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6 Ways to Buy Yourself a More Environmentally Friendly Life

You don't have to sacrifice on luxury, comfort, or style when buying sustainable products any more. Just in time for Earth Day, we rounded up the chicest and most cutting-edge environmentally friendly offerings for every facet of your life. see more

What's Going to Happen to Fitness Bands Now that Nike Isn't Making Them Anymore?

On the small chance you hadn't heard, Nike is going to stop making new versions of its Fuelband fitness tracking bracelets, citing a need to "continually align resources with business priorities." So if it's no longer a priority (read: profitable) for one of the best known makers of wearable technology to produce its own hardware, what's going to happen to other companies that still make similar products? see more

We Want It: Lightweight, Breathable Jackets by Aether and Helly Hansen

From left: Aether Empire jacket, Odin Moon Light jacket. Summer can't come soon enough, but until it arrives, exercising outdoors will continue to require an extra layer. These lightweight, breathable jackets strike the perfect balance between protecting you from brisk winds and keeping you cool as your body heat rises. see more

Diets, Meet Data: 4 New Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Help You Make Better Eating Choices

A new wave of nutrient-reading, bite-timing, allergen-scanning devices promise to upgrade your eating habits. These are four of the best. see more
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3 Ways to Spot Faux "Wholesome" Foods From Pentagram Designer Michael Beirut

Brands use specific visual cues to get you to buy stuff that seems "wholesome." Michael Bierut of famed New York City design consultancy Pentagram reveals three tricks of the trade. see more

These 3 Workout .GIFs Will Change Your Plank Game for Good

Gone are the days when we used to force ourselves into a position and then hold it for an indefinite amount of time (one one-thousand, two one-thousand. . .), especially right before a workout. We now know that it's better to ease your way into exercise with more dynamic movements, like the ones in this 3-plank core-strengthening series, which will safely warm up all of your muscles in just a few minutes. see more

Your Toothbrush Is a Fecal-Matter Magnet and the Truth Behind 4 Other Common Germ Myths

It's hard not to be a germophobe. After all, we live in a germ-infested world. However, misinformation tends to spread faster than nasopharyngitis (a.k.a. the common cold), so we rounded up some of the most prevalent strains of viral wisdom to sort out the old wive's tales from the actual facts. see more

Health Myth: Does Drinking Green Juice Make You Harder?

In a recent Cool Hunting video that goes behind the scenes at Juice Press' New York City headquarters, company founder and CEO Marcus Antebi shows off the postcards he's used to promote his business over the years. The one that gets a lot of attention features a frowning, slouched-over stick-figure penis with the tagline "What makes penis happy?" According to Antebi, it's cold-pressed juice. And while researchers have yet to put his precise better-boner formula to the test, drinking green juice might actually get the job done. see more

Circumcision: Healthy or Needless? The Debate Rages On

To snip or not to snip? That's the vexing question so many parents of newborn boys face in an age when debate about the pros and cons of circumcision is as heated as ever. see more

6 Exercise Mistakes You're Probably Making

You're the picture of perfect form and you'd never be caught dead slacking off at the gym. Good. But even health nuts fall prey to these subtle (but serious) exercise mistakes. see more
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