Why It's the Right Time for Jon Stewart to Leave The Daily Show

As news of Jon Stewart's decision to step down from The Daily Show spreads, the general mood on our Twitter and Facebook feeds can best be summed up by a single word: sad. But it's a cause for celebration—and further proof that the indispensable Stewart is one of our savviest entertainers. Remember, this was a man best known (if at all) as a onetime MTV talk-show host, a moderately successful standup comedian, and Adam Sandler's straitlaced lawyer roommate in Big Daddy before transforming himself into the wisecracking conscience of a nation. Calling it quits now, after already going on hiatus see more

Would Investing More in Your Wardrobe Help Prevent Another Garment-Factory Tragedy?

It's been exactly one year since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dakha, Bangladesh, that killed over 1,100 people and injured 2,500 more. And while the response to the disaster has come mostly from government bodies, retailers, and workers'-rights groups, we're wondering why consumers aren't more concerned about purchasing clothes from the brands that manufacture there. see more

Why You Have to See President Obama's Hilarious Between Two Ferns Interview with Zach Galifianakis

How far will President Obama go to convince young people to get in on the Affordable Care Act? see more

New Balance, Street Style's Favorite Sneaker, Is (Almost) in the Army Now

The maker of the street-style set's longtime favorite sneaker (we're talking about New Balance, of course), has been lobbying the armed forces to buy more American-made gear for its new recruits. After over five years of talking about outfitting freshly buzzed Marines and soldiers with domestically produced shoes, the military seems close to doing something about it. see more
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Tuxedos for Two: How the Wedding-Apparel Industry Is Keeping Up With Marriage Equality

Every time the LGBT community celebrates the legalization of same-sex marriage (Illinois passed a bill last week; Hawaii votes on the issue in the Senate this Friday), the wedding business gets a fresh boost. It may not be the first thing people think about as cultural paradigms evolve, but as the face of nuptials in America changes so too does the wedding-apparel industry. see more

Who Should Play Crack-Smokin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford When the Inevitable Biopic Is Made?

The Twitterverse has been abuzz over the last 24 hours with suggestions of actors that could play the cherubic, bumbling, crack-smoking Toronto mayor if a biopic were ever made about him (the news threw us for a loop as we had just finished reporting a story on the rise in crack use amongst the affluent upwardly mobile). Chris Farley would have been the obvious choice, but as he's no longer with us, the options come down to the following men: see more

Top 10 Bizarre-But-Real Petitions on Whitehouse.gov

It's right there in the First Amendment to the Constitution: The government shall make no law prohibiting the people's right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Of course years ago, it was a lot more difficult to get those pesky grievances redressed. You had to shake off a bad case of cholera, hop on a horse, and bang on the door of your representative. Now you can just fire up a computer. But are we a better nation for it? see more

Meet Kid President, YouTube's Youngest Head of State

Last July, Tennessean Robby Novak, age 9, delivered his inaugural YouTube address as Kid President. When a January speech called "A Pep Talk From Kid President to You," encouraging adults to "be more awesome," went viral, Novak became a sensation. Here, five reasons the kid deserves your vote. see more

Meet the Next Wave of Political Pundits

The cable networks have new competition in their campaign for your election-coverage vote. When asked in August why the president favored People and Entertainment Tonight over the political press, Obama campaign adviser Stephanie Cutter told CNN that pop-culture media is now "equally important." So the networks have turned to a fresh crop of talking heads who operate as one-person polemical brands, as adept at stirring up controversy as they are at analyzing the candidates. Here are the major political pop stars to watch right now. see more

Democrats vs. Republicans: Which Party Throws the Better Party?

The RNC and the DNC (on August 28 and September 3, respectively) give our country's two great parties the hallowed right to select their presidential candidates. Except, for the last several decades this hasn't been true; they merely announce the candidates. These days, the prospective heads of state just host days-long ego trips. Consider it a senior prom with the queen nomination on lock. The balloons will be thick, the stagecraft elaborate, the speeches high-blown, and the after-parties debauched. Here, we pit party against party in several categories and declare a winner in each. see more
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