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11 Actors Who Almost Played Batman

The Dark Knight is arguably comicdom's most popular character, breaking out of his three-color origins in 1939 and taking his place alongside Superman as an American icon. So the men who stepped into those crime fighting boots, from 1943's Lewis Wilson to the 21st century's Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, had a lot riding on their shoulders as they fought for audience approval as much as they battled against the forces of darkness. Whether they succeeded or got their Bat Signals crossed is, of course, up for debate in more fanboy online forums and chatrooms than the Joker has convoluted see more
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8 Films That Remind Us That All Families Are Dysfunctional

Starting today, the film This Is Where I Leave You takes a look at a family reunited during the aftermath of its patriarch's death. Heavy stuff, right? But from the preview (above) and the 2009 book that serves as source material, it clearly applies a lighter touch. The cast is, without a doubt, grade A, with Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, that gangly guy from Girls, and Jane Fucking Fonda, but the premise is, well ... haven't you seen this movie before? Of course you have! This is Hollywood we're talking about, where they stick to formulas. However this happens see more

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Fashion Week Poseurs

Even talk show host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist getting in on the glamour of Fashion Week. For the latest edition of his ongoing series "Lie Witness News" wherein he quizzes clueless folks on make-believe events, he focused on the scene surrounding the biannual fashion shows in New York. You mean designers Chandler Bing and Betsey Ross ring a bell? They shouldn't, but these folks not only knew their names, they also loved their non-existent collections. Watch the cringeworthy interviews above. see more
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The Good Wife Effect: A Guide to Television's New Breed of Alpha Female

It's no secret that risk-averse television execs love to recycle proven concepts. This fall, it's all about power-relishing females, with the networks cross-pollinating the current crop of alpha heroines—Scandal's Olivia Pope (pictured left), The Good Wife's Alicia Florrick (pictured middle), Homeland's Carrie Mathison (pictured right)—in hopes of a breakout hit. Here's how to talk about the new breed of feminist procedurals without having to actually watch them. see more
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Can Reality TV's Midas Change the World?

Even though he's one of the most successful television producers on the planet—the mind behind an armada of prime-time Dutch-import reality hits, from Big Brother to The Voice; a businessman with an estimated $2.2 billion net worth—John de Mol has kept a lower profile than the average boom-mic operator. The 59-year-old mogul is the Bizarro version of Survivor creator Mark Burnett, his grandstanding British-American competitor and sometime partner (they're both executive producers on The Voice). "Mark likes to be in the spotlight—I don't," de Mol says. "My shows should be in the spotlight." His latest venture might be his riskiest: see more

Q&A: Playwright Kenneth Lonergan Brings His Enduring Coming-of-Age, This Is Our Youth, to Broadway

From left: Mark Ruffalo and Missy Yager; Tavi Gevinson and Michael Cera. Since This Is Our Youth premiered Off-Broadway in 1996 starring Mark Ruffalo, playwright Kenneth Lonergan's searing portrait of three teens behaving badly in early-eighties New York City has been a launching pad for gifted young actors out to prove their mettle. Warren, a slacker who steals $15,000 from his abusive father, was played by both Jake Gyllenhaal and Casey Affleck early in their careers, while Matt Damon and Hayden Christensen took on Dennis, the drug-dealing owner of the apartment where most of the action takes place. Anna Paquin see more

Boardwalk Empire's Kelly Macdonald Can't Believe Margaret Schroeder Is Still Alive

Kelly Macdonald doesn't give away too much about herself. She's not the kind of actress you're likely to find being followed by TMZ cameras or caught drunk in front of some trendy nightclub. Much like the characters she plays—including Boardwalk Empire's Margaret Thompson (née Schroeder)—there's an enigmatic air about the 38-year-old Glasgow native, which is part of what makes her so compelling to watch. And why she has managed to fly just slightly under the radar (in a good way) since making her big-screen debut at the age of 20 as Ewan McGregor's naughty schoolgirl cohort in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. see more
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Fall Preview: 10 Must-See End-of-Year Movies

The last quarter of the year, thanks to film-festival scheduling and the elbow-throwing nature of Academy Awards politics, is crammed with Oscar contenders, would-be moneymakers, and, if you're lucky, a few surprises. Here's our list, complete with our reasoning, of the 10 films that matter most between now and 2015—whether you're an Oscar addict, a serious film fan, or someone who just really likes AMC's buttered popcorn. see more
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What to Watch on Television This Fall

Every year after Labor Day TV viewers are faced with the same, daunting task: Sifting through the overwhelming array of new and returning series on the tube, deciding which are worth getting to know (and/or revisiting) and which are jokes or bores. After all, there's no point in dedicating your valuable time to a show that's doomed to be cancelled before Thanksgiving. But while there are plenty of these turkeys slated to hit the airwaves this year, there are many promising submissions on the horizon, too—particularly if you happen to be a fan of one of the four following categories see more
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How Our Favorite TV Shows Went Off the Rails

It's a sad but seemingly inescapable milestone in the lifespan of nearly every popular TV series, no matter how critically acclaimed or commercially successful—that moment when the show suddenly, irrevocably makes some unexpected error in narrative judgment that leaves loyal fans feeling betrayed, disappointed, and doubtful about their loyalty to their favorite program. Yes, we're talking about what happens when TV shows jump the shark: Ever since Fonzie's infamous waterskiing stunt (and even long before), the forces behind once bulletproof series have been making the same creative missteps, apparently blind to similar offenses committed by Ghosts of TV Shows Past. see more
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