Watch Lindsey Graham Destroy His Phone After Donald Trump Gave Out His Number

Graham one, Trump zero. Shortly after Donald Trump gave out South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's mobile-phone number (he's also running for the nomination as the Republican Party's 2016 presidential candidate), Graham released an instructional video on how to destroy your phone. In it, Graham tries pretty much every sadistic method you can think of to render his old-school Samsung clamshell useless. He hacks at it with a meat cleaver, puts it in a variety of kitchen appliances, sets it aflame, and eventually just drops if off the top of a building. And now that he's solidly in need of see more

Even President Obama Doesn't Want Jon Stewart to Leave The Daily Show

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive If you've been wishing there was some way you could force Jon Stewart to stay in his late-night-talk-show host chair for the foreseeable future, President Obama feels your pain. The commander in chief sat down for his final Daily Show interview last night, and either he's really, really going to miss seeing Stewart on TV on a regular basis, or he's slightly jealous that Jon gets to make his grand exit first: "You know, I can't believe you're leaving before me," the president said. "In see more
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Future Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Jokes with Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show

In the build-up to September 28th, when the premiere of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs on Comedy Central, Noah has been making the rounds. A few weeks back he was riding shotgun with Jerry Seinfeld in "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Now, he's joking around and giving a bit of his back story to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, which aired this past Friday. During his appearance, Noah touched on a few topics including growing up in South Africa, the stand-up comedy scene in his home country, his introduction to comedy, and the upcoming 2016 U.S. see more

Watch: David Letterman Comes Out of Retirement to Make Fun of Donald Trump

Once a late-night talk-show host, always a late-night talk-show host. David Letterman may be retired, but he still knows a good opportunity to make a joke when he sees one—and Donald Trump's run for president is as good an opportunity to make a joke as ever there was. That's why Letterman made a surprise guest appearance during a live performance by his pals Martin Short and Steve Martin in San Antonio—to gift the unsuspecting audience with a final Top 10 List: "Interesting Facts About Donald Trump." "I am so happy to be out of the house," said Letterman before see more

Obama Set to Become First Ever President to Visit Federal Penitentiary

The United States has a prison problem. We lock up more people than any other country in the world in terms of actual numbers and percentage of population. We represent 5% of the population yet 25% of the world's prisoners. Our prisons have a race problem, too. African Americans and Hispanics represented 58% of all incarcerations in 2008, yet only 25% of the total population. The mass incarceration of Americans contributes not only to individual poverty but to the country's deficit as well. It's a pressing national issue that needs to be addressed and next Thursday, President Obama will see more

Noted Feminist Matt McGorry Wants to Help #FreeTheNipple

While countless women have joined the social-media campaign #FreeTheNipple, we honestly can't remember the last time a man posted about it. Matt McGorry changed that on Wednesday. In a Facebook post, the Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder star photoshopped a nipple from Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen over his own in an old bodybuilding picture. "Can't you tell by how perverse my photo has become without my asexual male nippies?" he wrote with evident sarcasm. And then he went on to explain why the movement is so important. Part of the stand of see more

WATCH: Jon Stewart Finally Addressed Donald Trump's Comments on Mexicans and it is Priceless

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive God, we're going to miss Jon Stewart. Have we mentioned we're going to miss Jon Stewart? We're going to miss Jon Stewart. Last night, Stewart gave us another bit of comedic, satiric genius when he finally broached the topic of Donald Trump and his recent comments regarding our border with Mexico and the type of people crossing said border. If you live under a rock somewhere and haven't heard them yet, Trump basically called Mexicans criminals, drug dealers, and rapists, but was kind enough see more

Does the LGBT Community Really Just Want Indifference?

In a Vanity Fair piece about what it's like to be a gay cadet at West Point, writer Dave Cullen posits an interesting idea. After a long, hard-fought battle to have their dignity reflected in the right to serve openly in the military and to legally marrying the people they love, were gay men and lesbians ultimately asking for people to just not care about their sexuality? Sara Emsley said she'd prepared to delve deeper into the closet when she transferred from Virginia Tech to West Point last year. "I couldn't have been more wrong," she told Cullen. "I received see more

The White House Has Lifted Its Ban on Photos and Social Media

Big news! Excited to announce we're lifting the ban on cameras and photos on public tours at the @WhiteHouse! https://t.co/b0v17puClm— The First Lady (@FLOTUS) July 1, 2015 Damn, the Obamas are having one helluva run. The latest bit of good news—following the Supreme Court passage of gay marriage and the approval of government-assisted health-care matters—is that the White House has decided to lift its ban on photography and social media. Now anyone with the insurmountable urge to take a selfie in the East Room can have at it. Michelle Obama took to her Twitter account to deliver the news this morning, see more
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Stephen Colbert Asks Justice Scalia to Make an Appearance on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert is bored. The Colbert Show taped its final episode on December 18, 2014, and since then Colbert has been biding his time and waiting for September 8, 2015, when The Late Show With Stephen Colbert premieres and America collectively remembers why we fell in love with his wit and commentary in the first place. Fortunately for us, yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, and Justice Scalia's opinion in particular, provoked enough of a reaction from Colbert that he felt it necessary to come out of hiding and record the type of shrewd analysis we've been missing for the past see more
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