WTF? Merriam-Webster Adds NSFW, FML, and YOLO to the Dictionary

Think that Merriam-Webster is a stodgy old book that's totally out of touch? Think again. The venerable dictionary, which has been around in some form for over 200 years, just added a whopping 1,700 words to its roster, reports Time, many of which are reflections of how the Web has changed the pace at which language evolves. Many of the words are a form of Internet-ese and include gems like the abbreviations WTF, NSFW, YOLO, and FML (ha) and newfangled terms that have quickly made themselves common linguistic go-tos, such as emoji, clickbait, photobomb, and, yup, twerk. Much like see more

Apple's Jonathan Ive Got a Big Promotion Today

The man behind the look and feel of your favorite Apple products earned himself a fancy new title within the company. Jonathan Ive, who brought us the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone, among many other things, was promoted to the role of chief design officer, a title created for him, reports the website 9to5Mac. According to an e-mail sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ive's new role will allow him to focus on the design of every damn thing the company produces. It sounds like he'll be working on things in a "bigger picture" sense and less of see more

These Apps Could Mean the End of Drunk Texting

Sure, your reserve always starts strong—you're ready to go out for the night, no plans of texting the ex, the crush, the disappointing Tinder date—then you get a few drinks in and you wake up the next morning looking in horror at your sent messages and regretting that 2 A.M. text binge. Luckily, clever start-ups are working on apps to save you from yourself (and happy-hour-induced honesty). Android app Drunk Lock, from Dues Mobile, locks your phone until you solve a series of math problems, saving you from not only embarrassing texts but also tweets, Facebook messages, and questionable see more

We're Getting 38 New Emojis Next Year, But None of Them Are Tacos

Well this is just cruel. see more

This Web Domain Is Scaring the World's Most Powerful Companies

Well, this .sucks. A number of organizations are complaining about a new domain name, .sucks, that's being made available by the website-registration company Vox Populi. Firms across the country have fretted that they more or less have to buy their .sucks domain name to prevent people from doing to them what one intrepid political commenter did to And because the going rate for a .sucks domain name is north of $2,000 (you can get most domains for less than $100), some have likened its mere existence to extortion. see more

A Self-Driving Google Car Will Hit Roads This Summer

Are you ready for your morning commute to get a whole lot easier? Because self-driving cars are the way we'll get around in the future, and not as in the distant future—we're talking, like, in a few months, according to Google. While the tech juggernaut has been tooling around with the idea since 2010, the company announced that it will be test driving the models on roads around its headquarters in Mountain View, California, starting this summer. Don't worry—the cars will have safety drivers during the tests and their speed limit will be capped at 25 miles per hour, see more

6 Ways to Practice Safe Sexting

If you've not been formally welcomed to the Age of Sexting (by which we mean the period of modern history where pretty much everyone sends and receives sexual imagery using their mobile devices), allow us to be the first to do so. see more

See the LED Lightbulb That Doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker

Let there be light! And music! All at once! That's what Sony is pushing with the introduction of this lightbulb-speaker hybrid, reports Gizmodo. While we always see the benefit in two-in-one combos (like, say, shampoo-conditioners), the possibility of streamlining your audio and visual needs into one compact device is certainly arresting. Let the lifestyle shot below (romantic candlelit dinner for two, anyone?) remind you that lightbulbs are pretty much all around you, and if each of those points could also be a outlet for audio, then the possibilities are endless: Have your favorite podcast streamed to the kitchen while see more

Meet Ashley Graham, Instagram Stunner of the Week

Instagram has made it easier than ever to admire beautiful people from afar. And some beautiful people—like model/fashion designer/activist Ashley Graham—aren't afraid of showing off on the social media platform. Graham, who according to her Twitter profile "loves my curves and isn't afraid to show them" uses her Instagram account to promote her modeling work and her lingerie line mostly, but there's some silly and inspirational messages in there too. See why we fell for her? Here's a glimpse at what you'll get if you follow Ms. Graham. Hey #Brits!! Make sure to buy #TheTimes tomorrow to see my full see more

Microsoft Gives Users the Middle Finger (Emoji)

Come July, people who use Microsoft devices will be able to do what Apple and Google users can't: flip the bird with the press of one button. see more
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