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Men, Bare Your Soles

There is too often an inverse relationship between the appearance of men's bodies and their feet. The more work dedicated to toning beautiful arms, abs, and glutes, the more damage—think blisters, calluses, ingrown toenails, and fungal infections—suffered by the feet. see more

How Accurate Are Fitness Tracker Devices?

The question: I'm constantly looking at my fitness tracker. But how much can I really rely on what it's telling me? The expert: Ray Browning, Ph.D., director of the Physical Activity Energetics/Mechanics Lab at Colorado State University The answer: It depends what, exactly, you're tracking and which brand you're wearing. see more

Watch: How to Get a Swimmer's Body

Every body—and every fitness routine—could benefit from more water. see more

What Do You Eat Every Day? Doctors, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers Weigh In

There's a reason online grocery stores come with a "favorites" list: Because no matter how much our taste buds love variety, we're creatures of habit. Just take a look into your fridge. It probably packs the same foods it did last week and the week before that. So we polled the experts—from nutritionists and personal trainers to physicians—on the foods they eat as often as possible. You might want to consider adding them to your healthy-eating routine. see more
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The 92-percenters: Are You in the Clean Plate Club?

The Clean Plate Club isn't just something desperate parents talk about to get kids to eat their dinners. A new Cornell University study finds that the average adult eats 91.7 percent of whatever he piles onto his plate. see more

We Want It: A Lightweight Shoe That Goes the Distance

Sylphlike sneakers often mean less cushioning (and more knee pain), but the Swiss engineers of the On Cloud running shoe ($110; made an airy model (6.98 ounces) that can and should be worn on longer treks. Cofounder David Allemann explains: see more

The New Wave of Plant Waters

Once synonymous with palm trees and beaches, coconut water took on new meaning—as a recovery aid and health-promoting super-drink—a few years back when it caught the attention of the wellness community. The hallowed drink then monopolized the workout beverage industry, ousting other sources of hydration, even though its superiority is increasingly called into question. Even so, new plants are itching for the limelight, making their way into water bottles. Maple is moving away from pancake stacks. The prickly plants of the desert, cacti, are promising to hydrate, too. Even artichokes have their own drink. see more

Can Sex Screw with Your Athletic Performance?

There is an old belief that seminal fluid, the stuff of life, gives men their strength, courage, and athleticism. Thus, one should not give in to sexual desires before a big game. The custom dates back to ancient Greece—they refused to give it up prior to any competition. Fast-forward a couple millennia, and while most guys don't consider the stuff to be the root of all things masculine (some Papua New Guinea tribes do still require boys drink it to become men, according to the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality), we have largely held onto the notion that sex screws see more

Trading Music for Meds

Last spring, Jason Sebastian Russo (pictured above), of the bands Common Prayer and Hopewell, was stricken by a stabbing pain on the left side of his mouth every time he tried to eat. It was a cavity. But the 40-year-old musician—who hadn't been to a dentist since he was a kid, and last saw a regular doctor when he was in his early 20s—couldn't afford proper healthcare. Free clinics in Brooklyn could help with urgent medical needs, but not a bad tooth. see more

Which Rest is Best: Active or Static?

If you've wondered what circumstances call for "active rest" (taking it easy while still moving) versus "static rest" (stopping completely) between sets, let us clear something up right now; static rest is never the ideal choice. see more
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