This Is Not a Suit, It's a Onesie

As my colleague said upon seeing this: What in the actual f*ck? see more

A User's Guide to Anonymous, Secret-Swapping Apps

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, the internet functioned like a masquerade ball. You could log on, express your strangest thoughts or deepest fears, and it was possible that no one would ever know your real name. Indecipherable handles, avatars, and pseudonyms shrouded our identities. Then Facebook and Twitter came along, ushering in a new identity-based era of online social networking. Who we are as individuals became a matter of how we presented ourselves in status updates, tweets and Instagrams. Today, your online identity is really only as good as your last post. see more

Handmade Leather Accessories for the Digital Hoarder

DEVELOPING STYLISH SOLUTIONS for on-the-go tech users, the LA-based brand This Is Ground began crafting handmade leather goods that simplify carrying around your digital accoutrement. see more

The Best of the New Breed of Light-Weight Coupes

The sport coupe is having a moment. And here's why: Carmakers have finally found ways to create performance models that are strong, sturdy, and lightweight. This is a big trend in the world of sexy two-door cars, boosting both acceleration and gas mileage. The primary credit goes to nimble materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, which help trim the fat off car designs and reduce carbon gas emissions. Beyond those things, however, these new-to-the-market cars all go in separate directions. see more

Meet the Water- and Sand-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker That Fits in Your Back Pocket

There's no shortage of portable speakers on the market, but Nude Audio's Super M—which launched on Kickstarter today—is water-proof, sand-proof, and small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans. (Although we've been testing a pre-production model for about a week now, and if you wear slimmer trousers, we'd recommend just throwing it into a bag.) see more

We Want It: Capture Your Workout on the Shimano CM-1000 Helmet Sport Camera

If you don't share your workout on Instagram, did it really happen? For FOMO-inducing posts, capture days spent cycling, surfing, or skiing with the Shimano CM-1000 sport camera ($299; for stores). Yes, the action-cam market is oversaturated, but here are three reasons this one reigns supreme. see more

We Want It: Drink Clean Water Anywhere with the Thermos Filtration Bottle

Carry the new Thermos Filtration bottle ($25; at Target) and fill up at any running-path-adjacent water fountain, minus the ick factor. It works like a trusty Brita: Liquids pass naturally over the BPA-free container's gravity-fed filter—instead of being forced through as you sip, as with many handhelds on the market—which leads to more efficient toxin removal. Gone are contaminants and chlorine (and the bad tastes and odors they produce); what's left is clean, pure H2O. see more

Forget Zoloft and Prozac: Try the Happy Sunglasses

Most wearable tech products aim to accomplish relatively mundane tasks, like track how many steps you've taken or gauge how long you've been sleeping. Now a California firm specializing in eyewear claims its sunglasses will make you happy—and not just because they're attractive or reasonably priced (between $130 and $170). The power lies in Spy Optics' technologically advanced lenses, which leverage mood-enhancing light to boost your inner glow. see more

We Want It: Snarkitecture's Luxe Take on Beats by Dre Headphones

The latest project from the Brooklyn-based architects at Snarkitecture is a sleek, all-white iteration of the now-ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones. see more

Bulletproof Bespoke: 4 Stylish Suits That Will Literally Save Your Life

International bankers and oil tycoons may indulge in a wardrobe filled with fine Italian tailoring, but when their lives depend on it, they go to extreme sartorial measures—not that you'd know just by looking at them. If you need to protect more than just your sense of style, here are four suits and jackets you can trust with your life. see more
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