Todd Snyder's Newest Suits Were All Made in the USA

The first time we saw the press photos for Todd Snyder's new White Label Collection, which is being sold exclusively at Nordstrom, we couldn't help but notice that the model in them was wearing a watch that looks suspiciously similar to the Rolex the designer wears. And it turns out it wasn't just a coincidence—it actually is Snyder's watch. see more

Watch: This Derek Jeter Gatorade Ad Will Give You the Feels

Watch this commercial for Gatorade and see if the black lump of coal that resides in your chest doesn't melt just a little. As the legendary baseball player prepares to wrap up a 20 year career—all with the same team, the Yankees—he takes a quick walk to meet his fans. The results are, for lack of a better word, heartwarming. End of an era, man. see more
Weird News

Want to Look Smarter, Richer? Just Add a Middle Initial.

Would J.F.K been as great without the F? Apparently all it takes is a single letter for people to think more highly of you. see more

True Confession: Dear God, I Love a Taylor Swift Song

There are probably a lot of things I could say to Taylor Swift that would make her want to set herself on fire, but I'd be willing to bet that none would irk her more than this: While I know a lot about the reigning Princess of the Billboard Charts, very little of that knowledge bears any relation to her music. see more

The Most Hipster Thing In the World is a Beard Comb Made of Old Records

In a turn of events that has men with meticulously groomed, archaically styled facial hair twitching with anticipation from Brooklyn to Oakland, an Estonian online shop is now offering beard combs made from vintage vinyl LPs. see more

A User's Guide to Anonymous, Secret-Swapping Apps

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, the internet functioned like a masquerade ball. You could log on, express your strangest thoughts or deepest fears, and it was possible that no one would ever know your real name. Indecipherable handles, avatars, and pseudonyms shrouded our identities. Then Facebook and Twitter came along, ushering in a new identity-based era of online social networking. Who we are as individuals became a matter of how we presented ourselves in status updates, tweets and Instagrams. Today, your online identity is really only as good as your last post. see more

How You Can Tell That It's Football Season

I'm guessing that you're not living on some secluded island away from the mainstream, and, because of that, I have a hunch that you know it's football season. see more

Take Your Yoga Game to the Next Level

Fitness lends itself to quantifiable goals: a time to beat, a weight to lift, a distance to reach. But there's also artistry involved, and the opportunity to cultivate a skill and become a master. So when a challenge comes along that's as difficult to nail as it is awesome-looking, it's almost impossible for an insatiable athlete to resist. Hence the surging popularity of arm balances: yoga-inspired poses that require an impressive combination of strength, balance and focus—and happen to look amazing on Instagram feeds. see more

Roberto Cavalli on Style: "Americans Have More Courage"

Shots fired? Maybe, maybe not. see more

Behold: The Most Expensive Pair of Men's Shoes in the World

If you or someone you know was blinded by the sight of the diamond-encrusted shoes Nick Cannon wore on America's Got Talent Tuesday night, you can thank Jason of Beverly Hills. see more
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