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The Coen Brothers' Fargo on TV? You Betcha!

Fargo, the new Coen-brothers-produced FX limited series, opens just like their 1996 masterpiece: with the words this is a true story set over the Minnesota tundra. see more
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End-Game Theory: How Today's 5 Biggest TV Shows Will Conclude by Year's End

This year may well be one that continues to birth and nurture innovative TV—True Detective and season two of House of Cards come to mind—but it could also be remembered for ushering in the swan songs for critically celebrated shows Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, and The Newsroom, all of which sign off for good by December. The critically acclaimed Mad Men, meanwhile, will serve up an aperitif with seven episodes in 2014—starting this weekend—and a final digestif in 2015. see more

An Illuminating Conversation With, You Know, What's-Her-Name

The many faces of Judy Greer. Actress Judy Greer, the consummate sidekick, best friend, or both in countless films, has been approached by so many people who can't quite figure out where they've seen her before that she wrote a book about it, I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star (Doubleday; out April 8). We asked her about being almost-famous. see more
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The TV-Viewing Habits of Highly Effective People

When Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote an endearing fan letter to actor Bryan Cranston late last year, he confessed to watching five seasons of Breaking Bad in "two weeks," calling the experience a "marathon" and "addictive." The acting legend is hardly alone in voracious viewing—when it comes to feeding on TV fare, we've all got a bit of Dr. Lecter in us these days. We may be reveling in a golden age of artistic television, free from the tyranny of being told where and when to watch by a spray-tanned exec who failed upward by greenlighting Cavemen, but that's made us see more
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Q&A: Charlotte Gainsbourg Is Fine with Using a Porn Actor Double for Her Nymphomaniac Sex Scenes as Long as the Audience Knows It's All Pretend

Is there a more fearless working actor than Charlotte Gainsbourg? The Anglo-French beauty, who speaks like an angel, has plumbed some terrifyingly shocking depths—exhibiting psychosexual-violence in Antichrist (for which she won best actress at Cannes Film Festival), facing apocalypse in the epic Melancholia, and, most recently, exploring carnal extremes in Nymphomaniac, her cinematic reunion with Danish writer-director Lars von Trier. see more
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Actor Michael Peña Takes the Lead

Two years ago, during a press conference for the cop drama End of Watch, Michael Peña was asked what his dream role would be. Without hesitation, he answered, "To play Cesar Chavez." The iconic labor leader's life story resonated deeply with him—both he and Chavez grew up as second-generation Americans of modest means whose parents were farm laborers in Mexico (Peña's mother eventually became a social worker). Peña admits that at the time he thought the idea of a Chavez biopic being made in Hollywood—let alone his landing the lead—was a pipe dream: "I'd like to walk on the moon, see more
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Mike Epps on Playing Richard Pryor, the Shift From Comedy to Drama, and His New Film Repentance

Mike Epps spent 10 years as a stand-up comedian before he ever appeared on camera in projects like Def Comedy Jam, Next Friday, and The Hangover. So his recent turn to acting in and producing biopics, crime dramas, and suspense thrillers is a sharp career left turn. The new work is also keeping him plenty busy. Shortly after the 43-year-old actor-comedian wrapped up his role as Richard Pryor in Cynthia Mort's long-gestating Nina Simone film, Nina, Epps headed off to Atlanta with Vince Vaughn, Bill Paxton, and Hailee Steinfeld to work on Peter Billingsley's upcoming crime drama Term Life. In see more

Jeff Goldblum Wears Off-the-Rack Margiela, Plays Jazz Piano in L.A., and Hunts Down the Perfect Glasses for His Role in The Grand Budapest Hotel

Jeff Goldblum is 61. In person, even more than on screen, he looks, say, 48—tops. What keeps this inimitable, endlessly entertaining actor so spry and svelte that he can slip into off-the-rack Margiela suits? According to him, it's a steady intake of greens (chopped or liquefied), and a steady output of comically articulate work, like the kind he delivers in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel (in theaters now) and Roger Michell's Le Week-End (opening March 14 in limited release). see more
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Cursing in Front of the Kids: A Time Line of Bad Words in Classic Movies

Ten-year old Rohan Chand plays Jason Bateman's stiffest spelling-bee competition in the R-rated comedy Bad Words (out March 28) and somehow manages to maintain his wide-eyed innocence while Bateman (who also directed the film) lets the expletives fly. Read what little Rohan had to say about the film's rather expressive dialogue, and then see how he stacks up against other child stars who've been exposed to foul language in our movie time line. Parental guidance suggested. see more
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Q&A: Ralph Fiennes on the Actor-Director Relationship, Dropping the F-Bomb, and His Role in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, the sweeping, whimsical new adventure from Wes Anderson (opening March 7), Ralph Fiennes wields the rat-a-tat-tat vocabulary of Cary Grant in his heyday and exudes the ambiguous sexual prowess of Montgomery Clift. His throwback of a character—1930s hotelier Gustave H.—leads the film's nesting-doll narrative, and his performance is being touted as the greatest in any of Anderson's movies. While he may be best known to a younger generation as the makeup-caked Voldemort from the Harry Potter franchise, Fiennes was first revered as a classically trained gem of the British stage, a pedigree that works see more
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