Why St. Moritz Is The Enduring Wintertime Vacation Spot

Ask me and it sounds apocryphal, but the story goes something like this: The Swiss hotelier Johannes Badrutt made a little wager with his British guests in September of 1864. You think these mountains are nice in summer, he told them, you ain't seen nothing. In winter—with the blinding light, virginal snow, dry clean air, sans wind—it's paradise. Come back in a few months, he said, and if you don't like it, I'll pay for your travel costs back to sunny 'ole England. Deal, the Brits said, and so they returned just before Christmas, at Badrutt's Kulm Hotel. They loved see more

What is Ski Mountaineering, The Hot New Wintertime Fitness Trend?

If you're tired of waiting in lines and spending half your day on the chair lift—and, oh yeah, spending half your paycheck on the lift ticket—here's a suggestion: stop. Instead, step into some flexible boots, onto shorter, lightweight skis equipped with free-heel bindings that lock down for descending, "skins" that affix to the bottom side of your skis to grip snow, and a safety beacon—and skin up the mountain before making turns on the way down. Termed "fitness skinning," "fitness uphilling," or "ski mountaineering" ("SkiMo," for short), pointing your tips toward the top of the mountain is a major workout. see more

6 Beautiful Private Estates That Are Now Open to the Public

Frank Lloyd Wright Home Waimea, Hawaii Wright conceived this oceanfront home in 1954 for a Pennsylvania family, but it wasn't built until 1995, when a Honolulu ad exec found the blueprints and hired the only firm authorized to oversee construction of Wright's unrealized plans. It's the sole Wright-designed property in Hawaii; a private residence for nearly 20 years, the house has windows that allow views of the Pacific and the Mauna Kea volcano and reproductions of Wright's Origami chairs. From $795 a night; • • • see more

Ultra-Wealthy Population Hits Record High—Here's What They're Buying

There is the 1% and then there is the 0.004%—individuals whose net wealth is at least $30 million each. And here's a sobering newsflash: They're not just infinitely richer than you are, they're also multiplying. According to the just-published 2014 Wealth-X UBS World Ultra Wealth Report, the globe's richest adults grew by 6% last year. There are now 211,275 of them. So where are they hiding? About a third of the ultra-wealthy live in the U.S. (8,655 in New York City alone). Germany, Japan, the UK and China round out the top five wealthy hangouts and account for an additional see more

Venice Has Banned Ugly Rolling Luggage. Here's How You Should Be Packing.

That whole "See Venice, then die" thing is going to get a whole lot harder in May 2015, when the floating Italian city will formally ban all rolling luggage with hard wheels. see more

Norway Turns Boring Passports Into Covetable Design Objects

Leave it to some chic Scandinavians to recast a dull travel necessity—the passport—into something beautiful and whimsical. The designers at the Oslo-based design studio Neue did just that by taking inspiration from their homeland's terrain and turning it into a chic travel ledger—the results of which won a national competition and will now be the country's official passport. Check out the exterior design, offered in three different colors, above, and the interior design (plus the glowing landscape that's revealed once the booklet goes under UV light), below. [H/T: TNW via Liz Keen] see more

The 5 Craziest Space Videos on NASA's Website

Last night, NASA's unmanned supply rocket to the International Space Station exploded just six seconds after launch. Prior to the 6:22pm ET launch, news outlets had been informing readers in the vicinity of the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia that they might be able to see the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft as they arced overhead. What we all saw, of course, turned out to be quite different: a huge flaming orange fireball ... which I think it's probably acceptable to now describe as "amazingly awesome," because no humans (or monkeys or dogs) turned into a fireball along with see more

Chef Seamus Mullen on His Favorite Culinary Indulgence

FOR THE SPLURGE, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases. see more

My Vacation Style: Designer Jon Koon On Escaping to the Chinese Countryside

NEW YORK-BASED designer Jon Koon has always been a businessman. He made his first million at 16 with a customized and imported auto parts business and now he's designing luxury streetwear for his label Private Stock. see more

The 20 Most Popular Hotels Around the World According to Pinterest

As summer comes to a close, some of you may find that a fall or winter getaway is already on your mind. Pinterest has long been an infinite source for travel photography that can inspire you to expand your horizons, but with the launch of Place Pins (pins that can be tagged to a specific location and then be displayed publicly on a shareable map), more travelers have been tagging their favorite destinations and hotels. Launched last fall, the service recently hit its 1 billionth pin(!), spanning over 300 countries. What does that mean for you, though? Well, Pinterest is see more
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