New Website Will Help You Name Your Hipster-y Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Are you a Brooklyn resident but you feel that your relationship with your neighborhood is so much more? Does your gluten-free heart only truly feel at home on the slightly shabby yet ever-so-charming streets of your truly hip borough? Do you wear skinny jeans and scoop-neck tees and fedoras? Do you have an un-ironic mustache (and you wax it)? Do you eat kale more than three times a week? Do you ask where your beef was raised? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this website is for you (and your future business). At its see more

How Artists Are Reinventing the Pay Phone, Now That It's Obsolete

This week, New York City announced its plan to replace public pay phones with digital hubs called Links. Starting in 2015, the kiosks will offer free Wi-Fi, phone-charging stations, touchscreens for accessing directions and other services, advertising displays, and yes, free phone calls within the U.S. The disappearance of the pay phone, while inevitable, is also a little sad; it's been part of our streetscape for longer than most of us can remember. And even though smartphones have rendered them almost functionally defunct, over the past few years some New Yorkers have found cool, alternative uses for these outdated public see more
Weird News

Three Grandmothers Smoking Weed for the First Time Is the Only Thing You Need to Watch Today

This video is pretty self-explanatory, but it's also just wonderful. These three women of a certain age allow film crews to capture their first pot-smoking adventure, and oh, what a glorious thing it is. While their first time stoned will bring you much joy, the best moment is when they're asked why they haven't indulged before. "I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy," Ms. Purple Scarf says. Turns out, her life was already pretty vice-filled before she met Mary Jane. Anyway, enjoy the video above ... and there is see more

There Is a Website Whose Sole Purpose Is for You to Judge Beards

Appropriately enough, the website BeardDuel offers exactly what it says: the chance to compare two hirsute men's facial hair and declare a winner. Proud owners of chin-warmers merely need to tag a picture of themselves with #beardduel on social media to participate. Winners receive nothing except the a chance to show off their whiskers. If you have some time you desperately need to waste, we suggest doing it there. see more
Weird News

Quiz: Is This an LSD Trip Gone Bad or a Music Video?

Officially speaking, below is the music video for Chinese performer Wang Rong Rollins' song "Chick Chick." Unofficially speaking, it's the most batshit-crazy thing we saw on the Internet today, and it feels like it's closer to the sweaty, feverish dream you have after eating bad seafood and reading Buzzfeed lists all day. Someone in the Details office called it aggressively joyous. We're just going to call it horrifying, bizarre, and completely fascinating. Watch it—we beg you to. see more

Anderson Cooper's Staff Rebels Against His Fancy Office Candle

Anderson Cooper is no stranger to this magazine—in fact, the silver-haired newsman used to be a contributing writer (he also made it onto our Mavericks list back in 2006). Something you might not know about Cooper? He has a penchant for aromatic candles in the workplace . . . much to the chagrin of his coworkers. see more
Movies + TV

Too Many Cooks Is the Sitcom Parody of Your Nightmares

One night this week, at the bleary-eyed hour of four in the morning, the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim aired what is maybe the weirdest program in broadcast history: an eleven-and-a-half-minute one-off short called Too Many Cooks, devised and orchestrated by relatively unknown writer-director Casper Kelly. Too Many Cooks is . . . well, it's hard to say. It begins as a very precise parody of late-eighties prime-time sitcoms—in particular, the jaunty, ingratiating opening-credits sequences that defined shows like Perfect Strangers and Full House. But after a few minutes in an amusing and familiar register, the short gradually transforms—or rather, see more
Weird News

Happy National Cat Day: Here's the Feline Version of Gone Girl

Ben Affleck is cool, but these cats are too damn cute to ignore. #HappyNationalCatDay see more

The 5 Craziest Space Videos on NASA's Website

Last night, NASA's unmanned supply rocket to the International Space Station exploded just six seconds after launch. Prior to the 6:22pm ET launch, news outlets had been informing readers in the vicinity of the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia that they might be able to see the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft as they arced overhead. What we all saw, of course, turned out to be quite different: a huge flaming orange fireball ... which I think it's probably acceptable to now describe as "amazingly awesome," because no humans (or monkeys or dogs) turned into a fireball along with see more

Well-Dressed Dog Makes Way More Money Than You Do

That high-school diploma? The college degree? The semesters of tireless internships? Hope that all works out for you. Because a dog wearing a button-down shirt is raking in $15,000 a month. Cue the tears. see more
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