Alexander Wang Casts Real Athletes in H&M Campaign

As if to underscore just how sporty his collaboration with H&M is going to be, Alexander Wang cast two real-life athletes in the collection's advertising. see more

Watch: This Derek Jeter Gatorade Ad Will Give You the Feels

Watch this commercial for Gatorade and see if the black lump of coal that resides in your chest doesn't melt just a little. As the legendary baseball player prepares to wrap up a 20 year career—all with the same team, the Yankees—he takes a quick walk to meet his fans. The results are, for lack of a better word, heartwarming. End of an era, man. see more

How You Can Tell That It's Football Season

I'm guessing that you're not living on some secluded island away from the mainstream, and, because of that, I have a hunch that you know it's football season. see more

Should You Try LeBron's Low-Carb Diet?

Remember the days when we all wanted to "Be like Mike" and fill up on carb-filled Gatorade between quarters? Well, times change, and now everyone is talking about LeBron James' low-carb ketosis diet, inspired by his recent Instagram posts. A metabolic state in which the body uses fat as a source of energy instead of glycogen (the body's stored form of carbohydrates found in the muscle and liver), ketosis practically guarantees weight loss. And it's apparent that LeBron James' 6'8" frame has gotten a lot leaner—and, at least he hopes, meaner, per a recent article in Sports Illustrated. see more

The Hottest Coach in College Football Still Has a Lot to Prove

LUBBOCK, Texas — Lightning streaks across the West Texas sky, briefly illuminating Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium. Another bolt lights up the parking lot—it's almost empty, with just a few pickup trucks dotting the black pavement. What they're doing here now, so early in the morning that it still feels more like late last night, is an open question. The sun won't be up for hours. Neither will the birds. A pair of lights approach, two eyes glowing in the dark. A white Lexus stops next to a sign that bears coach Kliff Kingsbury's name, and he steps out of see more

U.S. Open-Inspired Products You'll Actually Want to Own

Sporting events just wouldn't be the same without the tacky T-shirts, memorial cups, and foam fingers they generate. But do you ever actually buy any of that stuff? No. No, you don't. This year's U.S. Open might change that. The tennis tournament, which started on August 25, has inspired some of our favorite brands to create products that blend style and function. Below, a few pieces of gear (and one really great app) that might make tennis more fun to play than it is to watch. see more

Kayak Dodgeball: A New Sport Is Born (and Not Just in Brooklyn)

The idea of marrying the smarting pain and public humiliation of the grade-school game of dodgeball to kayaking in the Hudson River might not be how some people would craft America's next great sport, but Randall Henricksen has merged the two worlds anyway. see more

The Craziest On-Court Meltdowns in the History of Tennis

For some reason, tennis has had a hard time shaking its stuffy reputation. You know, the country clubs, the pleated skirts. But we would be remiss to write the sport off as a bourgeois pastime reserved solely for bored suburban housewives. Consider the passionate displays exhibited by many of the best players—and by "passionate," we mean batshit crazy. With the U.S. Open starting up next week, it's high time to revisit the tirades, tantrums, and racquet-smashing hijinks that give the sport a little edge. see more

The Most Cringeworthy Moments in Sports History

It's funny how sometimes the most painful things to watch end up being the hardest to ever stop watching. Mark Sanchez's infamous butt fumble has been viewed millions of times. ESPN's uncomfortable interview with Andrew Wiggins was turned into a mesmerizing Vine. And every time Birdman speaks, our eyes are drawn immediately to the television screen. see more

Soccer Star Tim Howard's Big Secret

American goalkeeper Tim Howard shattered World Cup records during the game against Belgium yesterday, racking up an awe-inspiring 16 saves—more than anyone in the history of the planet's most popular sports tournament. His phenomenal success (which still didn't save the U.S. from losing to Belgium in the end, 2-1) sparked plenty of questions from cynics online, especially after he was "randomly" drug-tested immediately after his already-legendary performance. But FIFA officials needn't have bothered. Howard, 34, already spilled the secrets of his performance. To us. see more
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