(Sex + Relationships)
Sex + Relationships

The Best Songs To Have Sex To? Here are 17 Picks

Recently I asked a friend what his favorite seduction song is, and his answer surprised me: He prefers silence. see more
Sex + Relationships

The Politics of Sex in the (Literal) Dark

True or false: Men prefer sex with the lights on and women like it better off. Answer: It depends on whom you ask. Men are "visual creatures," goes the myth, and, indoctrinated by porn—biologically hard-coded with a "male gaze." Thus, they like to watch. Conversely, or so the generalizations go, women have an affinity for romance and mystery—and more often contend with negative body images—which would lead anyone to prefer a pitch-black setting. see more

Sex: How I Learned to Love the Missionary Position

Ok, I'll say it: I hate missionary. Most people rarely think about it, which is weird, considering it's the most common position. I'm not one to be too particular about sex—honestly, I'm just glad to be having it. Nor do I require acrobatic bedroom maneuvers like we're performing in a show called Sex Du Soleil. Nonetheless, missionary is something I really can't get behind—er, on top of. see more
Sex + Relationships

6 Reasons to Quit Online Dating Altogether

In a bygone era, online dating seemed relegated to a marginalized community of desperate weirdos and would-be serial killers. Now, dating sites and apps are so available and ubiquitous, many men assume they are a requirement for a robust romantic life. see more
Sex + Relationships

5 Reasons Why Men Should Never Fake an Orgasm (Beyond the Obvious)

As I learned in the iconic "I'll have what she's having" scene in When Harry Met Sally. . ., women often faux-O—sometimes even in a diner. see more
Sex + Relationships

Short Men Have More Sex. Here's Why.

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, shorter men have more sex than their taller counterparts. More specifically, in a study with 531 heterosexual guys, "coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175cm" (just under 5'9"). see more
Sex + Relationships

Even Busy People Make Time for Sex. Here's How.

True story: Two years ago, Aaron and Jila (last names omitted to honor the couple's privacy) overcame the odds by starting—and maintaining—a relationship from Salt Lake City to Fort Lauderdale. Then they both moved to New York City where, without 2,500 miles separating them, things were supposed to be easy. That's when reality settled in for the 24-year-olds: Aaron works 80 hours a week in investment management. Jila is a full-time grad student and holds a retail gig on the side. Their apartments are a 45-minute train ride apart. They love each other, but they're swamped. And stressed. And tired. see more
Sex + Relationships

5 Ways to Be a Better Wingman

Film is rife with kickass sidekicks, but as far as wingmen go, one (literally and figuratively) soars high above the rest: Top Gun's Goose (Anthony Edwards). Goofy, mustachioed, and wifed up (to Meg Ryan's character, no less), Goose is the foil to Tom Cruise's Maverick, taking the highway to the danger zone for his partner, from the cockpit to the piano to, legendarily, the volleyball court. In the end, he's the reason Maverick gets the girl and (spoiler alert) defeats the Russians. Here are five ways to channel your inner-Goose and serve as a top-flight wingman. see more
Sex + Relationships

The Dos and Don'ts of Vacation Romances

I'm writing this from a state park in rural Ohio, where I'm vacationing with my family. Between the high-school lifeguards, shuffleboard octogenarians, and blood relatives, my chances of romance on this trip are, to put it mildly, slim. see more
Sex + Relationships

10 Kinds of First Dates—from Scary to Nearly Perfect

Maybe you have a tried-and-true routine before a first date: a lucky outfit, a go-to spot, painstaking preparation. Practice winks in the mirror (just me?). see more
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