The Best New Classes

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iRow Fitness Studio
Los Angeles, California
In addition to its daily in-gym sessions, iRow boasts a classroom-to-water program on the wide-open channels at Marina Del Rey.

GoRow Studios
Hoboken, New Jersey
You'll clock plenty of time on the rower, but rotate among free weights and body-weight regimens, core exercises, and moves meant to bolster balance, body alignment, and posture.

RowFit Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
This boutique gym marries rowing with CrossFit. Row challenges are often races against the clock and bookended by fun distractions such as rope climbs.

Boston, Miami, New York City, West Hollywood, and more
Josh Crosby, a former U.S. rowing champion and trainer, helped design the two main rowing programs: Indo-Row, a straightforward group-rowing class, and the new rowing-circuit workout ShockWave.

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Corpus Christi, Texas
One day you may race for time; other days may include sideways rowing, standing dumbbell rows, and Pilates.

Flywheel Fitness
Austin, Texas
Convinced spinning and rowing can live in harmony, Flywheel Fitness offers the cardio-minded both classes under the same roof.

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