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Sex + Relationships

Tinder on the Apple Watch Literally Lets Your Heart Do the Swiping

The heart wants what the heart wants. To prove this point, the digital agency T3 has created a hands-free version of the popular dating app Tinder, made especially for the Apple Watch. Instead of looking at a possible match, spending a moment to ponder whether s/he is attractive to you and then swiping left or right accordingly, Hands-Free Tinder taps your heart rate to gauge your interest on a physiological level. "By simply looking at the photos on the watch, our application measures the change in a user's heart rate then swipes left if the rate goes down or see more
Sex + Relationships

Stop Acting Like Online Dating Is Shameful. It Isn't

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder. We have been dating now for about three months, and it's getting serious. Recently at a barbecue, a friend asked us how we met, and the new boyfriend quickly said "through friends" before I could tell the truth. Later he told me he feels "dumb" saying how we met, because Tinder "seems so trashy." Part of me sees what he means, but lying to everyone about how we met doesn't seem right either. What are we supposed to do? —Beth, Los Angeles Your boyfriend's embarrassment is understandable. People love to judge. They ask see more

New Study Blames Sunscreen and Cosmetics for Drop in Sperm Quality

Your grandpas survived the Great Depression, fought in world wars, and according to a recent study out of Copenhagen, produced 25 percent more sperm (and a much more potent sample, too) than you. Still feeling manly? The results of a 15-year study of almost 5,000 Danish men (the average age of participants was 19) conducted by the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet found that 15 percent of men had very low-quality sperm, 27 percent could expect a long wait before fathering children, and only 25 percent of men had good-quality sperm, reports The Telegraph. Dr. Niels Jorgensen, see more
Sex + Relationships

3 Important Dating Lessons From Relationship Expert Aziz Ansari

At some point while he was researching his new book Modern Romance, comedian and actor Aziz Ansari became exactly the kind of dating expert millennials need. In an excerpt from the book adapted for Time, Ansari lays down some hard truths about the way young people go about finding love. His writing is the mirror none of the single young people in the Details office (or any office, for that matter) can avoid. And while the whole thing is worth reading (we mean that in reference to both the column and the book itself), we've done our best to distill see more
Sex + Relationships

Why More Straight Guys Should Be Playing With Their Butts

Anal for straight men has always been a taboo. In part because of a false idea of emasculation and partly because of the "ew" factor. Those insecurities, mostly rooted in internalized homophobia, have kept straight guys from getting in on butt play. Women have—ahem—plugged in to this idea a long time ago, many of them saying they achieve orgasm during anal sex. This phenomenon reached mainstream when earlier this year, Broad City announced, "It's 2015. Anal's on the menu." Men who have sex with men have been in on this secret for centuries. How to Get Away With Murder see more
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Transgender People Are Getting Banned From Tinder Because of Transphobic Users

nothing like getting banned from tinder because dudes are reporting you for being transgender. #tinder pic.twitter.com/GP6vhDvhcU— Molly McGlone (@mollymcglone11) April 28, 2015 We sort of hope Caitlyn Jenner wasn't planning on using Tinder anytime soon. Transgender users of the dating app Tinder haven taken to social media to let the world know their accounts are getting banned. According to Mic, the problem keeps cropping up because some people who come across the profiles of trans men and women report these individuals for misconduct. And after enough people make these kinds of complaints, the trans members' accounts can be placed under see more
Sex + Relationships

Men Confess Their Biggest Regrets in Life

Ever wish you could go back in time? Maybe you'd take that job, make that move, or—let's be honest—get laid more often. You're not alone. We asked readers to spill their biggest regrets on Whisper, a social-networking app that lets you post those deep, dark secrets you wouldn't dare share anywhere else. Below, the best (worst?) of the batch. see more
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A Quarter of Harvard Grads Didn't Have Sex During College

Now this is a dry spell. According to an annual student survey conducted by The Harvard Crimson, a quarter of the students at one of the world's finest and best-known universities didn't get any while they were there. The survey asks probing questions about everything from starting salaries (which are pretty high) to how marginalized minority groups felt on campus (which is depressing). And while there are many Harvard students in the class of 2015 who got plenty, there are also lots who just didn't. Per the study: Fifty-eight percent of senior respondents said they entered Harvard as virgins. Once see more
Sex + Relationships

Men Confess the Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

What really gets you going behind closed doors? We asked readers to spill their strangest turn-ons using Whisper, a social-networking app that lets you post those deep, dark secrets you wouldn't dare share anywhere else. Below are the best of the batch. see more
Sex + Relationships

8 Things We Learned About Hyperreal Sex Dolls From Vanity Fair

All dolled up with no place to go? That's the point. At least, that's the main takeaway of Vanity Fair's incredibly comprehensive (and slightly arousing?) article about RealDolls, which are anatomically detailed life-size playthings that are mostly used for, well, carnal desires without the fuss of emotional attachments. Writer George Gurley covers the racy subject from a variety of angles. He hangs out with David Mills, an unapologetic owner of a RealDolls ("I want to be the Rosa Parks of sex dolls!"). He visits the California-based factory where the dolls are made and chats with their creator, Bill McMullen. He see more
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