Abercrombie & Fitch Changes Course, Punk'd Returns, and 5 More Things You Should Know This Morning

—In an attempt to evolve its business, Abercrombie & Fitch is focusing more on customer service and less on its employees' appearances. Which means the next time you get attitude from a salesperson at the retailer, he or she may be slightly less attractive. (Bloomberg) —Everything old is new again! More specifically, Punk'd, the television show that pranked your favorite celebrities, is returning. (Complex). —Major spoiler ahead: Fans of the show Grey's Anatomy got a huge surprise when lead character Dr. McDreamy Dr. Derek Shepard, played by Patrick Depsey, got killed off. The Internet mourned accordingly. In other news, see more
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It's Hard Out There for a Super-Good-Looking Man

Let us all take a moment to mourn for the handsome man. He with the pearly-white smile, the strong jawline, and the rugged physique. He of the fine nose, the thick, lustrous hair, and the clear, tan skin. He deserves our deepest sympathies. For you see, while this man—the one of enviable cheekbones and long eyelashes—is held back by his good looks. His dimpled chin and full lips are causing prospective employers to turn away from him in envy, threatened by his overwhelmingly attractive presence. At least that's what NPR would have you believe (via The Cut). Research has see more
Sex + Relationships

8 Things We Learned About Hyperreal Sex Dolls From Vanity Fair

All dolled up with no place to go? That's the point. At least, that's the main takeaway of Vanity Fair's incredibly comprehensive (and slightly arousing?) article about RealDolls, which are anatomically detailed life-size playthings that are mostly used for, well, carnal desires without the fuss of emotional attachments. Writer George Gurley covers the racy subject from a variety of angles. He hangs out with David Mills, an unapologetic owner of a RealDolls ("I want to be the Rosa Parks of sex dolls!"). He visits the California-based factory where the dolls are made and chats with their creator, Bill McMullen. He see more
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This Newly Discovered Frog Looks Just Like Your Favorite Muppet

Call it a case of life imitating art. Or, at least, call it science discovering a new species of glass frog that looks suspiciously like our favorite muppet, Kermit the Frog, reports CNET. Congrats to Brian Kubicki who, no, did not win a Pulitzer but did something way better by discovering the bright-green, clear-bellied amphibian that is definitely trying to make a name for itself by biting off the look of the hugely popular puppet. You can read all about Kubicki's discovery here, but be forewarned, that is a link to a whole bunch of boring scientist talk. Instead, see more
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How Shark Tank Changed the Way We Speak

An embarrassing thing happened recently at a prominent Silicon Alley eatery. A young CEO was enjoying a pleasant dinner with his investors when he was suddenly shown the door by restaurant staff. Turns out, a waiter had overheard the exec say, "Guys, I need to exit immediately," and took it literally. see more

6 Things Everyone Will Be Talking About This Morning

💛💎💍😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙈 💛 A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on Apr 15, 2015 at 4:13pm PDT Are Nicki Minaj and her miraculous bosom off the market? Sounds like her boyfriend (and hip-hop artist), Meek Mill, may be making an honest woman out of her. (Refinery29) Ed Sheeran would like everyone to know that Harry Styles is well-endowed. (Towleroad) Archaeologists found a dildo dating back to the 18th century, proving that men have not been able to please women for millennia. (Pictorial) Things you and Rob Pattinson have in common: You're both bad dancers. Proof in the video above. (YouTube) see more

A Mathematician Has Figured Out Why All Hipsters Look the Same

Think the archetype of hipster as a plaid-clad, skinny-jeans-wearing, bearded, bespectacled flaneur is just a lazy generalization? Think again. It turns out that there's a real-life equation that attempts to "solve" the homogenization of hipster culture—from Seattle to Brooklyn and back again—that French mathematician Jonathan Touboul calls the "hipster paradox." In short, why do all hipsters look the same if their intended goal is to stand apart from the mainstream? The solution is explained, in a paper that Touboul published and a literal equation—part of which you can see below: To which we say: Huh? Luckily USA Today provided see more

Crazed Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Can't Stop Licking His Statue

Talk about public indecency. For reasons not entirely clear, some feisty British pranksters created a life-size replica of debonair actor Benedict Cumberbatch made entirely of chocolate and plopped it down in the middle of a mall. What would unassuming shoppers make of the shrine that honors both the fine art of acting and the fine art of sculpting chocolate into weird looking things? Well, some people wisely steered clear of the whole situation while others let their curiosity (and appetites) get the bets of them. Licking a public statue? Get outta here, that's unsanitary and just plain wrong. I see more
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Très Romantic Americans Plan Most First Dates at Starbucks

This love affair with coffee might be getting out of hand. According to the data given to Mic from the dating app Clover, our favorite spots to plant the seeds of a possible lifelong romance aren't quite what they used to be. According to the digital Cupid, 52% of women would like to meet you at a coffee shop, as opposed to a restaurant, for fear that you're a lemon anyway and she might as well cut her losses after 15 minutes and a kale smoothie. Hell, she's a swipe away from her next date anyway, right? Yeah, it's see more

Your Favorite TV Show Looks Way Cooler as a VHS Tape

Like pretty much every generation, we are transfixed with the past. And in the era of cultural mashups, there's nothing we like better than the collision of old and new. In a savvy meeting of those two opposing forces, online British magazine Huh unearthed an art project that recasts modern films and television shows as throwback VHS tape covers. Inspired by the Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind, the results (created by an anonymous artist/designer who goes by Stan) are both heartwarmingly quaint and culturally plugged-in. Take a look at the designs below. see more
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