Is "Uptown Funk" the Most Stylish Music Video of the Year?

Music producer Mark Ronson may be best well known for creating impossibly catchy aural landscapes, but it's hard to ignore the fact that he's a damn snazzy dresser too. Now he's teamed up with Bruno Mars on a funk-heavy new single aptly called "Uptown Funk". Because Mars is also known for his sense of sartorial flair, the video for the song is expectedly stylish, as you can see above. If that doesn't perk you up, just know that tomorrow is Friday. see more

A New Photo Series Captures Barbers in Their Shops

Too often, guys spend their time at the barbershop with their noses buried in a magazine, or squinting at themselves in the mirror. What you miss, then, is the people and places that make the space unique. In French photographer Franck Bohbot's new photo series Cuts, critic Elizabeth Breiner writes that he captures "barbers in their barbershops, mythical subjects of photographic lore that have presided on the list of essential Americana since Walker Evans roamed the small-town streets of Depression-Era USA." Barbershops have come a long way since then—here you'll see Details-approved favorites like Fellow Barber, The Blind Barber, Persons see more

Watch: Alec Baldwin Gives Relationship Advice in the Backseats of NYC Taxis

You may know Alec Baldwin as a seasoned actor or a cantankerous curmudgeon (or both!), but did you know he's also an internationally renowned relationship expert? However, unlike other relationship experts, Baldwin dispenses free advice from the backseats of New York City taxi cabs. And by dispensing advice, we mean he grills unsuspecting lovebirds on the intimate details of their romance. Above, Baldwin chats with Corey and Francesca; below, he talks with Toby and Brian (fun fact: Alec Baldwin knows what Grindr is). Enjoy the shenanigans. see more

Here's a Good Reason to Spend $53,500 on a Watch

The worst thing about owning a luxury timepiece is knowing that every other high-net-worth individual within striking distance of a Tourneau can get the exact same one. Which is why we've taken a shine to the customized collection of watches George Bamford created for Moda Operandi. see more
Weird News

Three Grandmothers Smoking Weed for the First Time Is the Only Thing You Need to Watch Today

This video is pretty self-explanatory, but it's also just wonderful. These three women of a certain age allow film crews to capture their first pot-smoking adventure, and oh, what a glorious thing it is. While their first time stoned will bring you much joy, the best moment is when they're asked why they haven't indulged before. "I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy," Ms. Purple Scarf says. Turns out, her life was already pretty vice-filled before she met Mary Jane. Anyway, enjoy the video above ... and there is see more
Food + Drinks

Wine Swirling: Snobby Affectation or Necessary Ritual?

For some oenophiles, opening a bottle of wine is one swift pull of the corkscrew, followed by a quick pour and an immediate flooding of the senses. For others, there are rituals, beginning with the slow, careful extraction of the cork, gently inspected for durability, followed by the deliberate, steady pour. The swirling—which is ultimately an act of aerating and oxygenating—starts slowly at first, builds momentum, and then stops suddenly to allow for that moment of aroma intake, followed perhaps by an exhale and a re-swirl. Then, and only then, does the glass engage with lips to sip. In other see more
Sex + Relationships

A New Dating App Grades Potential Dates, Weeds Out Underachievers

If you've ever wished there were more opportunities in adult life to be judged, you might want to download the new dating app The Grade. Catering to those who constantly cringe at their Tinder matches' "here" versus "hear" mistakes or lament evenings wasted waiting for a nonexistent response, the new iPhone app uses a specific algorithm to give users letter grades based on popularity, responsiveness, and message quality (with points deducted for grammar mistakes, slang, and inappropriate content) to ensure a high-quality dating experience. Users who get a C or below get advice to improve their score, while those with see more

Why You Need to Stop Stretching Before You Work Out

Think about your routine before you go on a run. You probably bend over and hold a toe touch? Pull your arms across your chest? Rotate your torso to the left and then to the right? see more
Food + Drinks

What Is Spatchcocking, and Should You Do It This Thanksgiving?

Besides being a cool word to say, spatchcocking is an actual culinary technique. To spatchcock is to cut out the backbone of your bird and splay it open so you get a flat fowl. In other words, it's a fancy way of saying "butterfly." The benefits of the method are myriad: For starters, says Oliver Ridgeway, executive chef at Sacramento's Grange, "spatchcocking allows you to cook a whole bird a lot faster than any other way. By cutting out the spine, the breasts, legs, and thighs lie flat against your heat source." In other words, expect to halve your cooking see more

Hot New Homes: Contemporary Pads With Five-Figure Square Footage

Talk about scaling up—these modern homes have about 10,000 more square feet for you to brag about than the average listing. You wish you lived here. Location: Quirky modern in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Price: Upon request Size: 42,000 square feet Key selling points: We've seen huge mansions, but we've never seen one with perks quite like these: a rooftop lounge, a Beau McClennan floating steel staircase, floors inlaid with 18-karat gold and pearls, a cigar room, custom Louis Vuitton furniture, and your own private Ayurvedic spa—because not every part of your life can be as cushy as your pad. see more
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