Sex + Relationships

Millennials Are Really Really Gay, Apparently

Millennials are tech-savvy, independent, entitled, motivated to make social change, and gay. Really gay. According to a new report found by The Daily Beast, they're twice as likely to identify as LGBT as other adult Americans. Not only are more of them identifying as gay—coming in at about 7%—theyir concept of LGBT contains multitudes (to quote that big old 'mo Walt Whitman). So much so that millennial dating app OKCupid offers up a full 12 categories to choose from as your sexual orientation (what is demisexual anyway?) not to mention 22 different options when it comes to gender. We'd be see more
Sex + Relationships

We Went to a "Death-Positive" Singles' Night and This Is What We Learned

A while back, Daisy Tainton was on her way to a date when a friend called to say he'd found a dead cat out on the street. So naturally Tainton, who by day works as a mild-mannered entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History but by night puts together elaborate anthropomorphic taxidermy displays, immediately called up her prospective partner and told him that she had to cancel—she had to go scoop up a kitty corpse, ASAP. To hear her tell it, the man involved was neither understanding nor pleased. Later, while sharing her woe with fellow death enthusiast Joanna see more

This Sweater Is Literally Gay Because It Is Made From the Hair of Gay People

Long before Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, there existed a stereotype that gay men are more stylish than the heterosexual-male population. (We here at Details have our own gay fixation, but that's another story.) While it's hard to empirically prove or disprove this theory, there's definitely enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that, yes, gay people are generally interested in aesthetics and, therefore, fashion. But that's neither here nor there. Because we want to talk about what you see above, and that is not something of "good" or "bad" style, it's a gay sweater. Literally. What makes it gay? Well, see more

Look! A Booby Purse!

[giggles uncontrollably] [blushes] [runs away and hides] see more
Weird News

You Privileged Wimps Need to Stop Complaining About How Cold It Is

We want you think think long and hard about all the bitching, whining, and moaning you did about the cold this winter. And then we want you to look at these pictures of Chinese soldiers working out shirtless in minus-four-degree weather and hang your head in shame. see more
Movies + TV

Sad Stock Images: Now Featuring Famous People

The stars of Unfinished Business are now also the stars of some pretty awesome corporate stock images, courtesy of Getty and Twentieth Century Fox. Submitted for your approval and/or your next PowerPoint presentation on best workplace practices, Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson remind us that "teamwork makes the dream work" (and also that they have a movie in theaters this weekend). Our only gripe: No Sienna Miller laughing alone with salad. see more
Food + Drinks

Important Announcement: It's National Pancake Day and IHOP Is Giving Away FREE Pancakes All Day

Stop what you're doing. Cancel all your meetings. Call in sick. Ditch the quarterly meeting you've been preparing for. Because it's Free Pancake Day at IHOP. Okay, so it's actually National Pancake Day (because these things exist), and of course there's only one place to celebrate, and that's our favorite dining establishment to visit at 3:00 a.m. in a drunken stupor. And don't feel bad for bingeing—when you've finished your stack of pancakes, you have the option of leaving a donation for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals or other charities with which IHOP is affiliated. This little holiday gift from the see more
Food + Drinks

Where to Find the Most Disgusting Food on the Internet

annnndddd now its time for "Name that dish" A photo posted by So you cooked huh? (@cookingforbae) on Aug 10, 2014 at 10:26am PDT Elevating food from nourishment to art has only been exacerbated by the social-media site Instagram. From food vendors to enthusiasts to emaciated people who like to look as if they enjoy carb-loaded, fatty meals, the Internet is rife with bird's-eye point-of-view shots of frothy lattes, colorful fresh berries at a local organic market, and juicy burgers dripping with cheese and topped by a crusty brioche bun. And then there's the Instagram account @cookingforbae (if you see more
Weird News

The Transgender Exotica Awards, The Golden Poo, and 12 Other Really Weird Award Ceremonies

Award season has arrived and we're not just referring to the Oscars. The first quarter of the year brings the Director's Guild of America Award (Feb. 7), the BAFTAs (Feb. 8), the Grammys (also on Feb. 8), plus competitions for dozens of other smaller, sillier trophies. So if mainstream media doesn't appeal to youᰬStreep again?—there are always these outlier awards dedicated to interests so niche they border on the ridiculous. Or should we say the sublime? see more

Men Reveal Their "Girly" Habits on Reddit

No better way to kick off the weekend than to hear what a bunch of guys consider their "girliest" habit, right? Well, over on The Front Page of the Internet a user asked that exact question—and the responses started flooding in. A scroll through the answers is both hysterical and illuminating. They range from a penchant for interior design and peeing while in the sitting position, meanwhile others admit to liking to spoon (as the little spoon, no less!) and checking other dudes out ... but in a totally heterosexual way! Hey, if you're ever feeling self-conscious, just remember that see more
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