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Obama's Formalwear Victory

President Barack Obama finally found his style sweet spot. It was at the Human Rights Campaign's annual dinner, and in front of 3,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Americans. read more
Fri, 10/16/09 AT 12:56PM
The Daily Details

Gore Vidal: The Best (Dressed) Man

He's known for many things, including his sharp wit. But it's time people recognize Gore Vidal for his equally sharp style. His new visual memoir, Gore Vidal: Snapshots in History's Glare, presents an overwhelmingly strong case that the novelist, essayist, and playwright should also be classified as a first-rate arbiter of style. read more
Fri, 10/09/09 AT 2:25PM
The Daily Details

Canali's Limited-Edition Topcoat

Worshipped by the Incas for its remarkable softness and saved from the brink of extinction a decade ago, the vicuña is a relative of the llama that yields unbelievably fine wool. That wool is the plush component in Canali's limited-edition topcoat. To mark its 75th anniversary this fall, the Italian tailored-clothing house is crafting 750 of these double-collar silk, cashmere, and vicuña beauties. read more
Fri, 10/02/09 AT 11:00AM
The Daily Details

Sam Haskins' Fashion Etcetera

For the first time in two decades, the renowned portrait and style photographer Sam Haskins is publishing an anthology of his work. Immaculately packaged, Fashion Etcetera showcases the playful nudes and influential fashion spreads that made Haskins a legend. read more
Fri, 10/02/09 AT 9:00AM
The Daily Details

Hand-Delivered Socks, a new online delivery service, is hoping you have a foot fetish. For $89 a year, the Swiss company will deliver three pairs of Italian-made black socks to your door every four months, which is sure to keep you in the black. read more
Thu, 10/01/09 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Cool, Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

As the leaves fall, bringing greenery into your home can be a major pick-me-up. Don't just buy any old fern—choose something that fits your design aesthetic but requires less care than your facial hair. And, if you can, have the shop transfer it to an interesting-looking pot. That way, if your cultivating skills fail you, at least you'll be left with a stylish place to toss your change. read more
Thu, 10/01/09 AT 9:00AM

The Perfect Fit

Clothes are meant to be worn. So the idea is to have your clothing look great in you—not a hanger. Here's how. read more
The Daily Details

Gant's Birthday Suit

Gant's design team trolled the company's vast archives, unearthed six worthy shirts, and updated them for a special 60th-anniversary collection, out this month at select Barneys New York stores. In one case, cashmere was woven into flannel; in another, a traditional oxford-cloth was cut into a pullover. Each model came from a different decade of Gant's history, but you'd never know—the new editions are timeless. read more
Wed, 09/30/09 AT 10:00AM
The Daily Details

Really, Excellent Canned Beer

The phrase canned beer likely evokes high-school memories of Milwaukee's Best, but the scorned packaging—which chills faster than a bottle and blocks light—is awesome, and now the brew inside can be sublime too. It's time to savor the sound of a popping tab. read more
Wed, 09/30/09 AT 9:00AM
The Daily Details

The Germiest Places in Your Life

Congratulations: You ducked swine flu. But that doesn't mean you should ditch the Purell. Try though you might to live a sterile life, you simply can't escape the covert dirt. "It's estimated that 65 percent of colds are caught in your home," says Dr. Philip Tierno... read more
Tue, 09/29/09 AT 10:00AM
Results: 1651 - 1660 of 1863
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