5 Pieces of Exercise Gear You Can Take Anywhere

From business trips to weekend getaways to long vacations, summer can be a tough time to maintain a consistent exercise schedule. To be sure, some hotels have fitness centers but for those less fortunate travelers, a few missed days at the gym can turn your relaxing respite into stagnancy and lost gains. Plus, you'll probably want to burn off at least some of the rosé you'll be pounding while on vacation. That's why we teamed up with Tony Gentilcore, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and co-founder of Cressey Performance outside of Boston, to give you some suggestions on see more

9 Fat-Burning Tips From Normal Guys Who've Lost the Weight

Experience is the best teacher. So who better to get weight-loss advice from than guys who have actually shed a few (or even a hundo)? These three men have done just that. Read their stories, learn from their tips, and start your own weight-loss success story. see more

5 Exercises and 1 Workout You Can Do Anywhere

It's officially summer! Time for barbeques, fireworks, and best of all, vacation. But just because you're off from work doesn't mean your body is on break too, especially if you're going to the beach. You may not have a gym, you may not have weights, and with these exercises, brought to you by Mike Donavanik (C.S.C.S.), you definitely don't have an excuse. Donavanik, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer whose clients range from celebrities to regular joes, the creator of the Amazon top-seller "Extreme Burn" fitness DVD series, and just an overall fit, cool guy, gave us a list of see more

A Scientist Is Urging Men to Begin Freezing Their Sperm at Age 18

Last week, we told you about the problem of the decrease in volume and fertility of your sperm compared to your father's and grandfathers' and the potential that cosmetics and sunscreen may be to blame. Now we're giving you, or at least your offspring, a solution. Dr. Kevin Smith, in a recently published paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics, advised men as young as 18 years of age to begin freezing their sperm, reports The Telegraph. Citing studies in modern genetics, Smith, a bioethicist, believes that because the sperm and cells of older men contain greater numbers of see more
Food + Drinks

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Drinking Matcha Tea

When it comes to buzzy energy drinks, green (tea) is the new black (coffee). Matcha, a type of green tea made by whisking finely powdered whole tea leaves, is taking over cafes in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and more thanks in part to its high antioxidant content and roots in Far East rituals. With a Brooklyn cafe dedicating its menu to the vibrant green drink to models drinking matcha shots during Fashion Week, you could call it the latest "It" accessory, but that's a lot of new attention for a drink that's been around for centuries. The tea dates see more

How to Make Protein Shakes That Actually Work

Whether you want to bulk up, slim down, or make it through your 3:00 p.m. meeting without your stomach growling, protein shakes can help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. But with so many variables—type of protein, brand, liquid, mix-ins—protein shakes can go wrong really fast. Strengthen your shake with these expert-approved guidelines. see more

New Study Blames Sunscreen and Cosmetics for Drop in Sperm Quality

Your grandpas survived the Great Depression, fought in world wars, and according to a recent study out of Copenhagen, produced 25 percent more sperm (and a much more potent sample, too) than you. Still feeling manly? The results of a 15-year study of almost 5,000 Danish men (the average age of participants was 19) conducted by the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet found that 15 percent of men had very low-quality sperm, 27 percent could expect a long wait before fathering children, and only 25 percent of men had good-quality sperm, reports The Telegraph. Dr. Niels Jorgensen, see more

New Male Birth Control Could Be Available in 2018

It's one injection, it lasts for years, it's nonhormonal, and it could be more effective than the Pill. The caveat: It's for men. Introducing Vasalgel, a Parsemus Foundation product set to become the first FDA-approved male contraceptive since the condom, reports The Telegraph. In essence, Vasalgel is a polymer injected under a local anesthetic into the tubes carrying sperm, accessible through the scrotum. The polymer acts as a filter, stopping sperm in their tracks while allowing for the flow of other fluids, a key advance that would prevent pressure from building in the tubes, leading to discomfort and pain, see more

Do Trendy Diets Actually Work?

Diets are the new status symbol. Everyone's on one, and the one you choose says a lot more about you than how much you weigh. Still, in the end, what's the point of being fashionable if none of your clothes fit, you blow that promotion, and your kidneys are shot? Here, a panel of top nutrition and weight-loss experts explain which of today's trendiest diets you should try and which ones you should toss. see more

Chris Pratt Wants More People to Objectify His Body

Chris Pratt knows that America has spent the past year and some change thinking impure thoughts about how stacked he's gotten for his roles in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. And he's perfectly fine with that. In a recent interview with BBC's Radio 4, Pratt said that he's not opposed to people objectifying him. In fact, he encourages it. "I think it's appalling that for a long time, only women were objectified, but I think if we want to really advocate for equality, it's important to, as it turns out, not objectify women less, but just objectify men see more
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