Watch These Cops Dance Their Asses Off at the Gay Pride Parade

Since last week's landmark decision to legalize gay marriage happened to coincide with New York's Gay Pride Parade, the proceedings were especially festive this year. So much so that even some of New York's men in blue couldn't help but get in on the fun. Just check out the video, which has been making the rounds this morning, of the officer above, who fully embraced his pas de deux with a enthusiastic parade-goer. Then there's the man in blue below, whose dance skills are a bit more involved and equally as impressive. See, gay marriage makes everyone—regardless of their see more

Here Are the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2015

A few days back, in Oceanside, California, former Marine George Hood, 57, broke the world record for the longest plank hold. The previous record, four hours and 26 minutes by Mao Weidong, a police officer in Beijing, was shattered when Hood, looking as bronze and buff as ever, held the position for five hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. After taking a moment to soak that in, we got to thinking. Remember the World's Strongest Man competitions or bragging to buddies about the time you benched 250 pounds? Well, the times are changing. Just ask the guys over at see more

Styling Dogs Into Cubes Is a Thing in Japan, Apparently

It's hip to be square. That's the case for a few select canines whose owners are indulging in the latest oddball dog-grooming trend, shaping your pup's pelt into a cube, reports MTV. The trend, which is a big hit in Japan, has some people reducing their four-legged friends into a series of furry 90-degree angles, and while it's certainly charming, is it all that practical? Take a look at some of the most sharp-cornered examples, below. see more

WTF? Merriam-Webster Adds NSFW, FML, and YOLO to the Dictionary

Think that Merriam-Webster is a stodgy old book that's totally out of touch? Think again. The venerable dictionary, which has been around in some form for over 200 years, just added a whopping 1,700 words to its roster, reports Time, many of which are reflections of how the Web has changed the pace at which language evolves. Many of the words are a form of Internet-ese and include gems like the abbreviations WTF, NSFW, YOLO, and FML (ha) and newfangled terms that have quickly made themselves common linguistic go-tos, such as emoji, clickbait, photobomb, and, yup, twerk. Much like see more

This Company Is Making Women's Lingerie, But for Men

Oh dear God. Listen, we here at Details like to think of ourselves as—how should we phrase this?—open. Open to more eccentric possibilities that come to us from the style universe. Hell, we've endorsed the man-bun (much to the chagrin of many of you out there, especially the ladies) and colorful tailoring, and we were hailing the return of the pleated trouser two years ago (again, we got some flack for it back in '13, but now it's at J. Crew so hey). One thing, however, we can almost guarantee won't be trickling down to the masses? Man lingerie. see more

Watch This Man Do Spot-On Impressions of Robin Williams and Matthew McConaughey

Meet Jamie Costa. He is really good at impersonations. Not like ho-hum oh-you're-really-good good. Like chills good. Like gift from God good. Watch him transform from Gandalf to Robin Williams to George Bush to Matthew McConaughey in front of your eyes—no tricks, no movie magic. Someone get this man on a TV show or something. see more

Abercrombie & Fitch Changes Course, Punk'd Returns, and 5 More Things You Should Know This Morning

—In an attempt to evolve its business, Abercrombie & Fitch is focusing more on customer service and less on its employees' appearances. Which means the next time you get attitude from a salesperson at the retailer, he or she may be slightly less attractive. (Bloomberg) —Everything old is new again! More specifically, Punk'd, the television show that pranked your favorite celebrities, is returning. (Complex). —Major spoiler ahead: Fans of the show Grey's Anatomy got a huge surprise when lead character Dr. McDreamy Dr. Derek Shepard, played by Patrick Depsey, got killed off. The Internet mourned accordingly. In other news, see more
Weird News

It's Hard Out There for a Super-Good-Looking Man

Let us all take a moment to mourn for the handsome man. He with the pearly-white smile, the strong jawline, and the rugged physique. He of the fine nose, the thick, lustrous hair, and the clear, tan skin. He deserves our deepest sympathies. For you see, while this man—the one of enviable cheekbones and long eyelashes—is held back by his good looks. His dimpled chin and full lips are causing prospective employers to turn away from him in envy, threatened by his overwhelmingly attractive presence. At least that's what NPR would have you believe (via The Cut). Research has see more
Sex + Relationships

8 Things We Learned About Hyperreal Sex Dolls From Vanity Fair

All dolled up with no place to go? That's the point. At least, that's the main takeaway of Vanity Fair's incredibly comprehensive (and slightly arousing?) article about RealDolls, which are anatomically detailed life-size playthings that are mostly used for, well, carnal desires without the fuss of emotional attachments. Writer George Gurley covers the racy subject from a variety of angles. He hangs out with David Mills, an unapologetic owner of a RealDolls ("I want to be the Rosa Parks of sex dolls!"). He visits the California-based factory where the dolls are made and chats with their creator, Bill McMullen. He see more
Weird News

This Newly Discovered Frog Looks Just Like Your Favorite Muppet

Call it a case of life imitating art. Or, at least, call it science discovering a new species of glass frog that looks suspiciously like our favorite muppet, Kermit the Frog, reports CNET. Congrats to Brian Kubicki who, no, did not win a Pulitzer but did something way better by discovering the bright-green, clear-bellied amphibian that is definitely trying to make a name for itself by biting off the look of the hugely popular puppet. You can read all about Kubicki's discovery here, but be forewarned, that is a link to a whole bunch of boring scientist talk. Instead, see more
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