Ehrlich’s best friend is Jason Bateman, who sees his buddy as nothing less than a modern Hollywood paragon. “Richard floats in the crowd that ends up setting the trends in this town,” says the Arrested Development star. “He organizes the parties that people want to go to, wears the clothes that everybody wants to wear, and lives in the houses that everybody wants to live in.” Jonah Wilson has black-and-white photos on his office wall taken by his close friend Stephen Dorff. Lawyer makes a cameo in a spoofy behind-the-cameras video Mel Gibson threw together. The layers of fame and reflected fame pile up so quickly you wonder if a mere television show could ever do them justice. What narrative conflict could possibly be concocted that would dramatize so ideal an existence? “The tagline for our show,” says one of Westside’s producers, Steve Pearlman, “is, ‘Can you sell the American dream without selling your soul?’”