Get Bruno Mars' and Mark Ronson's Hair From the Video "Uptown Funk"

Judging by the threads, moves, grooves, and pretty much everything else in their just-released video, "Uptown Funk," it's clear that Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson need no help in the style department. Seriously though. Who else could pull off hair rollers, and still manage to look, well, cool? While there's no question that Mars and Ronson both have a sick sense of personal style, a little professional help can't hurt. And that's where celeb groomer and Dove Men+Care hair expert Jason Schneidman, steps in. He's the guy responsible for keeping Mars' naturally curly mane under control (even under the see more

A New Photo Series Captures Barbers in Their Shops

Too often, guys spend their time at the barbershop with their noses buried in a magazine, or squinting at themselves in the mirror. What you miss, then, is the people and places that make the space unique. In French photographer Franck Bohbot's new photo series Cuts, critic Elizabeth Breiner writes that he captures "barbers in their barbershops, mythical subjects of photographic lore that have presided on the list of essential Americana since Walker Evans roamed the small-town streets of Depression-Era USA." Barbershops have come a long way since then—here you'll see Details-approved favorites like Fellow Barber, The Blind Barber, Persons see more

The Athletic Man's Guide to Grooming

Long gone are the days when we foolishly assumed that athletes aren't just as invested in fashion and style as those who don't tackle other people for a living. Take Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Karlos Dansby: After cofounding a spot where professional hot lather shaves, as well as haircuts, shoe shines, and massages, are the order of the day (Butler's Grooming Club in Birmingham, Alabama), Dansby, along with business partner Christopher Butler, has now launched Montez Renault, a premium line of men's grooming products. The end goal: a better grooming experience, thanks to patented technology and proprietary ingredients. see more

There Is a Website Whose Sole Purpose Is for You to Judge Beards

Appropriately enough, the website BeardDuel offers exactly what it says: the chance to compare two hirsute men's facial hair and declare a winner. Proud owners of chin-warmers merely need to tag a picture of themselves with #beardduel on social media to participate. Winners receive nothing except the a chance to show off their whiskers. If you have some time you desperately need to waste, we suggest doing it there. see more

4 Reasons Sugar Should Be Part of Your Grooming Routine

After undergoing a spiffy, top-to-bottom $48 million renovation, the storied Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort—also the largest resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands—now holds bragging rights to even more ways to decompress and escape city stressors. While the world-class restaurants and unique recreational offerings (like night kayaking and paddle boarding) will ease even the most frazzled into a deep state of calm, it's the swanky Lazule Sea Spa that's really an oasis within a, well, oasis. see more

Robert Pattinson Got a Cool New Haircut to Match His Cool New Girlfriend

Robert Pattinson's haircut has been a topic of speculation these past few days, thanks to an odd patch peeking out from various hats and beanies. Drama! Intrigue! Last night, on the red carpet for the seventh-annual Go Go Gala, the actor revealed the mysterious coiffure in all its oddball glory. Turns out, it wasn't a Ur-rattail or a mohawk, as some had speculated, but, indeed, something even more strange—Pattinson is now sporting a bowl cut that comes with its very own landing strip (backward goatee? Hair island? Happy to field suggestions for this grooming phenomenon) below it. Pattinson is also see more

Here's What Your Ex-Girlfriends Think of Your Pubic Hair

Full disclosure: What you're about to watch is a commercial. Fuller disclosure: The coworker who sent this to us prefaced our viewing it by asking, "Have you cringed yet today?" see more

A User's Guide to Your Movember Mustache

Congratulations! Based on your decision to grow out the warming upper-lip hair for the great festival called Movember, you are now the proud owner of a new mustache. That means you are part of an age-old brotherhood of amazingly virile, strikingly attractive, and overall superior race of Mustached Americans. As part of your initiation, let me, a former nominee for the American Mustache Institute's Robert Goulet Memorial Award for Mustached American of the Year, offer you a few tips for joining our fraternity. see more

Why We Are Hearing Exactly None of Your Movember Shame

Did you make a joke about the newly grown facial hair of a coworker today, knowing full well that that coworker was participating in Movember? Did you send around a link to one of the many stories on the Internet that caution against or outright admonish guys from growing out a mustache for a month just for the giggles? Because that was a bad call. see more

4 Tips From Olympic Medalists on How to Winter-Proof Your Hair

Raika Studio salon owner Kathleen Firth and her team of Paul Mitchell stylists got Olympians Gus Kenworthy (silver medalist in freeskiing) and Alex Deibold (bronze medalist in snowboarding) red-carpet-ready for the New York Gold Medal Gala last week. see more
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