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Sex + Relationships

9 Surprising Places to Find a Date

In searching for love, I'd recommend the Genius Bar over any cocktail bar. see more
Sex + Relationships

6 Unspoken Rules of Casual Sex

Casual sex takes many forms. You know the obvious ones: the one-night stand, the booty call, sex by appointment. More recent variations include "rec" (recreational) sex, which exists because, as one friend told me, "every great athlete needs practice." And then there's "cereal" sex, which is a one-night stand amid a dry spell that, like cereal, is satisfying in the moment but leaves you needing further sustenance shortly thereafter. Yet, every flavor of casual sex—uncommitted, unemotional, purely carnal—is governed by the same rules. We list them below to help you fornicate better. see more
Sex + Relationships

Study Reveals Why We All Suck at Flirting

Remember that time when the salesperson was following you around the store, keeping eye contact for what seemed like an intense amount of time, and offering to contact you with more information about that item if you'd leave your number—and you just couldn't tell if this was a true come-on or a sales technique? Well, a new study says that these and other borderline experiences you've been pondering for years may well have been missed opportunities. Hookups that slipped through your finger. The ones that got away. . . see more
Sex + Relationships

6 Things to Keep in Mind When You Bite Someone

When Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez bared his pearly whites and chomped down on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during their World Cup face-off in Brazil on Tuesday, he not only put his the trophy, his career, and his reputation at risk. He was also doing it all wrong. There's a right way to bite someone else, sex columnist Jamye Waxman says, and in cleats on a football pitch ain't it. see more
Sex + Relationships

The Future of Onanism: 6 Sex Toys That Redefine Male Masturbation

We hear about all tech innovations in phones, cameras, cars, even glasses, almost every day. But one category has eluded the spotlight for what seems like decades: sex toys for men. And yet, suddenly, here we are in a boom phase for newfangled masturbatory machines—rings and pulses and holes. It's all very exciting as long as you're not too uncomfortable with the idea of reading about a "Humpus," "VërSpanken," "Flip Hole" or "Hot Octopuss Pulse" (which was just, um, released this month). Below, the recent bounty of products hitting your local sex toy purveyor. see more
Sex + Relationships

24-Hour Condom Delivery Service Comes to the Rescue of the Unprepared and Easily Embarrassed

In New York City, not only is Chinese food delivery at 3 A.M. standard, but now—should the need arise—Manhattanites can also have condoms dropped at their door. see more
Movies + TV

Q&A: Charlotte Gainsbourg Is Fine with Using a Porn Actor Double for Her Nymphomaniac Sex Scenes as Long as the Audience Knows It's All Pretend

Is there a more fearless working actor than Charlotte Gainsbourg? The Anglo-French beauty, who speaks like an angel, has plumbed some terrifyingly shocking depths—exhibiting psychosexual-violence in Antichrist (for which she won best actress at Cannes Film Festival), facing apocalypse in the epic Melancholia, and, most recently, exploring carnal extremes in Nymphomaniac, her cinematic reunion with Danish writer-director Lars von Trier. see more
Sex + Relationships

8 Cliché-Busting Valentine's Day Ideas

People get passionate on Valentine's Day—long before the evening winds down and, if all goes well, the clothes come off. Some love the day, reveling in and dispensing as much heart-shaped, gooey sentiment as they can fit into 24 hours. Others view it as an unnecessarily pressure-ridden faux-holiday and would rather hide under the covers until the clock strikes midnight and it's officially February 15th. If you're like us, you buy into the idea that it might be nice to do something special with your significant other, but you'd rather not go through the motions and trot out the see more

The Truth About Testosterone—and How to Get More Naturally

For the last few years, testosterone ("T") has been one of the biggest swinging dicks of the prescription drug business. According to IMS Health, a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical analysis firm, sales of testosterone-related drugs hit $1.9 billion in 2011—a 90 percent increase in sales over the previous five years. And IMS doesn't see any future sagging in the market either: Experts predict testosterone sales will top $5 billion by 2017. see more
Sex + Relationships

Health Myth: Do Single People Have Better Sex Than Married Couples?

There's no disputing that some things get better with age—single-malt scotch, stinky cheese, and denim jeans all come to mind. But sex? According to a recent poll, 90 percent of people think sex also belongs on that list. Before you close your browser, hear us out. There's a reason to have sex with the same partner over and over again—and it's not love. see more
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