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It's Official: Men Buy More Stuff Through Their Phones Than Women Do

The next time you hear anyone making an archaic (and, frankly, downright sexist) women be shoppin' joke, this tidbit may come in handy: it turns out that a higher percentage of men make purchases through their phones than women. see more

Two New Collaborations Remind You That You Need Some New Shoes

Admit it, you could use a new pair of shoes. Hell, you probably could use two, if you're being really honest with yourself. See, believe it or not, you piddled away your summer—as always—and now fall is looking down at you, waiting to embrace you in its icy grip. So there's that. see more

Nicolas Cage Doesn't Care If You Think He's Overacting

The Academy Award winning actor on why he had to break free from his family to start a career, wanting to break the mold, and playing with poisonous snakes. see more

Meet Spring, the App That Wants to Change the Way You Shop Without Changing the Way You Use Your Phone

Shopping apps can be good, bad, and downright awful. But most require a learning curve and a lot of patience. Spring, which launches today, recognizes that usability is as important as looks. You get function with the form. see more

Watch: How to Get a Swimmer's Body

Every body—and every fitness routine—could benefit from more water. see more

Joel McHale Has Sold Out (And That's Just Fine)

Year 2014 has been up and down for Joel McHale. High: This past spring, he struck gold when he nabbed the coveted position as host of the White House Correspondent's dinner, a position reserved for the comedic elite. Low: But his beloved sitcom Community was canceled by NBC and for a few weeks, it was looking like that show's end had come. High: Yahoo! eventually stepped in and decided to revive it for a sixth season to premiere online. This fall, along with reprising his role as Jeff Winger on Community, he's partnering with vitamin tablet maker Berocca for a see more

We Want It: Skagen's Cozy Gray Cotton Backpack

It's hard not to love a good backpack, especially with all the sleek variants some of our favorite brands have produced in recent years. But even doing a Google search for these kinds of bags right now (what with the onslaught of back-to-school advertisements touting garish rucksacks intended for rowdy children), can be a distracting experience. see more

Hot New Homes: Amazing Spaces For Dog Owners

Even the most pet-friendly buildings and neighborhoods fall pretty flat when it comes to actually caring for your dog. These luxury listings, however, go the extra mile, with pup-specific perks like on-call vet services, grooming rooms, and plenty of space to horse around. Your dog wished he lived here. Location: Modern smart home with a dedicated dog run in North Tustin, California Price: $2,175,000 Size: 4,303 square feet Key selling points: This modern Lemon Heights home has a dedicated wine room, a master suite with an adjoining executive office, and a great room with cathedral ceilings and a dual fireplace, see more
Food + Drinks

The Secret Ingredient in Your Cocktail: Salt

Bartenders around the world have recently figured out something that chefs have known forever: A pinch of salt helps flavors pop. see more

What Do You Eat Every Day? Doctors, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers Weigh In

There's a reason online grocery stores come with a "favorites" list: Because no matter how much our taste buds love variety, we're creatures of habit. Just take a look into your fridge. It probably packs the same foods it did last week and the week before that. So we polled the experts—from nutritionists and personal trainers to physicians—on the foods they eat as often as possible. You might want to consider adding them to your healthy-eating routine. see more
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