The Technique: Get Perfect Form

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A quick, three-step rowing primer from Garrett Roberts, founder of GoRow Studios.

1. The Catch
Place your feet in the stirrups and slide all the way forward to the flywheel, with your knees bent and pressed against your chest. Grasp the handle with an overhand grip. Lean forward slightly from the hips, but keep your chin up, shoulders back, and spine straight. Tip: Throughout the movement, be sure your feet remain flat and that you don't tuck your chin or hunch your shoulders.

2. The Drive
The trick to starting your drive back is moving your hands and butt at the same time. A rower's power comes from the lower body—as you drive back with your legs, think about pushing your feet through the footboard, like you're using the seated leg press. As you slide back, don't start to pull yet—your arms will naturally straighten.

3. The Finish
Once your legs are extended, knees straight, maintain a straight spine and lean back slightly from the hips, bracing your core. Now pull. Bring the handle to your chest, driving your elbows over the plane of your hips and behind you. On the pull, think about leading with your elbows. The trick to getting back to start position is bracing your abs, driving your hips forward, and pulling your knees into your chest.

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