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The One Thing Women Find As Gross As Bad Breath

Few things have the power to repel like bad breath. It can single-handedly reverse the trajectory of a promising date. But it turns out there is something just as foul as halitosis. Nose hairs may be an effective filter against bugs and dirt, but also act as a impenetrable barrier to getting laid. That's because women hate protruding nostril hairs almost as much as they do bad breath, according to Men's Health. The men's magazine recently asked 400 Women's Health readers if they would rather meet a guy at the bar with terrible breath or visible strands of nose see more

Study: Condoms Aren't to Blame for Erection Problems

Thought condoms were the reason for reduced feeling and subpar sex? Well you might want to stop telling women that, because a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that condom-hating is just another symptom of boner problems in general. Gathering data from 500 straight men between the ages of 18 and 24, researchers found that the roughly one-third who claimed that condoms negatively impacted their sexual performance were were likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In other words, it's not the condom, it's you. "Condom-associated erection problems have been a very under-researched topic," Dr. Cynthia see more
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The Best App for . . . Dating Famous People

If you've been finding your Tinder dates to be a little lackluster, you might want to upgrade to a higher class of hookup app. Raya is a new service celebs and the social-media elite are using to mingle, according to New York magazine. It's been up and running since March, but its cloak-and-dagger sense of secrecy (a benefit when you're, say, a young Schwarzenegger or Dancing With the Stars contestant) has kept it out of the limelight until now. Raya works like most dating apps (swipe, like, chat), except users are verified by a committee that judges their social-media presence. see more
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Not Everyone on Ashley Madison Was Cheating (and Other Fun Facts!)

Cheaters never win. That may be so, but with the leak of well-known pro-cheating site Ashley Madison this week, we're able to learn so, so much more about cheaters than whether or not they win or lose. The 10-gigabyte data dump included names, addresses, and payment information of 32 million users, going so far as revealing what members were specifically looking for. Much can be learned from the raw numbers. For example, a good chunk of people (40 percent) weren't even cheating, according to news-data resource Dadavis. They were merely singles using the site as you would any other see more

The First Apple Watch Sex Toy Is Here

Ask, and ye shall receive: And, damn, were you knocking the door down for a jiggly pink sperm-shaped thing that lets you give orgasms from your wrist. So here it is, fully funded by IndieGogo after sweeping up almost double its $10,000 goal fund: the first Apple Watch-controlled sex toy. Isn't she beautiful? This might be the best inadvertent smartwatch ad we've seen yet. see more
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Hookup Apps and the Rise of STDs

It was about four days after the last right swipe when the burning started. For Jeff (some names have been changed), an author in his thirties who'd spent much of the past decade cycling through commitment-free flings, Tinder had been a goldmine: a smorgasbord of no-hassle sex at the flick of a finger. And the women he hooked up with didn't even seem to care whether he wrapped up. Then came the painful symptoms, the pride-crushing visit to the doctor, and the diagnosis: gonorrhea. Though the sexually transmitted disease was easily treatable, a condom is now nonnegotiable. "I'm no longer see more
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Science: Sexting Is Great for Your Sex Life

Today in duh: Sexting isn't just for teens. But if you're not one of the millions of adults who engage in the practice, there's now good reason to practice your sexy selfie game. New research presented at the American Psychological Association's 123rd Annual Convention, and now published on ScienceDaily, has unearthed an intriguing link between regular sexting and overall sexual satisfaction. Drexel University professors Emily Stasko and Pamela Geller recently assessed the sexting—defined as the sending or receiving of sexually suggestive or explicit content via text message—of 870 American men and women aged 18 to 82. Of the 88 see more
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Tinder on the Apple Watch Literally Lets Your Heart Do the Swiping

The heart wants what the heart wants. To prove this point, the digital agency T3 has created a hands-free version of the popular dating app Tinder, made especially for the Apple Watch. Instead of looking at a possible match, spending a moment to ponder whether s/he is attractive to you and then swiping left or right accordingly, Hands-Free Tinder taps your heart rate to gauge your interest on a physiological level. "By simply looking at the photos on the watch, our application measures the change in a user's heart rate then swipes left if the rate goes down or see more
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Stop Acting Like Online Dating Is Shameful. It Isn't

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder. We have been dating now for about three months, and it's getting serious. Recently at a barbecue, a friend asked us how we met, and the new boyfriend quickly said "through friends" before I could tell the truth. Later he told me he feels "dumb" saying how we met, because Tinder "seems so trashy." Part of me sees what he means, but lying to everyone about how we met doesn't seem right either. What are we supposed to do? —Beth, Los Angeles Your boyfriend's embarrassment is understandable. People love to judge. They ask see more

New Study Blames Sunscreen and Cosmetics for Drop in Sperm Quality

Your grandpas survived the Great Depression, fought in world wars, and according to a recent study out of Copenhagen, produced 25 percent more sperm (and a much more potent sample, too) than you. Still feeling manly? The results of a 15-year study of almost 5,000 Danish men (the average age of participants was 19) conducted by the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet found that 15 percent of men had very low-quality sperm, 27 percent could expect a long wait before fathering children, and only 25 percent of men had good-quality sperm, reports The Telegraph. Dr. Niels Jorgensen, see more
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