5. Hold a steady gaze
Follow the lead of alpha males and stare down your minions—er, staff. Let whomever youíre speaking to be the first to look away.

6. Forget details
Take a cue from your grandmother and occasionally lapse on rookiesí names and the particulars of employeesí personal lives. Just donít overdo it or youíll come off as if youíve got a concussion.

7. Remain hard to please
Donít channel Ed McMahon and tell everyone theyíre a winner. Unless youíre stingy with your praise, it will lose value faster than the dollar under Greenspan.

8. Donít keep pets
Make Bob your happy-hour cohort and heíll start feeling free to call in hungover. Playing favorites is a no-win situation—youíll be a doormat for slacker friends and a target for shafted staffers.

9. Fit your britches
If you throw your weight around too much, youíll be pegged as insecure—or worse, a jerk. Keep the tough-guy, authoritative attitude in check—youíre aiming for top brass, not jackass.

10. Be cryptic
A terse e-mail—more William Carlos Williams than William Wordsworth—isnít just a time-saver, itís a mind-fuck. A three-word reply will resonate much more deeply than a lengthy treatise.