25 Years Later, a Nineties Icon Is Reborn

When Acura launched the NSX in 1990, a genre was born: the everyday supercar. Oxymoron? Hyperbole? Maybe, but the NSX supplemented the comfort and reliability Honda is known for with the racing-inspired technology and exotic aesthetic of the era's six-figure Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Which is to say: It was a revelation. In 2005, however, Acura's priorities shifted, and it stopped making the car and focused on more mainstream products. Consequently, the company's street cred and sales slipped. see more

Your Guide to the Best New Sedans on the Market

BMW or Mercedes-Benz? In the ultra-competitive small-super-sports-sedan market, this is the question guys have been arguing about since the eighties, when the German automakers released the M3 and the 190E 2.3-16 (the precursor to the C63), respectively. That's because the cars are practical four-doors with punch. The gap between these models in the previous generation was as narrow as it had ever been: BMW, the brand with the more performance-oriented image, paid more attention to luxury, and Mercedes, the brand with the more luxury-oriented image, paid more attention to performance. Now that the 2015 versions have arrived, expect the factions see more

A Gift a Day: Speed Away From Your Troubles on a Matte-Black Vespa

Common sense tells us that in winter, we should be inside, protected from the chill by layers of brick—or, at the very least, a metal car door. But there's still something unmistakably romantic about being on the open road and a little exposed to the elements, which is why we're so taken with the matte-black 2014 Vespa S 50 Sport SE 4v. Design-wise, the $2,500 scooter makes nods to the Vespa 50 Special from the seventies, but in most regards (including the paint job), it's a modern way to get around town. It's hard not to love an updated classic, see more

10 Automotive Events Every Car Lover Should Attend (at Least Once)

IT'S ONE THING to dabble in a passing fancy for fine automobiles, but certain annual events make or break automotive pedigrees, establishing whether or not you're a serious car geek. One such show is popping up soon: Collectors will show off their pricey toys over a weeklong series of events at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on the northern California coast in mid-August. Below, our guide to the must-see events from August 2014 through next summer. But note: The finer the cars, the more exclusive and expensive the ticket. And yes they do sell out. see more

The Best of the New Breed of Light-Weight Coupes

The sport coupe is having a moment. And here's why: Carmakers have finally found ways to create performance models that are strong, sturdy, and lightweight. This is a big trend in the world of sexy two-door cars, boosting both acceleration and gas mileage. The primary credit goes to nimble materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, which help trim the fat off car designs and reduce carbon gas emissions. Beyond those things, however, these new-to-the-market cars all go in separate directions. see more

The New BMW i8 is Not Your Neighbor's Hybrid

There's a lot BMW's new i8 is not. It's not the first all-electric car, the first gas-electric hybrid, or the first high-performance hybrid. But it may be the best of all three worlds—a perfect hybrid hybrid. It has the sexiness of a Tesla Model S, the fuel economy of a Prius, and the power to go from 0 to 60 much faster than a Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. All while costing $135,700 to the McLaren P1's $1.15 million and the Ferrari LaFerrari's $1.4 million. see more

Biker Brothers to Compete in the Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race in the World

William Dunlop (pictured above) knows his helmet is all that stands between him, the pavement, and the hundreds of racers who have lost their lives in the International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) motorcycle race, known infamously as the most dangerous race in the world. The 37-mile-long course swerves through the narrow roads that wind around the UK island—around lampposts, over bridges, and between flanking rock beds—all while regularly exceeding 200 mph. Each year, at least one racer loses his life during practices and competitions, totaling over 220 lives since the first TT in 1907. see more

Topless Models: The 4 Hottest Roof-Optional Weekend Warrior Cars to Invest in Now

Clockwise from top left: 1950s-era Jeep CJ5, 1980s-era Chevy Blazer, 1960s-era Ford Bronco, 1970s-era International Scout II. There's a saying among car geeks: When the top goes down, the price goes up. And when it comes to vintage SUVs, truer words were never spoken. Topless versions of these old-school four-wheel-drives are almost sure bets if you want to sell later—prices are up 42% over the past five years—but why would you want to? They're the driving equivalent of a beach house: the ultimate second-home car. "These vehicles tick a lot of boxes," says McKeel Hagerty, publisher of the definitive Hagerty see more

Berluti Makes the Most Gorgeous New Bike We've Ever Seen

There are bicycles, and then there are bicycles. And the two-wheeled work of metal, leather, and wood that will arrive in Berluti stores next month belongs squarely in the second category. see more

Objects of Desire: What Do 4 Automotive Giants Keep in Their Glove Compartment?

At this week's New York Auto Show, we asked some of the industry's key players what they keep in their glove box. Some of the answers might surprise you. Plus—read on to shop our own Objects of Desire (above). see more
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