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The New Wave of Actually Healthy, Good-For-You Condiments

Condiments are supposed to be the finishing touches of a dish. But as they have become increasingly laden with additives, many of your go-tos are more likely to undermine a meal's nutritional value than add to it. "Traditional choices like ketchup, mustard and many salad dressings can be full of sugar, salt, corn syrup, preservatives, and even gluten—all of which can mess with your metabolism," says nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, author of the Fast Metabolism Diet and Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook. These ingredients can also dominate your taste buds, overpowering real food flavors so all your brain notices is a hit see more

Meet Jack LaLanne, The Godfather of Bodybuilding

The next time you go to the gym, eat a salad for lunch, or challenge a younger person to an arm-wrestling contest, you ought to get down on one knee and say a little prayer to the patron saint of healthy living, Jack LaLanne. Or better yet, do 1,000 jumping jacks and 1,000 chin-ups. LaLanne would have turned 100 years old today, and though he only made it to 96, people who care about how they eat and how healthy their bodies are owe a lot to the guy. As do people who own collared jumpsuits. see more

The Difference Between a Six-Pack and a Strong Core

There's a reason trainers are constantly saying, "abs are made in the kitchen." Because they sure as hell aren't made in the gym. What you see—and what you don't—depends first and foremost on your body-fat percentage, says Jarrel Cudjoe, personal trainer and owner of Cudjoe Fitness in LA. "You can be as strong as you want and do as many crunches as possible, but your body fat percentage needs to be at a certain level before you even start to see anything." On the flip side, your core strength is about just that: how you train your core muscles see more

Stop Obsessing Over Your Form During Your Workout

Intelligent exercisers are well aware of the connection between form and results: To get the most benefit out of a particular move or exercise, precise form is imperative. But the way experts teach better form is changing. see more

Your Neighbors Might Kill You

If the people who live on either side of your house make your blood boil, you might want to seriously consider moving: Friendly neighbors may lower your risk of heart attack, a recent study finds. And the effect is drastic. Folks living in the friendliest neighborhoods reduced their risk by almost 70 percent. see more

Take Your Yoga Game to the Next Level

Fitness lends itself to quantifiable goals: a time to beat, a weight to lift, a distance to reach. But there's also artistry involved, and the opportunity to cultivate a skill and become a master. So when a challenge comes along that's as difficult to nail as it is awesome-looking, it's almost impossible for an insatiable athlete to resist. Hence the surging popularity of arm balances: yoga-inspired poses that require an impressive combination of strength, balance and focus—and happen to look amazing on Instagram feeds. see more

Should You Try LeBron's Low-Carb Diet?

Remember the days when we all wanted to "Be like Mike" and fill up on carb-filled Gatorade between quarters? Well, times change, and now everyone is talking about LeBron James' low-carb ketosis diet, inspired by his recent Instagram posts. A metabolic state in which the body uses fat as a source of energy instead of glycogen (the body's stored form of carbohydrates found in the muscle and liver), ketosis practically guarantees weight loss. And it's apparent that LeBron James' 6'8" frame has gotten a lot leaner—and, at least he hopes, meaner, per a recent article in Sports Illustrated. see more

No Excuses: A Bag That Doubles as a Traveling Gym

No need to skip your workout while on the road: The compact Technogym Wellness Bag ($295; has four resistance bands in two lengths (the shorter the band, the tougher the exercise) and grips for your hands, feet, and ankles to help you tone from traps to toes in even the most bijou suite. We asked Josh Holland, Technogym's in-house trainer (and sculptor of A-listers Madonna and Josh Groban), to suggest a top move. The only other equipment needed is a (locked) door. see more

"Clean Eating" May Just Change Your Life, and You Can Jumpstart Yourself with Just 10 Easy Steps

Hold whomever you like responsible—Gwyneth, maybe Gisele—but clean eating is one trend that's here to stay. The basic tenets? Consume whole, organic foods (namely produce and lean meats) while cutting back on (and ideally, eliminating) caffeine, processed sugar, alcohol, gluten, and dairy. "Removing these toxic triggers from your diet can make a hugely positive impact on your health," says Alejandro Junger, M.D., author of the new book Clean Eats. "Most people have more energy as a result, and some have even overcome issues like chronic headaches and seasonal allergies." see more

The Track Pant That's Worth Wearing Outside the Gym

After five years of infusing minimalist streetwear with high-tech details, Isaora has launched a dedicated fitness line. The #TrainBetter collection includes shirts, shorts, and sweats with antibacterial fibers and laser-cut ventilation panels. The Training Track Pant ($115; is our favorite—partly because warm-ups that don't resemble JV uniforms are a rarity, and partly because this lightweight version has heat-bonded seams. "Fewer seams equals less fabric yet better strength in the stress points," says cofounder Ricky Hendry. That means they'll survive as many burpees as you can. see more
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