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Sex + Relationships

A Quarter of Harvard Grads Didn't Have Sex During College

Now this is a dry spell. According to an annual student survey conducted by The Harvard Crimson, a quarter of the students at one of the world's finest and best-known universities didn't get any while they were there. The survey asks probing questions about everything from starting salaries (which are pretty high) to how marginalized minority groups felt on campus (which is depressing). And while there are many Harvard students in the class of 2015 who got plenty, there are also lots who just didn't. Per the study: Fifty-eight percent of senior respondents said they entered Harvard as virgins. Once see more
Sex + Relationships

Men Confess the Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

What really gets you going behind closed doors? We asked readers to spill their strangest turn-ons using Whisper, a social-networking app that lets you post those deep, dark secrets you wouldn't dare share anywhere else. Below are the best of the batch. see more
Sex + Relationships

8 Things We Learned About Hyperreal Sex Dolls From Vanity Fair

All dolled up with no place to go? That's the point. At least, that's the main takeaway of Vanity Fair's incredibly comprehensive (and slightly arousing?) article about RealDolls, which are anatomically detailed life-size playthings that are mostly used for, well, carnal desires without the fuss of emotional attachments. Writer George Gurley covers the racy subject from a variety of angles. He hangs out with David Mills, an unapologetic owner of a RealDolls ("I want to be the Rosa Parks of sex dolls!"). He visits the California-based factory where the dolls are made and chats with their creator, Bill McMullen. He see more
Sex + Relationships

Tinder Just Made It Easier for You to Stalk Your Crushes

Because Tinder knows that you like to evaluate a prospective romantic entanglement's Instagram pictures before you swipe left or right, it has added a functionality that will allow you to do just that. see more

Amy Schumer Has a Friendly Reminder for All Ass Men

No ifs, ands, or butts about it—Amy Schumer's song "Milk Milk Lemonade" is as disgusting as it is brilliant (much like she is). Fresh from her stint hosting the MTV Movie Awards, the foul-mouthed comedian released a music video to promote the upcoming season of her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer (debuts April 21). In short: It's amazing. Playing on the overwhelming fetishization of the derrière (after all, 2014 was called the Year of the Butt by The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Vogue, and the New York Times, to name a few), Schumer created a musical reminder that, sexy see more
Weird News

Très Romantic Americans Plan Most First Dates at Starbucks

This love affair with coffee might be getting out of hand. According to the data given to Mic from the dating app Clover, our favorite spots to plant the seeds of a possible lifelong romance aren't quite what they used to be. According to the digital Cupid, 52% of women would like to meet you at a coffee shop, as opposed to a restaurant, for fear that you're a lemon anyway and she might as well cut her losses after 15 minutes and a kale smoothie. Hell, she's a swipe away from her next date anyway, right? Yeah, it's see more
Sex + Relationships

Millennials Are Really Really Gay, Apparently

Millennials are tech-savvy, independent, entitled, motivated to make social change, and gay. Really gay. According to a new report found by The Daily Beast, they're twice as likely to identify as LGBT as other adult Americans. Not only are more of them identifying as gay—coming in at about 7%—their concept of LGBT contains multitudes (to quote that big old 'mo Walt Whitman). So much so that millennial dating app OKCupid offers up a full 12 categories to choose from as your sexual orientation (what is demisexual anyway?) not to mention 22 different options when it comes to gender. We'd be see more
Sex + Relationships

We Went to a "Death-Positive" Singles' Night and This Is What We Learned

A while back, Daisy Tainton was on her way to a date when a friend called to say he'd found a dead cat out on the street. So naturally Tainton, who by day works as a mild-mannered entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History but by night puts together elaborate anthropomorphic taxidermy displays, immediately called up her prospective partner and told him that she had to cancel—she had to go scoop up a kitty corpse, ASAP. To hear her tell it, the man involved was neither understanding nor pleased. Later, while sharing her woe with fellow death enthusiast Joanna see more
Sex + Relationships

Men Confess Their Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

Ever wanted to share your deepest, darkest secrets with a complete stranger? Of course you have. That's why we turned to the Whisper app, where you told us anonymous tales of rejection, heartbreak, and awful dates. Here's to better luck next year. see more
Sex + Relationships

New Survey Reveals All the Weird Things We Think About Love

Want to increase your odds of improving your love life in time for Valentine's Day? Time Out just released the results of its worldwide survey on dating, and some of the results are pretty surprising. Herewith, a few takeaways. see more
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