Abercrombie & Fitch Changes Course, Punk'd Returns, and 5 More Things You Should Know This Morning

—In an attempt to evolve its business, Abercrombie & Fitch is focusing more on customer service and less on its employees' appearances. Which means the next time you get attitude from a salesperson at the retailer, he or she may be slightly less attractive. (Bloomberg) —Everything old is new again! More specifically, Punk'd, the television show that pranked your favorite celebrities, is returning. (Complex). —Major spoiler ahead: Fans of the show Grey's Anatomy got a huge surprise when lead character Dr. McDreamy Dr. Derek Shepard, played by Patrick Depsey, got killed off. The Internet mourned accordingly. In other news, see more

Most Popular Emojis in France and Russia Are Pretty Much Exactly What You'd Expect

It's no secret that emojis have become this generation's de facto universal language. From racial diversity to updated nuclear families, the little smartphone pictograms have become true digital reflections of IRL society. And despite bad news facing you wherever you look, data shows that, at least via text, we are a happy society. A recent study analyzed over a billion(!) emojis used throughout 16 languages and found that the top ones overwhelmingly expressed happy, joyous feelings, reports The Guardian. According to the survey, conducted by SwiftKey, the smiling face with tears of joy comes out on top, making up see more

True Detective's Eerie Moving Posters, the Olsen Twins Talk Fuller House, and 3 Other Things You Should Know This Morning

We get the world we deserve. #TrueDetective— True Detective (@TrueDetective) April 22, 2015 —HBO released "moving posters" on Twitter yesterday for its highly anticipated second season of True Detective. One features cars driving along California highways (above), while the other depicts a crow picking at a carcass under a freeway overpass. Both contain the tagline "We get the world we deserve." Spooky! (Empire) —It turns out that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were just as surprised to hear about another season of Full House as the rest of us were—in an interview with WWD, they revealed that they learned the see more

HBO Picks Up Web Series About Weed Dealer—on 4/20

Stoned or not, we see what you did there, HBO. The powerful cable network chose today of all days to reveal that it is ordering six episodes of the previously Web-only series (and critical darling) High Maintenance, says Deadline. Additionally, it will be hosting the series' previous 19 episodes on its streaming services HBO GO and HBO NOW. This makes High Maintenance part of a selective group of programs that started life online and made the jump across the digital divide to the world of the establishment, like Comedy Central's hysterical hit show Broad City, which is also set in see more

Here Are All the Famous People Who Already Have Apple Watches

Why is it that rich, famous, influential people get all the good stuff first? While normal people will have to wait until at least June before they can walk into an Apple store and walk out with the most hotly anticipated timepiece/mobile computer of all time, there's a select handful of stars who already have it. Below, a running tally of all the prominent people who've already been seen sporting one. Pharrell Woah. A video posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on Apr 6, 2015 at 8:16pm PDT see more

6 Things Everyone Will Be Talking About This Morning

Here's what you should know so everyone in your office doesn't think you're totally out of touch. Proving that Burberry is the coolest, most tech-savvy brand out there, the British label live-streamed its L.A. fashion show on Twitter via Periscope. And if you don't know what Periscope is, then you're seriously behind the times. (Twitter) J.J. Abrams is the latest member of the I Have an Apple Watch Already Club. (Mac Rumors) Producer Brian Grazer is a Hollywood heavyweight, with TV shows like 24 and Arrested Development on his resume. But in an interview with Oprah, he reveals that the see more

Someone Bought Pope Francis' Old iPad for $30K

And you thought paying $17,000 for an Apple Watch was pricey. A 2013-model iPad that once belonged to Pope Francis reached $30,500 at auction on Tuesday. The device had been donated to a high school in Uruguay, which made a few failed attempts to sell it through Christie's and Sothebys before it turned to a local auction house called Castell's. see more

Robots Will Soon Make You the Dinner of Your Dreams

Martha Stewart beware: R2-D2 is gunning for the title of domestic goddess. Possibly, thanks to recent breakthroughs in the science of robotics, which allows mechanical hands to execute more detailed, dexterous tasks like stirring, picking up bottles and pouring, and turning those pesky little knobs that control your stove burners. Typically, it's been difficult to get robotic hands to deftly handle such chores with agility, but new advancements could make this a reality in the near future, reports Factor. These maneuvers require a lot of moving pieces—20 motors, 24 joints, and 129 sensors, to be exact—which explains why we see more

4 Stylish Headphones That Will Make You Want to Go Wireless

Until recently, wearing wireless headphones seemed a surefire way to make a man look downright dorky. But audio brands are finally getting hip to the visual, rolling out state-of-the-art Bluetooth headsets stylish enough to pair with your favorite M65 jacket. "We've hit a really awesome point at which the technology is there, the sound quality is there, and the design and style are catching up," says Caleb Denison, who reviews audio products at the online tech guide Digital Trends. Here, four models that look as good as they sound. see more

The New Emojis Include Gay Families

Cue Tim Cook dancing to "We Are Family." Yesterday was a momentous day in the tech world—a day when emojis of every race and ethnicity were welcomed to the digital fold, to claim their proper place on this crazy information highway we hold so dear. But yesterday wasn't merely about breaking down previously held racial limitations in the emoji world, it was a breakthrough day for the equal rights of gay men and women, too. See, in addition to a rainbow of ethnic origins, there are now various familial options that are not bound to the heteronormative, patriarchal standards see more
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