Study Shows More Orgasms Decrease Risk for Prostate Cancer

Don't want prostate cancer? Have more sex. A study presented at a recent meeting of the American Urological Association found that men who ejaculate more often (in this case that means at least 21 times or more a month) see a 20 percent decrease in developing prostate cancer. That drop is based on a comparison with men who ejaculated between four and seven times a month. At this point in this blog post we could get really bawdy and suggestive, but we know and respect how smart and engaged our audience is, so we realize that you already know what see more

22 Things You Need to Step Up Your Tennis Game

see more

5 Super-Effective Biceps Exercises That Aren't Curls

Dumbbell curls, incline curls, cable curls, preacher curls, barbell curls—most guys' biceps workouts are pretty redundant, boring, and, most important, ineffective. "For growing size, curls come up short," says strength coach Kourtney A. Thomas, C.S.C.S., owner of Lagniappe Fitness in St. Louis. "Part of the problem is that they only work one section of the biceps effectively." That's the section that runs on the outside of your arm and gives you a big (okay, let's be honest, little) bump when you flex your arm. However, multiple muscles comprise your biceps, and for the strongest and sexiest of arms, you see more

4 Ways Exercise Makes You Younger

Everyone knows exercise can make you look better. But it turns out it can also make you younger. And, no, we don't just mean it can make you look younger. It can actually turn back the clock on every cell in your body. Check out these awesome anti-aging benefits of sweating it out. see more

6 Ways to Practice Safe Sexting

If you've not been formally welcomed to the Age of Sexting (by which we mean the period of modern history where pretty much everyone sends and receives sexual imagery using their mobile devices), allow us to be the first to do so. see more

20 of the Hottest Female Models on Instagram Right Now

Even when they aren't at photo shoots or on the catwalk, these top-tier models are working the camera. Check out their Instagram feeds to get an insider look into their lives, both in front of and behind the lens. see more
Food + Drinks

Science Says Coffee Is Really Good for You

Forget apples. It appears that a cup of coffee a day may actually be keeping the doctor away. When it comes to your heart, and health in general, studies find that moderate caffeine intake may have a positive effect on your health, reports the New York Times. Scientific analyses of data related to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart failure found that those who drink a few cups of black coffee—that's important, no sugar or dairy add-ins!—a day saw a lower risk of these diseases. Other things that a few cups of joe are statistically linked to? Lower risk of see more

5 Ways Improving Your Diet Leads to Better Sex

If they're being honest, when most guys decide to start eating right, it has at least something to do with getting in naked shape. Hey, we all want to look good in bed. But, it turns out, what you eat can do more than make you look good in bed. It can actually make you good in bed. The right foods can up your sex drive, erections, performance, and pleasure. Here's how. see more

The Only 5 Ab Exercises You'll Ever Need

Take a look around your gym: There's no end to the array of abs exercises that guys are churning out. Their bodies are contorted. Their foreheads are drenched. But their abs? Meh. see more

Beards: Handsome, Masculine—and Loaded With Germs

Beards can lend instant masculinity to the most precious lumbersexuals among us. They're also the petri dish of the face, apparently. At least, that's what scientists in New Mexico found when they swabbed and tested the facial hair of some hirsute men for a recent study, as seen in the clip above from Vuz TV (via The Cut). Test results showed a whole bunch of germs that are associated with feces—or, as host Patrick Jones calls them, "poop particles"—were clinging to those little strands hanging from your chin. And while it may be disgusting to imagine that your beard see more
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