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The Smartest Thing Tony Hawk Ever Did? Not Let a Nearly Genius-Level IQ Keep Him From Becoming a Skateboarder

Mr. Hawk, did anyone ever tell you that you were wasting your time with skateboarding? Sure, in high school a teacher told me that if I continued to not follow the rules I was never going to make it anywhere. As a kid you were tested with an IQ of 144. Did you feel any different knowing that you were supposed to be smart? No, they just put me into what's called the GATE program for people who are more advanced and more gifted and luckily I did have some camaraderie in that. I had a couple of friends see more

Nike's Magista Soccer Cleats: The "Perfect" Socks with Studs on the Bottom

When a group of soccer stars told Nike they wanted a pair of cleats that felt like "a sock with studs on it," the brand was all too happy to comply. see more

Rough Riders: Introducing Gravel Grinding

A former collegiate cyclist, Dan Ingolia, 32, grew up riding paved roads in Pennsylvania. But after the sales executive moved to Chicago, he spent a lot of time off two wheels. "I had to drive 20 minutes to get to roads that are safe to ride," he says. Then he discovered gravel grinding: trekking across miles of rutted, dusty gravel back roads—pedaling that requires serious core and upper-body strength. "It allows me to get off the grid, be self-sufficient, and test myself," Ingolia says. Now he does two or three 45-minute workouts midweek and three-hour tours on weekends—all on gravel, see more

What Hurts After Racing Up 86 Floors of the Empire State Building? Your Lungs

Yes, I took the stairs. All 1,576 of them. No, I'm not a masochist; I'm a runner and I was participating in the New York Road Runners' Empire State Building Run-Up, an annual charity-based tower-climbing competition. (OK, maybe I'm a little bit of a masochist.) see more

Editor's Bike Commute Caught on Video (Eat Your Heart Out, Michael Bay)

Cell phones have clearly taken any remaining magic out of videotaping your life, but there is still one area that may still hold some of that excitement. I will call it the Michael Bay Moments (although Peter Berg may be stealing his thunder). If you ski, snowboard, cycle, or skateboard—do anything involving action, really—you've probably at least once thought: Wouldn't it be cool to videotape this? see more

Linsanity Returns: But Can Jeremy Lin Sell Cars?

Back when "Linsanity" first descended on New York City, the breakout star was inundated with sponsorship deals. Then, after a dispute with the Knicks management over money, Lin packed up and left the country's number one media market for Houston, Texas. Will he prove to be a good "Linvestment" even though he's no longer playing under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden? Volvo thinks so. This month you'll start seeing Lin's face nationally on cable and broadcast TV, especially on ESPN and programs such as Dancing with the Stars and The Mentalist. see more

Cycling Through Footwear to Find the Perfect Bike Shoes

Serious bikers know the value of a good pair of shoes. Commuter cyclists, on the other hand, tend to ride wearing whatever they happen to have on their feet when they leave the house. I'm that guy. I've ridden in Asics running shoes, A. Testoni dress shoes, Blundstone boots, Chuck Taylors, flip-flops, even (forgive me, fashionistas) Toms. But nothing ever felt right. Then one day I spied a long-lost pair of Tsubo sneakers in the back of my closet. I tried them once and I was hooked. see more

Federer and Djokovic's Fashion Face-off at the U.S. Open

The fact that Roger Federer is the No. 1-ranked player in the world at the age of 31—quite old in professional tennis—is nothing short of amazing. This week he tries to win his sixth U.S. Open title, and with it, $1.9 million in prize money. Of course, that's just a drop in the bucket for Federer, who made $45 million over the past year from endorsement deals with brands such as Credit Suisse, Rolex, and Mercedes-Benz. see more

6 Bizarre Sports You Won't Find at the Olympics

As the summer Olympics winds down, sports enthusiasts everywhere may need a new hobby. With that in mind, we've uncovered some of the most obscure traditions in "sports"—none of which (we hope) will ever be eligible for inclusion in the Games. If you thought some of this year's events were weird, just wait: It gets a lot more bizarre beyond the Olympics. see more

Culture Quiz: 1908 London Olympics Trivia

If the Olympics bring out the best in individuals, they also arguably bring out the worst. And, as Mitt Romney can tell you, not everyone can expect to look his or her best under the Union Jack. Just ask the people at the first London Olympics in 1908, who, believe it or not, didn't sour everyone on the Olympic Games forever. see more
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