How to Turn Your Next Ski Trip Into a Workout

There's no trip like a ski trip for packing in equal parts exercise, relaxation time, and sightseeing. The way we see it, athletes require two things of their ideal ski destinations: muscle-challenging ski runs and access to top-notch fitness facilities. Meg Austin, a ski expert who lives and works in Vail, Colorado, shares her favorite resorts for those who won't take double-black diamonds without NFL-level hotel gyms. see more

On Earlobe Reductions and Other Really Odd Plastic-Surgery Trends

When it comes to the old nip and tuck, we've come a long way from the basic face-lift or even plumping the face with fillers. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, plastic surgery is moving in some surprising—and downright odd—directions. Take, for example, the trend of earlobe reduction, which is exactly what it sounds like. This is part of a bigger trend the AAFPRS foresees, wherein smaller surgeries—which, in addition to earlobe reductions, include mole removal, upper-lip lifts, and filling in hollowed spaces of the face—create a subtle yet sizable difference in one's appearance. Makes see more

A Workout Class for the Aggressively Competitive

I'm a little competitive. Actually, that's a lie. I'm a lot competitive. My nickname here in the Details office is Tracy Flick (as in, Reese Witherspoon's annoyingly overachieving candidate for student-body president in Election). My brother and I even have a Monica-and-Ross-from-Friends-"Mom said we're not allowed to play football"-style rule still in effect from childhood. You get the picture. The Pursuit by Equinox was invented for people like me. As participants in the fitness club's new indoor-cycling class pedal along to the thundering music, a software system pulls real-time data on wattage and RPMs (to determine distance covered) from each see more

The Dirty Truth About Antibacterial Soaps

According to a new study by University of California researchers published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the active chemical in most antibacterial soaps, triclosan (which gives most antibacterial soaps and hygiene products their antibacterial properties), causes liver fibrosis and promotes cancerous liver tumors. What they found: Lab mice that were fed steady levels of tricloasan for six months developed serious liver issues, possibly by gumming up the processes by which the liver normally filters out toxins. What's worse, the researchers believe that it would probably do the same kind of damage to humans. "Although animal studies require see more

A Device That Will Force You to Sit Up Straight

Your grandma was on to something when she told you to stop slouching. Bad posture has been linked to high blood pressure, increased stress, and—surprise—frequent lower back pain (the second leading cause of doctor visits in the US, after the common cold). Meanwhile, those who stand up straight look slimmer and feel more confident than their slumping counterparts. Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy has even found that men who adopt "power poses" feel more powerful, dominant, and inclined to take risks. see more

The Most Overlooked Part of Your Workout Is How You Breathe

While there's no such thing as a magic bullet in fitness, there is one specific type of movement that, if corrected, can improve your performance and your results, whether you lift, run, swim, cycle, dance—whatever. see more

Do You Really Lose a Pound of Fat for Every 3,500 Calories You Burn?

Years ago, scientists played around with a pound of squishy, slimy human fat and found that it contained 3,500 calories of energy. But—sorry to break it to you—burning a pound of fat isn't as simple as burning through 3,500 calories. see more

You're Not Getting Enough Light and It's Ruining Your Health

Wake before the sunrise, hoof it to the office, grind at your desk, hit the gym, head home for dinner, engage with gadgets until you fall asleep, and repeat. This is the rhythm of the modern urban professional, for whom seeing the (actual) light of day is a rarity. see more

How I Got My Body: Alvin Ailey Dancer Glenn Allen Sims Doesn't Eat Dinner but Will Finish an Entire Pint of Ice Cream

Today Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater kicks off its 43rd consecutive season with five weeks of performances at New York City Center before embarking on nationwide and international tours. The company's star, 39-year-old Glenn Allen Sims, dances seven and a half hours a day to prepare, but it takes more than discipline in the studio to maintain his chiseled physique. see more
Food + Drinks

A Gift a Day: Boxed Meal Plans, Delivered to Your Door, for Would-Be Chefs

Cooking is hard. Sure, the act itself isn't terribly taxing, but after a full day of work, it's the last thing you want to do. You have wine to drink and TV to watch, right? Right. However, two services have provided shortcuts to get hurried folks straight to the heart of some more elaborate culinary traditions of yore. Both HelloFresh and Blue Apron operate on similar business models: Pay for a week's subscription and receive a box of ingredients delivered to your door, plus some handy recipes that'll help you get through the week, meal-wise. Which means you can make see more
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