Instead, we head back inside, wipe the sand off of our feet, and drink some water. We walk around his house, and I meet Kyle and her babysitter. We are more than five hours in, and Fox shows no sign of ending our time together. I start wondering if heís going to ask me to dinner or invite me to sleep over or take me on the family trip to Venice tomorrow. So I end things, tell him I have to go, even though itís somewhat unconvincing that Iíve got pressing business to attend to in Oahu. Because as eager as he was to choreograph the perfect day, he doesnít realize that any other star of a hit TV show would have shaken me off hours ago. If he ever hopes to be a truly big star, heís got to learn to treat reporters a little worse, to project a little star power.

Iím not sure heís got it in him.