Amazon Prime Now Lets You Binge-Watch Offline

We've all been there: trying to catch up on this week's episode of your favorite show, but a spotty Wi-Fi signal leaves you staring, hopelessly, at the dreaded "buffering" symbol on your laptop screen. (#firstworldproblems) Finally, Amazon Prime is the first streaming service to answer humanity's call for offline movie and t.v. show playback, reports Popular Mechanics. The Internet-retail giant announced today that it would grant it's Prime Video subscribers the option to download content onto their iOS and Android devices via the Amazon app for offline watching at a later date. This move comes after rival streaming service see more

Misanthropes, Rejoice! There's Now a App That Helps You Avoid People

Hell is other people? There's an app for that. A new Web-based app called Avoid Humans uses check-in data from FourSquare and Instagram to help users do just that: literally avoid other human beings. The site scours each user's location and gives feedback on whether or not nearby places in four different categories—Food, Nightlife, Coffee, and Refuge—are crowded or not. Each different location, according to the site, is "color coded to indicate the current level of human presence" using a three-level grading scale. Like a stoplight, green means go, because that specific venue is not currently crowded, yellow means "Judgement see more

Instagram Isn't Boxed in by the Square Anymore

Instagram doesn't want you to be so square. On Thursday, the social media juggernaut announced that in addition to the traditional square option, users can now post photos and videos in both landscape and portrait orientation. In its press release, the company noted, "Square format has been and always will be part of who we are. That said, the visual story you're trying to tell should always come first." Having three options now means you have more control over your images, never having to compromise that awesome skyline panoramic again (it's also especially great for making those widescreen videos look see more

Robots Are Now Learning The Same Way You Are

Even robots need the Internet, apparently. Researchers at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bremen in Germany have been working on RoboHow, a project that teaches robots to "read" information from exactly where we all get it: online. The program, which works on different types of robots (one in Germany, for example, learned to make pizza on it's own), utilizes articles, videos of tasks being performed, and kinesthetic movement to train bots to perform everyday tasks. see more

The Bizarre Phenomenon of Video-Game Deaths

Late one evening several years ago, at an Internet cafe in New Taipei City, Taiwan, an attendant approached the table of 23-year-old computer gamer Chen Rong-Yu. The 23 hours of computer access Chen had paid for the day before in advance had at last expired, and Chen, still seated at the console, hands poised before mouse and keyboard, needed to be asked to pay up or leave. But the attendant found a curious thing when she placed a hand on the young man's shoulder: Chen Rong-Yu was dead. So absorbed in a marathon session of the online RPG League of see more

Finally, an Umbrella That Lets You Text in the Rain

Ever tried texting while holding an umbrella? It's damn near impossible to do without getting wet. But there's good news for all texting obsessives: KT, a South Korean company, has created a product that will make using your phone in the rain much easier. see more

The First Apple Watch Sex Toy Is Here

Ask, and ye shall receive: And, damn, were you knocking the door down for a jiggly pink sperm-shaped thing that lets you give orgasms from your wrist. So here it is, fully funded by IndieGogo after sweeping up almost double its $10,000 goal fund: the first Apple Watch-controlled sex toy. Isn't she beautiful? This might be the best inadvertent smartwatch ad we've seen yet. see more

The First Space Elevator Will Stretch 12 Miles Above Earth

The idea of taking an elevator into space seems like the stuff of Syfy channel dreams, but for one company that is taking "going up" very ambitiously, it might be a reality. Thoth Industries, a Toronto-based space company, has just announced it has received the first patent for a space elevator in the United States. The freestanding tower (which would stretch 12 miles over the Earth) could be used for communications, energy, or even tourism. see more

Turns Out That Teen Girls Are, Like, Linguistic Trailblazers

Ever been accused of talking like a teenage girl? Did you deny it? You shouldn't have. That's because young women nudge language forward more rapidly than men, according to a report in Quartz. The report cites two University of Helsinki linguists, Tertuu Nevalainen and Helena Raumolin-Brunberg, who surveyed of 6,000 letters written between 1417 and 1681 for their 2003 book Historical Sociolinguistics. Essentially what they found was that teen girls are better at doing away with outmoded language and then rapidly adopting new patterns of speech. "While the pattern is well-established, we still don't know for sure yet why see more

A Stereo System That Blends Industrial Style With Great Sound

If you're looking for audio equipment that looks as good as it sounds, check out Richmond, Virginia-based company Fern & Roby, whose sophisticated yet industrial line of sound gear is bound to impress—and that's before you even turn it on. see more
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