Well-Dressed Dog Makes Way More Money Than You Do

That high-school diploma? The college degree? The semesters of tireless internships? Hope that all works out for you. Because a dog wearing a button-down shirt is raking in $15,000 a month. Cue the tears. see more
Movies + TV

To Celebrate Its Return, the Best Twin Peaks Parodies of All Time

In the Twin Peaks series finale in 1991, Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper she'd be back in 25 years, and now, thanks to Showtime, she will be. Showtime announced that it will be reviving the 1990s phenomenon as a nine-part series written by original scribe Mark Frost and directed by David Lynch. The show was so huge, so influential, last time around, there were tons of jokes and memes about pie, coffee, and red rooms way before we even knew how to put block font on a funny picture. In preparation for the love and/or hatred of the new show, see more

Meet the Compliment-Giving Mirror

Perhaps if the Evil Queen from Snow White's talking mirror were a little friendlier, the whole story would have turned out differently. see more

Grabbing Your Balls Is the New Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember that time when everyone was dousing themselves in buckets of chilled ice water? Very passé. see more
Movies + TV

The Funniest #MillennialTVShows Trending on Twitter

Sometimes the Internet is not cruel. Sometimes it's genuinely funny. Case in point: The hashtag currently trending on Twitter, #millennialTVshows, that spotlights absurd tweaks to existing TV shows or complete re-imaginings of new ones featuring millennial stereotypes. Okay, so it's an eensy-weensy bit cruel to millennials. But they're young and resilient, they can handle it. The fun kicked off at midnight, when @midnight (Chris Hardwick's functionally titled Comedy Central show) launched its daily Twitter game #HashTagWars. see more
Weird News

5 Ways to Tell That Weed Snobs Are the New Wine Snobs

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then wine snobs must be feeling the love. As soon as a few states started allowing marijuana sales for medical purposes, with Colorado and Washington even permitting selling grass for recreational use, cannabis connoisseurship has begun to emerge from the forests and greenhouses, tracing the same pattern of image gentrification that overtook the American wine market in the 1970s. Already, there are cannabis critics and ratings systems; "budtenders" stepping forth to explain the subtleties of each new weed and the quality of pot strains; and potheads debating the merits of their tokes see more
Weird News

Our 10 Favorite Public Quitters

Here in America, we celebrate the guys who stick it out through thick and thin. Our heroes aren't those who throw in the towel in the middle of the fight, who don't get going when the going gets tough, or who raise the white flag at the first sign of trouble. We're not quitters. Well, except that we are. And that sometimes it's the quitters who win in the end. Take these famous, and infamous, cases of people who quit very publicly, to both acclaim and scorn. see more

Your Neighbors Might Kill You

If the people who live on either side of your house make your blood boil, you might want to seriously consider moving: Friendly neighbors may lower your risk of heart attack, a recent study finds. And the effect is drastic. Folks living in the friendliest neighborhoods reduced their risk by almost 70 percent. see more
Weird News

Now Trending: When the Bathroom Is the Hottest Place at the Bar

Wander into the W hotel in Mexico City's posh Polanco district and fall down the rabbit hole. Low-slung banquettes hide in laser-cut birdcages that stretch to the ceilings. Textured glass makes straight lines ripple like fun-house mirrors. Mannequin-mask chairs surround an upside-down pyramid inscribed with secret messages that materialize at night. Part of a $100 million dollar redesign of the brand's "Living Room" lobbies, nothing is quite as it seems at this hotel-cum-art house carnival, where New York designers nemaworkshop saved the unexpected surprise for the public bathrooms: a secret tequila bar. see more

This Is Not a Suit, It's a Onesie

As my colleague said upon seeing this: What in the actual f*ck? see more
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