrive in the warm-up to summer. Whether your look is close and cropped or lush and feral, we've got timely tips on how to keep those whiskers in check. see more

Take the Details Grooming Habits Survey

Grooming. Every guy's got to do it, lest you be confused for someone who's wandered out of the commune or an actor in his 'performance art' phase. Question is—how exactly do you take care of yourself? Are you a one-and-done 3-in-1 bodywash kind of guy, or does your morning routine require a cadre of products? How often are you clean-shaven, and what else do you like to keep smooth? And is a $120 haircut ever worth the price? Fill out the survey below and show us how it's done—your answers will be included in our upcoming June/July issue. see more

4 Expert Lessons on Why You Should Change Your Skincare Routine For Spring

Now that Old Man Winter is finally and officially gone, it's time to consider how to tweak your grooming regimen for warmer temperatures. Here, two experts on the subject—New York-based dermatologist Dr. Robert Anolik and aesthetician Hillery Sklar—reveal some of their best tips to keep your complexion in tip-top shape for months to come. see more

Vote for Your Favorite Grooming Products: The 2014 Details Men's Essentials Awards

The Details team has scoured the grooming market, testing products from luxury houses, indie outfits, and everyday drugstores to find the best tools to keep you looking good and smelling better. We've done the hard part: culling stand-out offerings in categories ranging from hand creams to hair wax and body wash to beard trimmers. Now it's time to weigh in on your favorites. Take our survey, tell us where your loyalties lie, and look for your Readers' Choice results alongside our Editors' Picks in the June/July issue. Also note: This poll will be open for only one month, and see more

3 Masks that Start Working in Minutes: Collagen, Mud, and Clay

Cleansers and moisturizers are great, but few things rejuvenate like a leave-on treatment. These three work minor miracles. see more

In Praise of the Sunday Shave

Just because you rush through it each morning before work doesn't mean it isn't worth savoring on the last day of the week. Here are six ways to elevate the ritual—no badger-hair brush required. see more

Can You Crowdsource Your Own Plastic Surgery?

If a Japanese man can get a group of female friends to fund his plastic surgery transformation into a living version of Michaelangelo's statue of "David," shouldn't your drinking buddies kick in for that microdermabrasion you've been thinking about? see more

You'll Never Guess Which American City Spends the Most on Men's Grooming Products

If you had to guess which American city spent the most on men's grooming products, and you picked Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, or even New York, you'd be wrong. see more

A New Contact High: Cannabis-Based Skincare

Turns out toking isn't the only way to enjoy a little green. Recently, a crop of cannabis-based grooming products—ranging from skincare to fragrances and even candles—have hit the market, proving there's much more to marijuana than blazing it up. see more
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