A mere 10 minutes of daily on-the-job exercise boosts blood flow to your brain and preps you for that slim-fitting suit. Pairing quick bursts of cardio with muscular-endurance exercises revs your metabolism and fat burn, says Josh Stolz, a trainer at Equinox in New York City. Squeeze this regimen into your workday:

1. Twisting Lunges
With arms at your sides, take a deep step back with your left foot, then pivot so your left heel is perpendicular to your right foot, and rotate your body 180 degrees to face behind you. Lower your hands toward the floor, keeping your left knee in line with your left ankle. Reverse the motion to repeat on the opposite leg. Do five reps on each side.

2. Planks (below)
Hold the starting stance of a push-up for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. Then try a side plank (transferring all your weight to one side, balancing on one forearm, your opposite arm extended in the air).

3. Stair Climbs (below)
Run up as many stairwell steps as you can in 20 seconds, then rest (or walk back down) for 10 seconds. Do four sets in two minutes.

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