Victor Cruz Fronts Givenchy's Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

Looks like Victor Cruz has been practicing his Blue Steel. The 28-year-old football star has been unveiled as the face of the French label Givenchy, starring in its fall/winter 2015 campaign. Outfitted in a graphic pinstripe suit, Cruz stars in the campaign alongside Donatella Verace who is featured in the women's ads. This isn't the first time Cruz has stepped in front of the camera for the sake of fashion, though—he's already posed for ads ranging from urban-footwear brand Kith to khakis-for-all label Gap. Nice work if you can get it. GBOY @teamvic @mertalas @macpiggott @carineroitfeld @lucia_pieroni @sammcknight1 #gboy see more

Here Are the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2015

A few days back, in Oceanside, California, former Marine George Hood, 57, broke the world record for the longest plank hold. The previous record, four hours and 26 minutes by Mao Weidong, a police officer in Beijing, was shattered when Hood, looking as bronze and buff as ever, held the position for five hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. After taking a moment to soak that in, we got to thinking. Remember the World's Strongest Man competitions or bragging to buddies about the time you benched 250 pounds? Well, the times are changing. Just ask the guys over at see more
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Watch Andy Samberg and Kit Harington Play Fake Tennis Pros in 7 Days in Hell

We're going to be honest with you about something. The first time we saw the trailer for HBO's 7 Days in Hell, we thought it was real. Not that we were fooled into believing that Andy Samberg and Kit Harington actually faced off in the world's longest tennis match, but maybe we thought we were being advertised one of those History Channel-style reenactment documentaries in which real people are played by big-name stars. We blame Serena Williams, who you see within the first 15 seconds of the trailer above, for lending the situation an air of legitimacy. In reality, see more

100 Days of Summer: A Stylish Bike That Won't Break the Bank

There are 100 days between March 12 and June 21, the official beginning of our favorite season. So every day between now and then, we'll be highlighting the products, places, and experiences we can't wait to use, visit, and have once summer rolls around. Days left: 18 As the weather (finally) warms up, it's time to maximize your time spent outdoors. One way is to ditch all that travel time spent in a car/on a train/underground. For tasks within a five-mile radius or so, why not opt for the calorie-burning, eco-friendly, alfresco pleasures of two-wheeling around town? There's really no see more
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John Oliver Will Do Anything to Make FIFA President Sepp Blatter Go Away

Considering that John Oliver outed FIFA as a "comically grotesque organization" a year ago, it's no surprise that he has plenty to say on the current corruption scandal that has "ruined" his favorite sport—and most of it has to do with getting rid of crooked president Sepp Blatter. Indeed, as he explained on Last Week Tonight, "To truly kill a snake you must kill its head, or in this case, its asshole," and one way to do that is if the U.S. "keeps driving its investigation and actually finds something to indict him for." And taking Blatter down would see more

Jon Stewart Breaks Down the FIFA Scandal

Understanding a decades-in-the-making scandal like the current FIFA investigation can be pretty confusing, especially for those who aren't particularly soccer-obsessed (read: most Americans). But don't worry if you're in the dark—Jon Stewart explained the situation in such a way last night that even the most sporting-event-averse types can easily comprehend what's going on. "FIFA is so bad, they got arrested by the Swiss," he said. "A country whose official policy on Nazi gold was, and I quote, 'We'll allow it.'" Stewart then launched into a short one-man play, FIFA: A 24-Year Sting Operation (involving many wigs, a pair of see more

Meet Kelia Moniz, Instagram Stunner of the Week

It's easy to see why Kelia Moniz—a Japanese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Irish professional surfer who says she spends more time in the water than on land—caught our eye.There's her sun-drenched Instagram feed that pretty much confirms that we should quit our jobs and move to Hawaii ASAP. There's her skills on a board, of course. And there's the fact that she says she's "as comfortable paddling out at dawn at Waikiki as she is in full make-up and hair for a photo shoot." Check out some highlights from her sun-drenched Instagram feed, below. With just a touch of @bobbibrown see more

Meet Billy Bean, Major League Baseball's Gay Rights Ambassador

While baseball fans may be celebrating opening day of the new MLB season, there's another reason to rejoice: Billy Bean. Baseball's only living openly gay former player, Bean, 50, will be serving as the league's first ever Ambassador for Inclusion, a role the MLB named him last year. According to the MLB, Bean's role "will provide guidance and training related to efforts to support those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community throughout Major League Baseball. He will work with Major and Minor League Clubs to encourage equal opportunity in accordance with the joint MLB-MLBPA Workplace Code see more

Bonobos Introduces a New Suit for On-the-Go Guys

We know. You're a busy guy and you've got places to be. Literally. Your days get longer and longer, and you expect—need, really—your clothes to go the distance with and for you. And not only that, they need to look good. The e-commerce–cum–IRL retailer Bonobos feels your pain. But not only that, it's here to help. "Every guy, at a minimum, should own at least one great suit to get him through a variety of situations that call for a little more polish," says the company's VP of design, Dwight Fenton. "As a company, we've always been about finding ways see more

People Are Freezing Their Asses Off Surfing in Winter

Pictured: Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska You would think the hardest part about surfing in 40-degree water is taking that first headache-inducing plunge. But if you talk to pro surfer Pat Millin, he'll tell you it's psyching yourself up to open the car door. "A lot of times I'm sitting in my car and it's freezing inside, and I'm like, 'Man, I'm not going.' It takes a lot to get out of the car and put a wet suit on when there's snow on the beach." Millin is from Southern California but has traveled to Norway's Lofoten Islands—"the Arctic Hawaii"—seven see more
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